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THE ADLIB – official newsletter of Pinelands Players!

Hi Everyone!

Rehearsals for the Candlelight Supper show ‘# Horror’ are well under way and it is looking fabulous! Booking is now open, get in fast and secure your booking. Remember the earlier you book the more likely you are to get a great table. Tables seat 10 and getting a group of friends together to enjoy a super dinner and entertainment is such fun.

2 7 & 28 JUNE + 1, 2, 3, & 4 JULY @ 7:30pm
R120pp inc DINNER
Devised & Directed by Tina Gough
Bookings: Call 082 771 9644 or Email pinelandshorror@gmail.com

Ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night! Spine chilling tales, dancing skeletons, Monsters and haunting songs
You really mustn’t miss this year’s Candlelight Supper Theatre show at the Town Hall.
The meal is a delicious Bolognese with a surprise dessert to follow and of course there will be a fully stocked bar as well.

Tina Gough, Alison Hofer, the Cast and Crew are pulling out all the stops. Lighting and Sound of top quality from Chris Laurie and Glyn Fogell will be superb, using our new equipment purchased to enhance our shows at the Town Hall.



If you haven’t paid yet, please do.
Banking details:
NUMBER: 50141180659
BRANCH: 200810


AUDITION 21st JUNE 2014 2 p.m. at PINELANDS PLAYERS’ CLUBHOUSE! Breaking up is Hard to Do, featuring the songs on Neil Sedaka; book by Erik Jackson & Ben H Winters; music by Neil Sedaka, lyrics by Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield & Philip Cody!
ABOUT BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO: Set in the Catskills at Esther’s Paradise Resort during the Labour Day weekend in 1960. This
is the golden era of the Catskills, a popular resort destination in upstate New York where, in its heyday, up and coming performers made or broke their careers, and producers such as Dick Clark might have been found scoping for talent. Marge and her stage-struck best friend, Lois arrive at Esther’s on a vacation that was supposed to be Marge’s honeymoon. But Marge’s groom left her at the alter and she is very heartsore and vulnerable. Lois tries to set Marge up with the flamboyant and self-obsessed singer, Del Delmonica, but the plan backfires. Looking on from the wings is Gabe, the geeky cabana boy and stage hand. The show revolves around actions on the resort’s stage; Harvey, the house comic and M.C. secretly carries a torch for the widowed owner, Esther. Esther is preoccupied with trying to keep the resort financially sound. It’s a fun show which revolves around two unlikely love stories and how they are finally, and of course, satisfactorily resolved.
Director, June Wells. Musical Directors: Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner


THE BAND: the band is the ‘house band’ for Esther’s Paradise Resort and they participate in the show. This has already been cast:
Ted Faulkner, Alan van der Merwe and Schalk Wasserman.
MARGE GELMAN (early to mid 20’s); mezzo soprano. Abandoned at the altar, Marge is an aspiring dentist from Brooklyn who finds herself in the Catskills on what would have been her honeymoon weekend. Her self-esteem has taken a knock (think Jennifer Grey in ‘Dirty Dancing’). She’s bookish and intelligent, sweet and gullible.
LOIS WARNER (early to mid 20’s); alto with some mezzo soprano ability. Lois lives her life as if she were starring in her own movie. With a Marilyn Monroe simplicity, Lois has more red blood cells than brain cells; more heart than nous. Basically a ditzy blonde bombshell.
DEL DELMONACO (20’s to 30’s); tenor, comfortable to an A – the higher the better. He is a flamboyant self serving egoist and will do anything to become the next teen heart-throb. He gets by on charm, slinky hip moves and a great voice; but has probably never even read a magazine article to the end, let alone a book. (Think Joey in ‘Friends’)
GABE GREEN (mid to late 20’s); tenor, Bb-C range). He’s clumsy, nerdy and very shy. He is Esther’s ‘Man Friday’, doing everything from serving drinks & cleaning the pool to being the stage hand for the shows. His father wants him to join his orthodontic practice, but Gabe’s passion is music. In fact he secretly writes all of the material that Del takes credit for (he lacks the confidence to perform them himself). As with Marge, we see a great change take place in Gabe on this Labour Day weekend.
ESTHER (Mature, anywhere between 45 and 60); Alto, nice and rich in her low to mid register. Esther is a widow and has been single-handedly keeping the resort afloat since the death of her husband. She is fiercely independent, has boundless energy and is always ready with a quip or smart remark.
HARVEY (slightly older than Esther); baritone. He is the social director/MC/comedian at Esther’s Paradise. Harvey is all about the set-up and the punch line and spends most of his life cracking wise and avoiding any show of genuine emotion or vulnerability – he is also a confirmed bachelor. Esther is the one person who truly understands the man behind the jokes.
CHORUS – 2 MALES, 2 FEMALES (20’s to 30’s) all with singing ability and must be able to move with confidence. The chorus will be very involved in the show with the Band and also with the characters.

TIME: we’ll start sharply at 2 p.m. so be there by 1.30 for signing up. Please wear comfortable clothes and leave your inhibitions at home, this will be fun not torture!
ACCENTS: New York – examples: Tony Danza, Barbra Streisand, Fran Drescher, Marisa Tomei, John Travolta, Walter Matthau, Robert De Niro, Vin diesel, Joan Rivers, Rosie O’Donnel, Joe Pesci, Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Allen. Matt LeBlanc.
SINGING: You’ll be tested for range and then be asked to sing a number from the show. A list of the show songs is on the next page. Go to Youtube, punch in ‘Neil Sedaka’ and you’ll find all the songs. Sheet music will be available at the audition.
MOVEMENT: everyone will be taught a short piece of choreography, remember to wear flat shoes, no heels, no trainers that stick to the floor.
READING: if you are auditioning for the chorus, you need not take part in this. Others please prepare a monologue, no longer than 1 or 2 minutes. At this stage we don’t expect a full on accent. Try and find something appropriate to the character (dumb blonde, sleazy club singer, etc). If you can’t find anything, email me, but finding your own is much more fun – there are millions on the internet.

Breaking up is Hard to Do
Lonely Night
Where the Boys Are
Happy Birthday Sweet 16
The Diary
Stupid Cupid
Betty Garble
King of Clowns
Oh, Carol
Calendar Girl
Next Door to an Angel
Breaking Up is Hard to Do (reprise)
Laughter in the Rain
My Friend
Stairway to Heaven
Little Angel
Love Will Keep us Together

‘Breaking up is Hard to Do’ is to Neil Sedaka what ‘Mama Mia’ is to ABBA. Like ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Jersey Boys’ it is a nostalgic trip into a very different time. Computers and cell phones were in futuristic movies and a terrorist was a badly behaved 2-year-old throwing a tantrum. Bop and jive, polka dots, coke floats, hairspray and Brylcream. We’ll recreate the flavour and style of that special era.
If you are thinking of auditioning for this show, please leave your inhibitions and self-consciousness outside. Take a deep breath, let
yourself go and enjoy it!

OKLAHOMA! From G&S, directed by Teddy Davies. Rehearsals are well under way. Production dates, in the Artscape Opera House, are 19 July to 3 August 2014 and tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.

DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER. From Milnerton Players. Opening 30th May. A husband a wife a mistress a lover and a cook – sounds hilarious. This info taken from website. For more, telephone 082 267 1061.

CLAREMONT D.S. will be offering acting workshops from late June. These workshops will aim to help newcomers and old. The workshops will entail basic voice and body work, text analysis, character development and at the end of workshops you will be adjudicated and will receive a certificate of attendance at a final performance/exam. Please confirm attendance by the 1st of June 2014. The cost is R50 a workshop and you must to attend all 4 workshops to receive the certificate. If you are interested or require more information feel free to contact me: sheldon_cross@yahoo.com or 072 596 8369.

HOTTENTOTS HOLLANDS D.S. presents ‘Annie The Musical’ at the Playhouse in Somerset West. 17th to 28th June. I don’t have details from HHDS, but SHAUN BROWNE is repeating his role in this production as Daddy Warbucks and bookings are through Computicket.  Please note: there is an early bird R10 discount if you book before 3 June.

THE ROSEBANK THEATRE – great things are happening at this little theatre in Alma Road Rosebank. Take a look at http://www.rosebanktheatre.com.

The latest addition to the Earp-Jones family, Connor Austin, has just arrived!!!! Congratulations to Brendon and Jade and of course, to the two very happy Grandparents, Heather and Rogan.

Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner have been meeting and working on the music for ‘Breaking up is Hard to Do’. They love the songs and I’m sure you will too. Please come along to the audition on the 21st June (call backs the next day).

Hard to believe that Jack Matthee will have passed away exactly one year ago on the 16th June. Karin is coping well, but I know that day will be especially sad and that you’ll all be thinking of her.

So much to do and so little time. Mandy and Scott arrive next Tuesday – not having seen them in the flesh for over three years, I’m very excited. Lots to do between now and then, so I’ll be off!

Until next time, break a leg, June.

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MAY / JUNE 2014

Boy, but you are hearing a lot from me these days aren’t you??? Things keep coming up that you need to be informed about!! And, ooooh, my friend the World Wide Web has come up with some V E R Y interesting theatre superstitions which I will slot in here and there!! First bit of biz:



This will be happening on Monday, 26 May, starting at 10h00. As you are all aware the theatre does not have the money to pay people to fix simple things so we have to do it ourselves and this is your opportunity to assist in generally smartening the place up!  You don’t have to have great skills – just two hands – and if you can only manage an hour or two that’s fine. AND you get to see the new roof being installed!!


Ok, EVERYONE knows it’s bad luck to whistle on or off stage! But WHY? Well, they say SOMEONE (not always the whistler) will be fired!! The reason for this superstition was that before the invention of walkie-talkies or comms, the cues for the theatre technicians were coded whistles given by the stage manager. If one was whistling backstage it could call a cue before its due, which could have disastrous outcomes resulting in someone losing their job whether it be the whistler, the stage manager or the technician.



Second bit of biz is the very next day!! I sent you the official notice a little while ago – Tuesday 27 May 2014 at 19h30 at the Theatre. If you haven’t already there’s still time to RSVP to Aubrey Hindle on bookings@masquetheatre.co.za or 021 7881898.



And the NEXT one is Thursday the same week!! That’s the 29th of May at the Rendezvous at 19h30. We’ll be playing a team version of the game “30 Seconds” which promises to be great fun! And if everyone’s up for it we might fit in some Charades as well. Bring your friends to be in your team or just come along and we’ll make up teams on the night. We’ll be serving Hot Dogs on what may be a Chilly evening. The bar will of course be open and we hope to see lots of our newer members there. For catering purposes please RSVP to Wendy Morling on 021 715 0694 or home@morling.co.za by Monday, 26 May (that’s like, now, guys!).


This one I DIDN’T know: It is bad luck to wear the colour blue onstage, unless it is countered with something silver. Origin? In the early days of theatre costuming it was extremely difficult to make blue dye and thus expensive to purchase. Companies which were failing would wear blue garments to try and fool their audience as to their success, and they would likely go bankrupt due to the cost of the costumes! Wearing silver was proof of a successful company as it proved to the audience that they could afford real silver or they had a wealthy backer.



A HUGE crop of birthdays in June! Hope you all have magical days!

02  Hayley Fargher       

05   Brian De Kock, Pilar Pringiers       

09  Philippe Pringiers  

13  Miranda Lewis

17  Rosemarie Lewis  

18  Wendy Morling, Wayne Ronne     

19  Adala Prevost          

20  June Edwards                        

21  Abigail Knott            

24  Jane Philbrick, Liz Roodt       

26  Rowan Studti

People born in June seem to have a choice of birthstones AND birthflowers. In my June 2010 newsletter I delved into alexandrite and the honeysuckle. So this time we will look at the moonstone and the rose.


There is some FASCINATING stuff on the Moonstone!! But since I do need to get to work at some point today I will just give you a smattering: The Moonstone has been a popular gemstone from antiquity. The Romans frequently used the gem in their jewelry, and it continued to be valued through the medieval period in Europe. The one pictured here is a Burmese Blue-Glow Moonstone with Bamboo-shape Inclusions. Traditionally, Moonstones are white, translucent to opaque stones which display a wispy sheen when light moves across the surface. This effect is called adularescence which can range from a lighter shade of the base color, to silvery, to light blue. This luster is caused by alternating layers of different feldspar minerals interfering with the light hitting them and reflecting only certain wavelengths back to the viewer. The thinner these layers, the more the sheen tends towards blue.

And I could of course witter on for PAGES about the rose as it has a long history of symbolism and meaning. But I will just give you a coupla interesting ones: In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the doorstep of a room where confidential matters were being discussed, telling others not to enter. The rose is the national flower of both England and the United States, and the state flower of several U.S. states including Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia, New York and Texas. Portland, Oregon holds an annual rose festival to celebrate the rose, and in Southern California there is an annual Rose Parade consisting of floats designed with hundreds of thousands of roses for decorations.


It’s considered good luck traditionally to give the director and/or the leading lady, after closing night, a bouquet of flowers stolen from a graveyard (never give flowers before a performance – they are yet to earn them so it’s bad luck!). They are given on closing night to symbolize the death of the show, and that it can now be put to rest. However, the rational origin is that theatre was, as most people who have worked in the industry will tell you, never a greatly profitable profession and, despite being macabre, graves were a great source of free flowers!



The Masque Theatre needs a part time administrative assistant to start on 1 June 2014. At least two years administrative experience and full computer literacy required. Send CV to nico@masquetheatre.co.za.


Gary Fargher and Barrie Howard have joined the Operations Team as Technical Coordinator (responsible for management of the technical assets and capabilities of the theatre) and Wardrobe Coordinator (responsible for management of the extensive wardrobe) respectively. Thanks, guys!!


Apparently there is a superstition that Peacock Feathers should never be brought on stage, either as a costume element, prop or part of a set as chaos will ensue. Many veteran thespians tell stories of sets collapsing, curtains catching alight and other disastrous events during performances with peacock feathers. The feather is said to represent a malevolent ‘evil eye’, that bestows a curse on the show.



Alastair Duff was not really in the market for a new home but fell over his “dream house” for sale in GlenCairn recently and is now trying to see if he can make it his own!! Hope negotiations are going well with that, Al!


A little birdie told me that Andrew Blake’s dad in the UK is not well and he has flown over. Our thoughts are with him.


Celia Musikanth is currently in Oz, returning 5 June – hope you managed to fit in that visit with Karen Riley, C!



No calendar as such this time round but …


Pinelands Players is holding auditions at 14h00 on 21 and 22 June at their Clubhouse for Breaking Up is Hard to Do which is set in the 1960s with the music of Neil Sedaka. More info from Tina on 0827719644 or bgough@telkomsa.net.


Milnerton Players has Don’t Dress For Dinner opening on 30 May. A husband, a wife, a mistress, a lover and a cook – sounds hilarious. For more info telephone 0822671061.


A number of MADS members, including Fiona Carling, Ronnie Carr, Lee De Andrade and Patrick Jordi, are involved in Oklahoma! which will be presented by G&S in July/August at Artscape. Preferential tickets are available from cast members – details are attached.


And a happy Father’s Day to all dads on 15 June!!


Well, I have tons more superstition stuff but I’ve got my four pages so it will have to wait for next time.

See you at one thing or another next week!



Our Committee:

Chair: Barbara Basel 021 7614289/0826511695; Vice-Chair: Wendy Morling 021 7150694/0834628242;

Secretary: Eve Carr 021 7977286/0827892281; Acting Treasurer: Raymond Rudolph 0217945229/0823122737;

Members: Su Cunningham 021 7623875/0829022938; Alastair Duff 021 7884984;

Richard Higgs 0836111419; Di Thom 021 7947455/0824109900

President: Celia Musikanth 021 7887911/0833588415 Vice-President: John McConnell 021 7822743

Masque Trustee: Nick Lee

Our Website: www.mvds.co.za

Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Mads/1740873193086


OKLAHOMA! at the Opera House at Artscape

Ronnie Carr can be contacted on 0727847236 or everon@absamail.co.za to order tickets.



19 July 2014 Saturday Matinee & Evening          20 July 2014 Sunday Matinee 

22 July 2014 Tuesday Evening                             23 July 2014 Wednesday Evening

24 July 2014 Thursday Evening                           25 July 2014 Friday Evening

26 July 2014 Saturday Matinee & Evening           27 July 2014 Sunday Matinee

29 July 2014 Tuesday Evening                             30 July 2014 Wednesday Evening

31 July 2014 Thursday Evening                            01 August 2014 Friday Evening

02 August 2014 Saturday Matinee & Evening      03 August 2014 Sunday Matinee


Categories of seat prices:

D         The least expensive are last two rows in the Auditorium (Y & Z) and the last row on the Balcony (HH).

C         The lower priced seats are row B, C & D as well as rows T to X in the Auditorium as well as rows FF and GG on the Balcony.

B         The average priced seats are rows O to S in the Auditorium and rows DD & EE on the Balcony.

A          The most expensive seats are rows E to N in the Auditorium and rows AA to CC on the Balcony.


Preferential Ticket Prices (Savings between R10 and R30):

                     A             B             C               D

Evening     R205      R175       R145         R100

Matinee     R190      R160       R130         R100

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G&S Skidmore Ranch Box Social invitation

All G&S Society members are invited.

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Claremont Chat

Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter
The Hok, 162 Campground Road, Claremont, 7708

email: claremontdramatic@gmail.com 



May 2014 – Number 133


Greetings All, 

Things are getting steamy this winter, as we are deep in the throes of final rehearsals for The Hollow. There have been some very important happenings like quizzes and a new roof. I am rather at sea at the moment without Wendy so please forgive me if I have forgotten something important.

The Hollow: Help! We need help … 

As I mentioned earlier we are on the final lap before we move into theatre on the 25th of May and we need help! We desperately need volunteers to help with set build and final move-in details. This production is an epic undertaking requiring willing hands to make it really something special. So please if you can spare some time and know-how please contact either Simon Dutton (simon.d@mweb.co.za) or Liz Roodt (lizroodt@yahoo.co.uk).

We are also looking for two Smith and Wesson revolvers if you happen to have some lying around.

Acting workshops

This is an opportunity to perform at our next members evening on the 18th of July.

I will be offering acting workshops from late June. These workshops will aim to help newcomers and old. The workshops will entail basic voice and body work, text analysis, character development and at the end of workshops you will be adjudicated and will receive a certificate of attendance at a final performance/exam.

09:30–12:00 at the Hok

  • Sat 21st June – basics, voice and body, emotional connectivity, improvisation
  • Sat 28th June – improvisation and scene work, acting techniques
  • Sat 5th July – monologue, text into performance
  • Sat 12th July – monologue rehearsal and final workshop
  • Fri 18th July – Members evening: performance and adjudication

Please confirm attendance by the 1st of June 2014.

The cost is R50 a workshop and you must to attend all 4 workshops to receive the certificate. If you are interested or require more information feel free to contact me: sheldon_cross@yahoo.com or 072 596 8369.

May members evening and Masque fund-raiser quizzes

A note from Kim:

Simon put together two very successful quizzes for the CDS members evening on 2 May and for the Masque roof fund-raiser on 10 May. The questions ranged from caddishly challenging to devilishly difficult and prompted me to admit that I may as well change my name to Jon Snow, for I truly know nothing. I can’t for the life of me think who won either quiz but the point is that everyone enjoyed themselves and we raised some more money for the Masque roof fund. Thanks to everyone who made them happen!

New members of the Masque Theatre Operations Team

It is with great pleasure that the Masque Board informs you of two new members of the Operations Team:

GARY FARGHER – Technical Coordinator responsible for the management of the technical assets and capabilities of the theatre.

BARRIE HOWARD – Wardrobe Coordinator responsible for the management of our extensive wardrobe.

We thank Gary and Barrie for being willing to be part of the Operations Team and share their expertise and experience with the Masque Theatre. Both Gary and Barrie have given many years of service to the theatre and we are very lucky to have them on our Operations Team.

Planning Ahead:  2015

We need to start our planning for next year. Anyone who wishes to direct for CDS in 2015 should please contact us with a proposal, which should include the name of the play, playwright, genre, composition of cast (numbers and gender split) and preferred slot (beginning, middle or end of the year). Please let us have this information as soon as possible, so that we can present the options to the Masque Productions Team before the end of May.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Set in 1960 with the music of Neil Sedaka

21st and 22nd of June at 2 p.m. at the Pinelands Players clubhouse.

Director: June Wells

Musical directors: Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner


16 – 24 May                  One for the Road presented by Constantiaberg Players at The Masque, an adult British comedy

18 July                          Members evening – A showcase of performances and soup and rolls

19 July – 3 August      OKLAHOMA! from G&S, directed by Teddy Davies, in the Artscape Opera House. Tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.


One for the road …

That’s all folks, 



Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2014:

Simon Dutton (Chair/Hok Manager) simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350

Anthony Storr Lister (Treasurer/Masque liaison) anthonylister@mailbox.co.za Home: 021 671 1443 Cell: 082 357 7677

Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary/Member Relations Officer): jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell:082 492 5984

Sheldon Cross (Chat) sheldon_cross@yahoo.com Home: 021 801 5610 Cell: 072 596 8369

Liz Roodt (Members Evenings): lizroodt@yahoo.co.uk Cell: 081 259 3607

Kim Randleff-Rasmussen (Publicity): tzar42@gmail.com Home: 021 671 8687 Cell: 083 619 2441

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[Poster’s note: Sorry for the lateness of this post. This newsletter did go out to members on 1 May]



Hi Everyone!
Told you not to change your wardrobe just yet. I was bundled up in winter woolies while writing the last AdLib and here I am in a t-shirt & cotton pants.
Exciting times, lots to tell you, so put the kettle on and come back with a nice culpa to settle down and read.

PHONE TINA NOW ON 082 771 9644 or email her: bgough@telkomsa.net

The loft clean up is done and dusted – more dust than you can imagine. The Committee worked like a well-oiled machine over the two days and the results are brilliant. Everything sorted and neat as a pin. The new ‘intelligent’ lights have arrived and Chris has even managed to repair a couple of the old ones which we thought had given up the ghost. One of the new lights is already being put to use this weekend for Bonny’s show.

It is so great to be on a Committee with people who are really committed and make work seem like fun.

It hit just the right balance. If you didn’t know the answer to a question, it was informative and interesting.!
The winners were Shaun Browne and (blush) June Wells and runners up were Louis & Denise de Kock and Thomas Bowman.!
Thanks Tina and your team (Tanya Browne and Glyn Fogell), a splendid evening of fun! More please?!

ALISON HOFER’S PLAY-READING TUESDAY 1ST APRIL – was not as well supported as we’d hoped, the miserable weather probably had an effect. But the play was brilliant (‘Gods of Carnage’) and those who were there were totally engrossed. Watch out for more from Alison and if you missed the last one, don’t miss the next. Alison is sure to choose another intriguing play for us.
If ghosts and ghouls are your bag, this is for you! Tina Gough and Alison Hofer are already in rehearsal with their show.
Creaking doors, spine-chilling tales, freaky dances and haunting songs (all liberally splashed with lots of laughs and just a
little bit of blood & ectoplasm). The menu sounds delicious – spaghetti bogeynaise and a dessert of mire-ingues with
screaming ice…mmmmmm…
Set in 1960 with the music of Neil Sedaka
Director: June Wells
Musical Directors: Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner



If you haven’t paid yet, please do.

Banking details:
NUMBER: 50141180659
BRANCH: 200810

OKLAHOMA! From G&S, directed by Teddy Davies. Rehearsals are well under way. Production dates, in the Artscape Opera House, are 19 July to 3 August  2014 and tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.


From Milnerton Playrs. Opening 30th May. A husband a wife a mistress a lover and a cook – sounds hilarious. This info taken
from website. For more, telephone 082 267 1061.

MASQUE THEATRE is raising funds and on the 10th of May there is a quiz in the foyer at 7.30 p.m. Bookings: 021 788 1898, or

Sorry, I’ve searched the web for more up to date info on our sister societies, but this was all I could find. Other scribes, please keep me updated.

Wendy Goddard and Bob Goode are re-locating to Umtata (Mthatha) for a period of three years. Like her Mum, Jill Cooke, Wendy is a theatrical marvel – director, artist, actor and much, much more. Claremont Dramatic Society are going to miss her as Chairperson and we’ll all miss her vibrant presence on the Amdram scene.
Our sincere and heartfelt good wishes for your sojourn in the Eastern Cape, Wendy and Bob, enjoy the adventure!
Welcome to new Member, Bobbie Fitchen – great to have you. There are a number of new faces in Tina and Alison’s show, we hope you’ll be joining soon – gals, please send this AdLib on to them?
Have bought a shredder and while sorting through things I found some fascinating stuff. Amongst them a little notebook I kept when I was Hon. Sec. Did you know that Ruth Allsopp joined the society in 1952? And Tony Murray joined the Committee in 1959? Peter Torien was in the chorus and also Business Manager for ‘Vagabond King’ in 1964, he was a mere schoolboy then and a pupil of one of our founders, Madge Harding. In 1981 our ‘Brush up’ (what we now call Candelight Supper Theatre), was ‘Brush up die Bosveld’ – I just can’t remember it, but I described it in the AdLib as ‘..a splendiferous affair with jolly company, great cabaret and
simply splendid food’. All our bookings were done through Pinelands Drapers at Howard Centre – oh, how I miss them. Difficult to find a draper/haberdashery shop anywhere now.

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[Poster’s note: Sorry about the lateness of this post! This newsletter did go out to MADS members on 7 May]



Coupla things I need to advise you about fairly urgently……..



Oooooooops, we may have boobed a bit!!  This was scheduled for this coming Sunday, 11 May, which is of course MOTHERS’ DAY!!  So although we have had some interest we have also had a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth and have POSTPONED it to NEXT Sunday, 18 May 2014.  And because the hall is in use we have also revised the time – arrive 13h45 for a 14h00 start.  It is at the False Bay Rendezvous, 57 Promenade Road, Muizenberg and we invite all directors (old and new) to present their ideas for 2015.   The MADS’ Committee will then submit their selection to the Masque Theatre for approval.  We will need a copy of the script for the committee to read and certain other information, which is contained in the application form.  This can either be completed beforehand and sent to eve@liquidators.co.za (with a copy of the script if you like) or it can be completed at the Forum.  Please also confirm your attendance at the Forum by no later than 16 May: call Eve on 021 7977286 or email everon@absamail.co.za.



And although the 11th IS Mothers’ Day, the morning doesn’t seem to be quite such an issue and Fish Hoek Dramatic Society’s audition is going ahead at 10h00 in the Masque Theatre Foyer for California Suite, a comedy by Neil Simon.  Jane Philbrick will be directing and the show is in the theatre 15 to 23 August.  The play takes place in a hotel suite in California and depicts four different stories.  Cast ages range from 20 to 55: up 5 males and 5 females are required, although there could be some doubling up..  For further info contact Jane on 021 7823608.



This coming Saturday, 10 May, in the Masque Foyer.  Arrival time 19h00 for 19h30.  Tickets are R60 which includes snacks.  You still have time to book for this (although I believe it is getting full!) by phoning Aubrey on 021 7881898 or emailing bookings@masquetheatre.co.za or visiting him at the theatre.  The questions will range from easy to cryptic, across a wide range of topics.  The evening is more about having fun than being super smart, so come along and enjoy yourself while helping raise funds for a good cause.  Teams will consist of four people.  Don’t worry if you can’t make up a team, just come along and join a team on the night.  There are loads of prizes to be won!  This will also be an opportunity to say “bye” to Wendy Goddard.



More details to follow but diarise Thursday, 29th May!!

We will be playing “Parlour Games”!!

And serving Hot Dogs and Ice Cream!!



Notice is given of the Stern Masque Theatre Association’s AGM to be held on Tuesday 27 May 2014 at 19h30 at the Masque Theatre.  The AGM is an opportunity to look back at what has been achieved and share the Board’s plans for meeting the challenges and taking advantage of opportunities to ensure the continued growth and sustainability of this very special independent community theatre.  There will be delicious sponsored snacks and a welcoming complimentary glass of wine.  Attending will also be other important stakeholders, such as the press, other theatres and dramatic societies that form part of CATA.  Please RSVP to Aubrey Hindle at the Masque Theatre on bookings@masquetheatre.co.za or 021 – 788 1898.



I know I’ve JUST reminded you about this but something came up at the last committee meeting which has a direct bearing on it ……… if you have been a member of MADS for 25 years or more you AUTOMATICALLY become a “life” member and no longer have to pay subs!!  BUT we need you to tell us how long you have been a member so that we can make a note not to bug you for fees!  We have already identified the following as life members: Lieske Bester, the Blewetts, the D’Altons, Alastair Duff, Gary Fargher, the Hitchcocks, Walter Hodges, Ralph Lawson, the Magnins, Celia Musikanth, Robin Rattle, Peter Sharp and Coleen van Staden.  So if you have been a member for 25 years, drop me a line on everon@absamail.co.za so I can update the list.  Oh!  And can the rest of you let me know when you joined our society (approximately will do!!) so that when YOUR 25 years come up we will recognize that fact?



I had some corny horse jokes leftover from last time and a little bit of space to fill………

What is the best type of story to tell a runaway horse?

A tale of WHOA!

When do vampires like horse racing?

When it’s neck and neck.

What kind of horses go out after dusk?



Wishing all the moms:



Love, Eve


               Our Committee:

Chair: Barbara Basel 021 7614289/0826511695; Vice-Chair: Wendy Morling 021 7150694/0834628242;

Secretary: Eve Carr 021 7977286/0827892281; Acting Treasurer: Raymond Rudolph 0217945229/0823122737;

Members: Su Cunningham 021 7623875/0829022938; Alastair Duff 021 7884984;

Richard Higgs 0836111419; Di Thom 021 7947455/0824109900

President: Celia Musikanth 021 7887911/0833588415  Vice-President: John McConnell 021 7822743

Masque Trustee: Nick Lee

Our Website:  www.mvds.co.za

Our Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Mads/1740873193086



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playhouse logo
HHDS Newsletter May 2014

From the chair….

Dear Members and friends,

Anyone driving past the theatre recently would have noticed how busy the place has been. We have had 3 productions in rehearsal, one of which has been building set as well, so we can still say quite categorically that there is always something on the Playhouse.
“To Kill a Mockingbird” opens next week and this promises to be a very interesting and thought provoking production. Darryl has, as always, added his own touch to the script and we are you will enjoy the play.
The musical “Annie” is in rehearsal, and the feedback is excellent. This show opens mid June. I am supervising the set building for this one and I need volunteers to help build it.  Anyone interested in assisting please contact me.
Sleuth follows and Bettina and her team are also very busy with rehearsals.
Those of you who were at the AGM in February will recall that we identified a problem with the audited accounts. Thanks to the efforts of Onto Zaayer and Giles Scott. These have been sorted and there will be a feed back meeting on the 25th May at the theatre, 7 p.m.
In closing I would like to thank all of you for your support, help and condolences over the last couple of months. Celia passed away on the 29th March and is sorely missed by the family. I can not express how much your support has helped me thought these troubled times.
See you at the theatre,


Lindsay S,

Society News

It was sad to see two of our long standing members and supporters, Celia Small and Lawrie West, pass away. Our condolensces once again to all family & friends.

Charity Support

Our new model sees us supporting charities on a per show/per ticket basis and the model seems to prove a win/win for everyone. The charities actively help us promote the shows as a whole and their supporters can choose which particular show to go to and still support them (vs. just having one option in the model we previously used).

FOH – Front of House

That call will always be there! It’s such an important part for the successful run of our shows and we need to make sure we portray a good image. A friendly smile and welcome are what makes our patrons feel welcome. By the way, if you as a member have a Playhouse t-shirt that is a good opportunity to wear it.
To add your name to the list of volunteers click here. (If you have never done it before please contact Noel first (076 577 9338) and get her guidance on how it all works.)

Kettle in FOH

If anyone would like to donate a standard kettle to the FOH area please just leave it there or speak to Noel. Those rehearsing appreciate a smaller one vs. having to heat the big one.

Membership management

Ann unfortunately couldn’t continue with this portfolio so we are again looking for someone to take over this important portfolio to administrate and grow our membership base.

Stage Manager

We are also out of a stage manager for quite some time. This is ideally suited for someone who has a) plenty of time and b) knows the ins and outs of our stage.


Become a member and get in on the fun! Members are the closest supporters of our society and qualify for ticket discounts on HHDS productions. 
More info….


Showing next:
“To Kill A Mockingbird” directed by Darryl Spijkers
annie the musical
17 – 28 June 2014
Direction: Darryl Spijkers
Music direction: Shiraz
Choreography: Sumé Lötter
annie the musical
“Sleuth” by Anthony Shaffer
directed by Bettina Horvath

HHDS Committee

Lindsay Small 021 809 1191,
076 314 8968, 021 855 3779

Daneel van Wyk 072 824 0768

Onno Zaayer 082 901 5760,
021 855 5677

Bettina Horvath 082 99 26 007

Darryl Spijkers 072 384 1953

Lights & Sound:
Ashley Pitout 076 577 9338

please contact secretary

Costume hire:
Noel Pitout 072 132 8653

Theatre Manager:
Mike Blundell 021 850 0335
072 352 9272

Front of House Manager:
Noel Pitout 076 577 9338

HHDS president:
Ramsey Lotter 082 720 4828

“The Front of House team is always looking for volunteers to usher and sell refreshments in the Foyer, please contact Noel to get on the duty roster.”

Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society 
@ The Playhouse Theatre,
cnr Lourensford Road & Swalle Street,
Somerset West, 7130
PO Box 361, Somerset West, 7129


Booking Inquiries: 072 824 0768
HHDS show bookings at Computicket

Membership application

Thank you to our supporters:

Copyright © 2014 HHDS, All rights reserved.

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