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May 2017 – Number 168

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe it’s May already! That’s been a far-distant word I’ve used to describe the remote future when I have to move house. And now it’s here – eeeek!

Right, minor panic out of the way, let’s move on to what’s happening on the community theatre scene…

Prepaid tickets

Remember that CDS members can purchase discount prepaid tickets for the shows that CDS is staging at the Masque this year. These are Tom Stoppard’s Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, directed by Jenny Brandt (21–29 July), and Agatha Christie’s The Unexpected Guest, directed by Lynn Moss (27 October–4 November).

The prepaid tickets are R70 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening performances and R60 for matinees and Wednesdays. Please contact a committee member if you would like to purchase prepaid tickets.

Equus report back

Bernie Jacobs’s directorial debut, Peter Shaffer’s Equus, closed at the Masque Theatre on Saturday 6 May. The audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with much effusive praise being heaped not only on the two dazzling leads – Richard Higgs and newcomer Tian Landman – but also on the director, the set and the chorus, both human and horses. Congratulations to all!

Here are a couple of reactions from reviewers and audience members:

In this her debut as a director, Bernie Jacobs has shown she has as much talent in this art as she has as an actress. … With his height, good looks, intelligent depth of understanding of Alan’s character, and excellent diction, [Tian] Landman is a talent to watch. … A first rate production.

– Sheila Chisholm, Weekend Special

Claremont Dramatic Society is to be congratulated for producing this satisfying piece of theatre, as is the new director, Bernie Jacobs, together with her cast and crew. This is a quality production.

– Colleen van Staden, False Bay Echo

 I had the opportunity to watch Equus last night at the Masque Theatre. Bernie Jacobs wow, wow, wow!!! That was absolutely fantastic! Well done. And congratulations to all cast and crew … you were all amazing.

– Erika Marais (via Facebook)

I thought it was exceptional. Everything from the stage set-up to the wardrobe to the brilliant acting. It was just world class. … It was a privilege for me.

– Joanne Halse (via WhatsApp)

 Thank you to everyone who came to support the show!

 Members evening: 21 April

Our last members evening was held at the Hok on 21 April with a small but earnest turnout. Richard Higgs and Su Cunningham performed some extracts from Equus, to whet everyone’s appetite for what turned out to be a fantastic production. Bernie Jacobs also explained a bit about her vision for the play and answered audience questions about her casting and directorial approach.

Santie du Toit and Matt Roy then ran an amusing quiz with a horsey theme, which was highly enjoyable. And my team totally would have won had they just believed me that Red Rum really was a famous racehorse and not words I randomly made up! Sigh.

Stay tuned for details of our next members evening – our traditional soup and rolls extravaganza.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead update

 An update on R&G from director Jenny Brandt:

Rehearsals for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead are up and happening. There’s been some experimenting with how different coins bounce, juggling lessons and clowning about (literally). Hopefully you won’t be seeing much of Willie and Matt in the next little while, because they have reams and reams of lines to learn!  So far – so good!

AUDITION: Art by Yasmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Anton Schäfer

Date:                                      Sunday 21 May

Time:                                     12h00

Venue:                                   Milnerton Playhouse

Performance dates:          6–14 October

Please contact the director on 078 480 4521 or email antonschafer82@gmail.com to book an individual slot.  Callbacks (group audition) will take place on Sunday 28 May at 14h00.

Auditionees are asked to prepare a short monologue of their choice; or a short monologue from the play for a character of their choice.

The story is set in Paris and revolves around three friends (Serge, Marc and Yvan) who find their friendship on shaky ground when Serge buys an expensive painting. The canvas is white, with a few white lines.  Serge is very proud of his 200 000 franc acquisition fully expecting the approval of his friends. However, Marc scornfully describes it as a “piece of white shit”.

Marc then consults with Yvan, who is also burdened by problems of his own – an impending wedding and dissatisfaction at his job as a stationery salesman. Yvan’s attempts at peace-making between the two parties backfires. He gets pulled into the disagreement and fuels the tension between Serge and Marc. What starts off as an argument over a painting develops into a disastrous row of a personal nature. They border on destroying their friendship.

The script presents a wonderful opportunity to portray some fantastic yet complex characters.  A definite must to any performer who has a good feel for text and thought.

Cast of characters

(All three are large parts. Characters are male and of similar age, at least above 40.)

  • MARC: An aeronautical engineer who prides himself in fending off “modern culture”. He withholds no judgments and spares no feeling; yet still express the need for endorsement of his friends. He is rational, logical and (seemingly) mature.
  • SERGE: A divorced dermatologist, is steeped in modernity, but cannot fully appreciate his cultured lifestyle unless it is validated by those around him. He is emotional, passionate and inquisitive.
  • YVAN: He is the youngest of the trio, both chronologically and psychologically. A lifetime of yo-yoing between decisions and kowtowing to his friends and family is beginning to take an emotional toll on him. He is energetic, spontaneous, yet highly insecure. (A real gem of a part!)

Pinelands Players supper theatre

Imagine a Game Show … Imagine an MC, with a gorgeous assistant … Imagine a team of five women … Imagine a team of five men … Imagine a competition where these two teams have to sing songs with the names of men or women in the title …

Imagine that … and you have the beginning of an evening of entertainment, spanning 60 years of musical variety and styles, ruled by the spin of the Game Wheel.

The game is simple, entertaining and unpredictable.

For the lucky cast of 10 this show begins when and where the wheel stops! The nature of the game means that each of the 7 shows will be totally different!



9, 10, 15, 16, 17 JUNE AT 20h00

11 & 18 JUNE AT 14h00


TICKETS: R120 – including a light meal served an hour before the show

R60 on 8 JUNE – no meal


Book and pay in advance for a table of 10 to get a 10% discount!

Grab a group of friends or join a table

Watch the Mars team battle the Venus team each night as the wheel is spun to determine the next song. Always a surprise!

From solos to duets and group numbers, hear well-known pop songs from the ’60s through to the noughties

Guaranteed entertainment and loads of fun!

BOOKINGS: facebook.com/pinelandsplayers

Alternatively: pinelandsplayers@gmail.com OR 062 783 2370

The Full Monty character appeal

Pinelands Players is looking for a final cast member for their production of The Full Monty, which will be on at the Roxy Revue Bar, GrandWest, from 11 to 25 November. The character description is:

Georgie Bukatinsky (Dave’s wife) – Supporting role (age: 35–45). Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter. She loves her husband and worries about him. She is exuberant, warm and down-to-earth; an extrovert who is the leader of her group of girlfriends. Must be able to hold a North Country British accent and move well.

If you know of anyone who fits the profile or you would like to audition, please contact Laura Bosman on bosman.ld@gmail.com.

Director’s tickets

We need new directors for our CDS productions. If you are interested in directing, we’d love to have you! All you need to do is stage a short play or play extract at a members evening to get your director’s ticket. For more information or to propose a play, contact our members evening convenor Matt Roy (contact details at the end of this newsletter).

Digital archive

I am still working my way through the Hok’s collection of old programmes, photo albums, posters and DVDs and am constantly updating the list of CDS (and previously SoE) productions. Please have a nose through when you have a moment and let me know what you think: http://claremontdramatic.weebly.com.

See you at the theatre!


18 Apr– Funny Girl

presented by Eric Abraham

Fugard Theatre
25 Apr–20 May Hemelruim

presented by Naskrif Produksies

Fugard Studio Theatre
3 May–17 Jun The Play That Goes Wrong

directed by Alan Committie

Theatre on the Bay
14–20 May A Man Like You

presented by The Theatre Company

Theatre Arts Admin Collective
15–20 May Topdog/Underdog

presented by Alexander Upstairs

Alexander Bar
17 May Members evening: Quiz

hosted by MADS

17–18 May Pop-up Improv

presented by ImproGuise

Masque Theatre
19–20 May Swallowers of Time

hosted by Urshulah and Carl du Preez

Milnerton Playhouse
20 May Piano recital

Wesley Wolhuter

Masque Theatre
21 May AUDITION: Art

hosted by Milnerton Theatre Players

Milnerton Playhouse
22–25 May The Lover

performed by Sjaka S Septembir and Caroline Midgley

Alexander Bar
23–27 May Improv Comedy

presented by The Long Shots

Alexander Bar
24 May FUNDRAISER: Bingo Masque Theatre
27 May Directors forum

hosted by MADS

29 May–3 Jun Jersey Boy

presented by Schalk Bezuidenhout

Baxter Theatre
29 May–10 Jun In bocca al lupo

presented by POPArt Productions

Alexander Bar
29 May–10 Jun Renaissance

written and directed by Wessel Pretorius

Alexander Bar
30 May–17 Jun Au Revoir

presented by Followspot Productions

Kalk Bay Theatre
31 May–3 Jun Lear’s Fool

presented by Devilspeak Theatre Company

Galloway Theatre
2–10 Jun Table Manners

presented by MADS

Masque Theatre
7 Jun–8 Jul Suddenly the Storm
a Market Theatre production
Baxter Theatre
8–18 June Game of Names

hosted by Pinelands Players

Pinelands Town Hall
8–24 Jun The Fall Baxter Golden Arrow Studio
10 June A Song and Dance Through the Ages

presented by Phoenix Dance Productions

Milnerton Playhouse
13–15 Jun Confessions

written and directed by Mandla Mpanjukelwa

Alexander Bar
15–18 June Dance Chapters

presented by Twisted Movements Dance Studio

Masque Theatre
16–24 Jun Master Class

presented by MADS

Milnerton Playhouse
23–24 Jun The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

presented by F Creations

The Drama Factory
23–24 Jun Sillage

written and directed by Penelope Youngleson

Masque Theatre

Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2016:

Simon Dutton (Chair) simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350

Santie du Toit (Treasurer) santsbabe@gmail.com Cell: 074 608 2670

Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer): jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell: 082 492 5984

Matt Roy (Members Evenings): hapunkey83@gmail.com Cell: 062 485 8001

Kim R2 (Communications): tzar42@gmail.com Home: 021 671 8687 Cell: 083 619 2441

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Direction: Yvonne Copley
Musical Direction: Wesley Wolhunter
Choreography: Alexa February
Assistant Direction: Mokoena Ramollo

By special arrangement with DALRO

Principal Auditions: 13 May, 09h00
Ensemble Auditions and Principal Call Backs: 20 May, 10h30

Venue: The Hok, Campground Road, Claremont (under the bridge)

Additional Call Backs: 27 May

Please note that time slots will be allocated

BOOK YOUR SLOT by emailing manager@masquetheatre.co.za

Important Notes:

  • Please prepare a song appropriate to the musical. It is essential that you bring a backing track on a USB or sing with the piano provided. No acapella auditions will be accepted
  • Principal roles will be told what to prepare for a call back if needed and may be asked to read for certain other characters
  • You may audition for an ensemble and principal role  You will be asked to cite read if you are auditioning for a principal role
  • Dance routines will be taught
  • An American accent is essential
  • Walk in auditions will not be accepted – so be sure to book your slot

Show details:

  • Show dates: 11 – 23 December 2017 (at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg)
  • Rehearsal venue is to be confirmed. Rehearsals will commence in late September 2017. Times will be arranged around cast needs as far as possible. The Masque Theatre Players is an amateur dramatic society and as such, no party involved in the production is financially remunerated.

Cast Breakdown

  • Adult Cast
    • Miss Bell – dance teacher, arty. Needs to act, dance and sing. Vocal range C4 to E5 (alto).
    • Miss Sherman – English teacher, traditionalist. Needs to act and sing. Vocal range F3 to F5 (alto).
    • Mr Myers – drama teacher, easy going. Needs to act.
    • Mr Sheinkopf – music teacher, distinguished. Needs to act.
  • Students
    • Carmen Diaz – insecure, talented. Needs to act, sing and dance. Vocal range Bb3 to G5 (soprano).
    • Grace Lamb – (Lambchops) comic. Needs to act and play music. Drums desirable.
    • Iris Kelly – well-to-do, classical dancer. Needs to act and dance. Classical ballet essential; pointe work desirable.
    • Mabel Washington – comic, plump, R&B. Needs to act and sing. Vocal range D4 to G5, Bb5 preferred (soprano).
    • Serena Katz – insecure, shy. Needs to act and sing. Vocal range Bb3 to Eb5 (alto).
    • Goodman King – jazz musician. Needs to act and play music. Trumpet or sax desirable.
    • Joe Vegas – high energy, charming. Needs to act and sing.
    • Nick Piazza – handsome, serious. Needs to act and sing. Vocal range D3 to G4, B4 preferred (tenor).
    • Schlomo Metzenbaum – affable, sensitive. Needs to act, sing and play music. Vocal range C3 to G4 (tenor). Violin and/or piano desirable.
    • Tyrone Jackson – headstrong, a functional illiterate. Needs to act, sing and dance. Vocal range E3 to G4 (baritone). Rap dancing desirable and classical ballet.
  • Ensemble
    • Kids from FAME Chorus: 10-16 Students at P.A., who have lines and sing, and who constantly interact and grow with the others. Need to act (some parts), sing and dance. All vocal ranges.

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