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Claremont Dramatic Society invites you to






DATE    SUNDAY 24TH Jan  2010

TIME    2.30P.M.

This riotously funny farce centres around the efforts of 8 party guests to spare their unfortunate host and themselves, from scandal. It opens with Ken and Chris who have found their host , Charley, a prominent Government official , in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his ear lobe !  his wife,Vivian, and domestic help are nowhere to be seen. Len and Claire arrive, themselves injured in a car crash, and are soon joined by Ernest and Cookie ,Glenn and Cassie, each with their own problems. Following a second, accidental, gun shot that leaves Ken temporarily deaf, the police arrive and Len, drawing the short straw, pretends he is Charley. He concocts a touching and fantastic explanation, that in the end proves more credible than anyone dared hope .


 Chris Bevans – mid 30’s to early 40’s. Attractive, elegant, nervous lady striving to be the ‘Perfect wife’ to a well placed husband.

Ken Bevans – her husband – 40 + Dominant man with a mission. He is excitable, bossy, and controlling. Has to be ‘deaf’ for a short section of the play.

 Claire Cummings – 30to 40 years old Very chic socialite gossip. Tends to be superficial and is not the brightist pebble on the beach.

Leonard Cummings – 30—40  Tax consultant, and has known Charley, the host, since their school days. Demanding to the point of rudeness, competitive, upwardly mobile. He has the crowning monologue of the play. Married to Claire .

Cookie Cusack  – late 40’s  She is a famous chef with her own T.V. Show. She is a self assured bohemian oddity, who is very reliant on her husband’s support . They adore each other.

Ernest Cusack  – 50+  He is a popular psychiatrist to the rich and famous. He is sharp and observant, and is his wife’s biggest admirer.

Cassie Cooper  – Very attractive, edgy, jealous young wife who is very unhappy and insecure and relies on the properties of her ‘crystal’ to give her strength.

Glenn Cooper  – 40+  Very ambitious politician, arrogant, self assured, a ladies man, and very conscious of his public image.

PC Conklin – appears in the last scene only – a lovely cameo role .

PC Casey – is a woman or can be a young man . Has very few words  — is just Conklin’s junior back up .

All enquiries  please direct to Wendy Goddard at ph. 021—671 2888 cell 083 414 7003 or email wendygoddard@xsinet.co.za

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Here we are again after an absolutely amazing trip to Namibia. We took family from the UK and when they left they were totally spellbound by the place, swearing that they would return for more! We live on a beautiful, wondrous continent people and should never take that for granted.


As this will be the last Newsletter of 2009, on behalf of the Constantiaberg committee, wish you and your loved ones a very blessed, joyful and peaceful Christmas, a Happy Chanukah to our Jewish friends, and a Happy New year to our Moslem friends on 18th December. And however you choose to celebrate the holidays, please be safe, especially on the roads.



This was hosted by Claremont Dramatic Society in the Masque Foyer on Sunday 22nd November at 7.30p.m. Our team consisted of Scott Gill, Barrie Howard, Wally Hodges and I. AND I am proud to report that we came a very respectable 2nd place – loosing to Fish Hoek – well done to them, and they will be hosting next years quiz – mmmwaahahaha! (supposed to be an evil laugh?). I won a box of smarties for winning the wall quiz (they have already been eaten!) Thank you to Claremont for a lovely evening – it is always so nice to meet up with all our friends from the other societies.



We have decided to be a little different this year. We are going to have a Braai (at me and Tone’s house with lots of G&Ts & crisps – yeah? – ha ha ha) But seriously it will be at our house on Wednesday 16th December, which is a public holiday so please bring spouses etc. Time will be 1.00p.m and aiming to eat about 4.00ish. If it is a lovely day (which it better be or we will all be going down the road to the Spur!) please bring your cosies and towels to swim. The whole day is to be casual and relaxing. The meat and salads will be supplied by the society as will wine, beer and cooldrink. If you prefer another poison, please feel free to bring it along as well as anything else you might fancy. It is free for members and R10 for non-members. We will also have a bit of fun and exchange gifts. We would like the ladies to bring a wrapped ladies gift and the men, likewise. We will put them into two bags to be drawn and thus avoid Walter going home with a new g-string! The cost of the gift can be between R30 – R50. We will need to know numbers attending in order to cater correctly so we ask you to please let us know as soon as possible, how may of you are coming. Please email Lee on lee.deandrade@ogilvy.co.za or phone her on 0835474386 or work 021 4671165 by Monday 7th December.


Was the Opening night of “Abigail’s Party” and on that note – what a fabulous production it was. A real theatrical treat. A huge well done to Wesley on this, his directorial debut. The cast were all brilliant and I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a production so much for a long time. Well done to everyone involved. In closing….I have noticed that I do, in actual fact call my husband “Tone” and since seeing this, I have been acutely conscious of it – arghhhhhhhhh!!!!


Currently Running Return from Oz written and directed by Yvonne Copley for Claremont Dramatic Society at the Masque Theatre from 20 to 28 November.  Full of familiar songs from The Wizard of Oz that dovetail with popular songs.  Great family entertainment. Matinees R60 (Theatre Club members R50); Children under 12 are R40 for matinees; all evening shows R70 (R60).


Laughing Room Only a compilation of three hilarious comedies performed by the brilliant Deon Bisschoff and the Waterfront Theatre Company at the Masque Theatre from 02 to 19 December (Wed to Sat & Sun 13th).  Mmatinees at 15:00 R50 (Theatre Club members R40).  Evenings at 19:30 R60 (R50).


Bookings: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 16:00, Saturdays 08:00 to 12:00 on 021–788 1898

Weekday start at 8.00p.m

Matinees start at 2.30p.m

Saturday start at 6.30p.m



Rodgers & Hart – ‘A Celebration’ presented by Milnerton Players at the Milnerton Playhouse from 27 November to 12 December 2009.  A revue, directed by Sheila McCormick, concept by Richard Lewine & John Fearnley and musical direction by Keith Benjamin.  Bookings on 021 5573206, 0822671061 or macdram@absamail.co.za.  R60 evenings and R50 matinees



A Christmas Carol, A Pantomime presented by Pinelands Players at the Little Theatre, Gardens, from 4 to 19 December 2009.  Evening shows (19:30) R80, Matinees (14:30) R80 adults, R40 children under 12.  A traditional pantomime with music, dance, comedy, dames and audience participation and lots of other fun stuff.  Info and bookings on www.pinelandsplayers.co.za or 0729231035



Does anyone out there have a script/book of Milan Kundera’s “Jacques and his Master”?

We (the Mvds committee) would like to borrow it for a short while. There is no copy in the National Drama Library, and I thought that a society member might perhaps have one. Please let me know if you have it and are willing to lend it to us.

 Kind regards birga birgatom@iafrica.com


Hi, we have been accepted as host parents and will be having a little boy with us for the holidays, he is 1 yrs old. We need a car chair and a pram for him and am asking everyone we know if they have one to donate to us. We don’t mind the condition as Garth can fix anything and I can sew new covers etc. If you know of anyone who might have, please pass this onto them.

 Regards Garth and Angela

Angela is secretary of the Fish Hoek Dramatic Society.

If YOU can help in any way, please contact her: angela@natraloesa.co.za





Pam Ross          5th November

Peter Moxley      28th November

Jane de Sousa    2nd December

Florence Reddy    27th December

Well – hope I haven’t left anything out!

Till next time

Lotsa Luv

Fiona x

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Now for a busy November newsletter! But first …. did you know that the November Theatre is a Canadian theatre company committed to producing unique pieces with a heightened performing style that incorporates text, music, and movement? In 1998 it produced the world English premiere of the expressionist operetta The Black Rider, which was created through the collaboration of singer-songwriter Tom Waits, William S. Burroughs, and avant-garde stage director Robert Wilson. Well, if you didn’t you do now!! More November facts later!


The 2009 Inter-Society quiz, hosted by Claremont Dramatic Society, will take place on Sunday 22 November at the Masque Theatre, 18:30 for 19:00. We already have one team comprising Angela Lee-Wright, Celia Musikanth, Raymond Rudolph and birga Thomas and are well on our way to fielding a second team. If you are interested email birgatom@iafrica.com. Team members have their entrance fee sponsored by MVDS. Spectators are welcome at R20 each – respond directly to adriankettle@telkomsa.net.


By now you should have Wednesday, 25 November, diarised as our members’ evening. And are you ever in for a treat! The evening’s activities will start promptly at 19:30 with oodles of entertainment being provided by our members. Aside from a variety of pasta dishes (with a vegetarian option) prepared by members of our willing and able committee, the evening will end with champagne and chocolate for a birthday toast! And it is FREE, GRATIS and FOR NOTHING to you as members with your guests paying a paltry R10! As usual a minimal cash bar will be provided although you are more than welcome to bring your own tipple. So, for catering purposes please advise birga on 021 7885272 (just be patient and you will get a message tone) or email birgatom@iafrica.com before 20 November.


Mothers of the Criminal Element did exceptionally well for the Masque with 117 bums-on-seats over only four shows! Well done and we hope that cast and crew are enjoying a break before tackling their next projects.


Return from Oz written and directed by Yvonne Copley for Claremont Dramatic Society at the Masque Theatre from 20 to 28 November. Ever wondered what happened to Dorothy when she clicked her red shoe heels together? This light-hearted story tracks Dorothy’s journey with her three friends as they travel back to Kansas. Full of familiar songs from The Wizard of Oz that dovetail with popular songs. Great family entertainment. Extra show at 15:00 on Sun 20 Nov. Matinees R60 (Theatre Club members R50); Children under 12 are R40 for matinees; all evening shows R70 (R60). Bookings on 021-7881898

Rodgers & Hart – ‘A Celebration’ presented by Milnerton Players at the Milnerton Playhouse from 27 November to 12 December 2009. A revue with music and lyrics by this renowned song writing team, directed by Sheila McCormick, concept by Richard Lewine & John Fearnley and musical direction by Keith Benjamin. Bookings on 021 5573206, 0822671061 or macdram@absamail.co.za. R60 evenings and R50 matinees

Laughing Room Only a compilation of three hilarious comedies performed by the brilliant Deon Bisschoff and the Waterfront Theatre Company at the Masque Theatre from 02 to 19 December (Wed to Sat & Sun 13th). Matinees at 15:00 R50 (Theatre Club members R40). Evenings at 19:30 R60 (R50). Bookings on 021-7881898

A Christmas Carol, A Pantomime presented by Pinelands Players at the Little Theatre, Gardens, from 4 to 19 December 2009. Evening shows (19:30) R80, Matinees (14:30) R80 adults, R40 children under 12. A traditional pantomime with music, dance, comedy, dames and audience participation. Info and bookings on http://www.pinelandsplayers.co.za or 0729231035


Our “hearts” are with Lieske Bester and Brian Commins, the former having recently received a pace-maker and the latter having had a heart attack a little while back. Both of them were however seen at the Masque recently – you can’t keep a good am-drammer down!


We welcome John Dickerson and Bronwyn Garlick to MVDS and hope they will both join us on 25 November 2009.


When I was blathering on last month about months and calendars and stuff, I had a “finger slip” and typed Georgian instead of Gregorian which mistake was picked up by the alliterative duo of Raymond Rudolph and Simon Sutton. Just checking that you actually READ this missive, guys!


Fish Hoek Dramatic Society’s audition for their April production of Agatha Christie’s Towards Zero will be held at 2.30pm on Saturday November 21 at the Methodist Church Hall, Muizenberg. The production requires four women (ages 30 to 65+) and seven men (ages 18 to 65+). Enquiries to Jane Philbrick, Director, on 021 782 3608 (a/h)


Milnerton Players are having auditions for their March production, Educating Rita, at the Playhouse on Sunday 29 November at 14.00. For more info contact Yvonne Copley, Director, on 083 441 9937


Ex-MVDS’ members Wendy and Trevor Le Gonidec moved to Robertson a while back and have asked me to share the following special offer with you:

Hi Evie,
Thank you for your MADS newsletters. I find it great to hear what’s going on in the amdram world. I for one miss the stage terribly, and I wonder how far afield your newsletters go to ex-thespians. Anyway, I’d like you to tell everyone that Wendy & I have now started a B&B here in Robertson. Unfortunately as yet they don’t have a dramatic society but I’m working on it. Apart from that we’re enjoying Robertson immensely. Being in the heart of a wine growing area is wonderful. The river, mountains, walks, and country life are a bonus. We’d love to see people involved in the stage, so please tell everyone that we are offering a 10% reduction on our B&B rates for members of any of the societies in the Cape. Just give us a ring on 023 626 5507 and advise us that you wish to take up this amdram offer or email us at wendytrevor@telkomsa.net.

Best of luck in all current shows on the go! Cheers, Wendy and Trevor


Few and far between they are for December!!
Starting with Jane De Sousa on the 2nd, on which day in 1978 Neil Diamond and Barbra Striesand’s “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” hit number 1 AND Britney Spears, singer, songwriter, dancer and entertainer was born in Mississippi in 1981!


Then we have a l..o..o..n..g gap to Andre Thomas on the 27th on which day in 1991 the “Carol Burnett Show” last aired on CBS-TV AND Thomas Wilson Brown, who acted as Jason in Knots Landing, was born in 1972.


Tracey Cahill and Beverley Webster share the last day of the month with Joanna Johnson who acts as Caroline in Bold and Beautiful and was born in 1961. The day, incidentally, that The London Eye, the world’s largest Ferris wheel, was opened in 1999.


Our AGM will take place on Wednesday, 27 January 2010. This of course includes awards for the previous year’s shows which means …. all those who received trophies for 2008 need to return them!! A good plan would be to bring them to the members’ evening or hand to any member of the committee. Improbable Fiction, our production for February, is fully cast and has started rehearsals. The Cape Amateur Theatre awards evening is scheduled to happen on Sunday 28th March at the Masque Theatre – more details next year. We may have some very exciting news regarding our third and final slot for 2010 but you will have to wait a while ….


Since this newsletter was going to be more than three pages and since I HATE sending out one side blank to the snail-mailers, I did a little searching for more interesting November facts and came up with:
Novembers Doom is a death/doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They are currently signed to The End Records and are one of the earliest U.S. doom/death metal bands that are still active today.
The November Moth (Epirrita dilutata) is a moth of the family Geometridae and is found throughout Europe. The wingspan is 38–44 mm, the forewings being variably marked with alternating pale and dark bands. The caterpillar is green with red markings and feeds on a wide range of trees and shrubs.
“November Spawned a Monster” is a song by Morrissey, released as a single in 1990. The track is one of Morrissey’s personal favourites, something shown in the high number of times it has been played live by the singer. The song tackles the plight of the disabled, a remarkable subject matter for a pop single. As ever with Morrissey the tone and sentiments are riddled with ambiguity. His use of words such as ‘monster’ and ‘twisted’ creates a strange mix of revulsion, sympathy and black comedy, all used to enlighten, and disturb, the audience. By forcing the ambivalent persona of tormentor and saviour, Morrissey forces the listener to confront their own prejudices head on.

Well, having now happily filled up the page …
till next month then

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Hi Folks!


The much anticipated Annual Inter-Society Theatre Quiz, hotly contested by erudite members of our various Dramatic Societies, is fast approaching.
If you are interested in entering a team or would like to form part of a team, you are most welcome to contact the Theatre Quiz Team Convener, yours truly, Adrian Kettle on adriankettle@telkomsa.net with your team names and numbers. I will need these names by 13 November.


This year we are going to have the annual “Opskop” at the THEATRE!! Yes, you read quite right. And we would like as many of you to join us on the public holiday, 16 December, for the evening performance of Pinelands Players ‘A Christmas Carol’ A pantomime.

Script: Alistair Clinton
Diroetor: Kyla Thorburn
Musical Director: Bill Holland
Choreographer: Kim Harris-Dalla

Date: 22nd November 2009
Place: Masque Theatre, Muizenberg
Time: 6:30pm for 7:00pm
Snacks: Light Finger Snacks
Cost Per Person: R20.00

With no less than 23(!) current and past Gilbert and Sullivan members involved in this production, joining them on this traditional “Getting Together & Having A Great Time With G&S Friends” – Day just seems like a very good idea!!
Apart from the names mentioned above, other friends include Benita Faires (Stage Manger), David Bolton (Marketing), Clifford Graham & Shaun Holley (Technical Co-ordinators), Richard Whittaker (Set Designer & Construction). And that’s just the guys in the background!! The great cast includes some of the aforementioned people, as well as Shaun Brown (Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Annie Get Your Gun, The King & I) as Scrooge, Mike Harris (My Fair Lady) portraying the dual roles of Ghost of Xmas Present & Mr Daughty, Laura Bosman (The Sound of Music) as Sandra, Simon Sutton (G&S Life Member) as Mr Smithers.

Other friends include: Rudolph Mare, Martin Heinrich, Ronnie & Eve Carr, Greg Tinney, Jennifer Moss, Alex & Douglas Middlebrook, Lyle Wilson, Graham Stabler and Andrea Faires.

Sounds like a plan?!

Well, let us know as soon as possible (and by no later than 01 December!) if you would like to join the G&S Group for the 7:30pm show on Wednesday, 16 December. Ticket Prices: R80 per adult / R40 for children under the age of 12.
Instead of bringing your tjops and wors, just bring your wallet along! The G&S Society will provide snacks from 6pm and a cash bar will be available.

Contact Yolanda or Guilma if you have any questions or if you would like to join the group!
They will be able to provide you with banking details to deposit your ticket money and give out additional info you might require closer to the time. Yolanda’s contact details: 082 877 8766 / 021 555 1957 (w) / yolanda@gilbertandsullivan.co.za. Guilma’s contact details: 084 589 1812
/ 021 555 1957 (w) / guilma@gilbertandsullivan.co.za.


Return from Oz – Claremont Dramatic Society
While some G&S members and friends might be taking part in Pinelands Player’s “A Christmas Carol” others like Matthew Browne, Giselle Willows, Victoria Harris, David Campey and Chris King (all having found their way off the “HMS Pinafore” in grand style) are having fun with Claremont Dramatic Society’s “Return of Oz”!! And Morag Tisson is making her
debut as Stage Manager! Well done, Morag!

[This] is Claremont’s big end-of-year production – “Return
from Oz” written by and directed for Claremont by Yvonne Copley. Musical direction is by Roland Perold, and Choreography by Barrie Howard.

Ever wondered what happened to Dorothy when she clicked her red shoe heels together? This light-hearted story tracks Dorothy’s journey with her three friends as they travel back to Kansas. Full of those familiar songs from The Wizard of Oz that dovetail with popular songs, and great family entertainment.
We do hope you will join Dorothy and her friends, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion on the yellow brick road as they “Return from Oz”.

Extracts courtesy of the Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter “Claremont Chat”

20 November – 28 November @ The Masque Theatre (Bookings: 021 788 1898)
Thursday evenings and weekend matinees R60 (Theatre Club members R50); Children under 12 are R40 ; Other nights R70 (Theatre Club members R60)

RODGERS & HART – ‘A Celebration’– Milnerton Players

So now we know who’s involved with both “A Christmas Carol and “Return of Oz” but what are our friends at Milnerton Players up to?
Join Director, Sheila McCormick and Musical Director, Keith Benjamin for a rousing pastiche of almost 60 songs by the prolific song-writing team of Rodgers & Hart.
The first act sets the stage for romance while the second act is comprised of their more satiric gems with a brief narration highlighting the Rodgers & Hart story.
Featuring such standards as ‘Manhattan’, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ and ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’, this fast paced revue is a guaranteed evening of enjoyable musical entertainment.
The cast of seven singers includes: Phoebe Snayer (“King and I”), Evan Witten, Nicole Nefdt,Carl de Lange, Lisa Stilianou (or Lisa Wener as many might remember her from “Annie get your Gun”), Simon Speck (“Yeoman of the Guard, Mikado, Iolanthe”) and Julie du Plessis.
At the Milnerton Playhouse from 27 November to 12 December 2009
Ticket prices: R60 evenings and R50 Saturday matinees
Bookings: 021 557 3206 or 082 267 1061
E-mail: macdram@absamail.co.za

Whatever you might be planning for the Festive Season, may it be blessed! See you at the Opskop on the 16th!!!



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Hi everyone,

A quick update for you:

Return from Oz

This Claremont production, which is on at The Masque from 20 – 28 November, has 3 matinees during it’s run (in each Saturday, as well as Sunday the 22nd). We are offering a special price for children under 12 for these afternoon performances. Please see pricing here:

Please note days, times and prices for Return from Oz are:

Thursday & Friday performances at 20h00,

Saturday matinee at 14h30, Saturday evening at 18h30

Please note extra show at 15h00 on Sunday 22 November

Weekend matinees R60 (Theatre Club members R50); children under 12 are R40

Other nights R70 (Theatre Club members R60)

Masque Theatre Bookings on 021-7881898

Inter-Society Quiz

Please remember to send Adrian Kettle your name if you want to take part in the Quiz, or if you want to attend as a guest. He will need to know by 13 November 2009 please on adriankettle@telkomsa.net


Please note that I am out of the country from 05 November to 22 November, and will not have any access to my e-mails.



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When: Saturday 21st November 2009 at 2.30 pm

Before a murder is committed, events collude and juxtapose in such a fashion as to set up the scene of the crime; indeed, it is only a matter of time until the clock points towards zero and violent death occurs…
The story begins as Lady Tressilian, an old and humourless woman confined to her bed, invites several guests into her seaside home of Gull’s Point for the summer. However, handsome tennis star Nevile Strange, former ward of Lady Tressilian’s deceased husband, incurs her displeasure by re-uniting his new wife, Kay, and his ex, Audrey, under her roof, thus causing no end of romantic misunderstandings. But events soon take on a much less whimsical turn when Lady Tressilian is killed where she sleeps and Superintendent Battle, who is meant to be recuperating in the home of his nephew, Inspector James Leach, finds himself pawing his way along a labyrinthine maze of clues and deception…

List of characters:

Mathew Treves 65 plus

Superintendent Battle 50

Inspector Leach 50

P.C Benson 18

Thomas Royde 35

Neville Strange 35

Ted Latimer 30

Lady Tresselian 65 plus

Mary Aldin 40 plus

Audrey Strange 35

Kay Strange 30

The ages given are a guide only. Those interested in auditoning and would like a copy of the script for reading before the audition – Please contact: Jane Philbrick 021 782 3608

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