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Mantou, Fougasse, Rghifa and Paratha are all WHAT??  Find the answer a little further down!  Hope you enjoy the read!


We had a wonderful evening on 20 May in Shakers’ Cocktail Bar, temporarily relocated to the Rendezvous.  Patrons were treated to a variety of soups, made by the-obviously-good-cooks of the committee and a H U G E variety of bread!  The latter was provided by Knead Bakery in Muizenberg and, boy, did they do us proud!!  I think just about everyone left clutching something doughy and delicious!  Knead also kindly sponsored our competition (which turned into a lucky draw since NONE OF YOU did your homework and found the answer to the question in the last newsletter!) and their representative, Charl, presented a R100 breakfast voucher to one of our guests of the evening, Anita.  Fortunately someone reminded old airhead here to do the draw since I was so busy chatting that I forgot!  But I digress.  Shakers was the setting of a one-act play directed by Miranda Lewis and featuring Skye Corewijn, Angela Lee-Wright, Carey Wallace and the director herself.  This adaptation of a three-act play was enhanced by a “set” consisting of a bar, bar stools and patrons (us!) at tables decorated with Shakers candleholders.  Fabulous entertainment indeed it was – complete with a “follow-spot” ably operated by James “Blondie” Green, with input from Gary Fargher, and “stage-managed” by our chairman, Andrew Blake.  I did hear someone say “THIS is the kind of production that should go to Grahamstown!” and I must say that I was totally enthralled.  These four ladies worked exceptionally hard considering their rehearsal period was, I believe, only some three weeks and our heartiest congratulations go to all of them.


As promised details of the production of Hello & Goodbye at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown:

Travelling there are Suzi Gehr, Wesley Figaji (actors), birga Thomas (director), Raymond Rudolph (stage manager and general supervisor) and perhaps a young student to help and learn.  The venue is PJ’s and performances are on Thurs, 02 July (opening day of the festival) at 20:00, 03 July at 14:30, 04 July at 22:00 05 July at 20:00 and 06 July at 14:30


See page attached to this newsletter, written by Coleen Van Staden, for the full “debriefing” on the very successful All You Need is Love.


The audition for Agatha Christie’s Appointment with Death, was extremely well-attended – some 40 people turned up, with a lot of new faces, both young and old-er.  Congratulations to Alastair’s cast, as follows:

Dr Sarah King Niki Hodson    
Dr Gerard John McConnell
Lady Westholme Helen Mathers
Miss Pryce Eve Carr          
Mrs Boynton Belinda Batt  
Lennox Boynton Luke Luies
RaymondBoynton Wayne Ronne
Alderman Higgs Jeff Batt  
Colonel Carbury Aubrey Hindle
Hotel Clerk Faeez Noah     
A Dragoman Ronnie Carr
Arabs Joshua Knott & others
Ginevra Boynton  Christin Sterley
Nadine Boynton Marie-Louise Rouget & Tirsa Senekal
Jefferson Cope Scott Cooper

Below please find the audition notice for our final production of the year!


It’s planning time again!  2010 is just around the corner (aren’t we constantly reminded!) and MADS needs submissions from directors for our Mads/Masque programme for next year.  If you would like to direct for MADS, please join us at our Forum on Saturday 20th June at 14h00 at the Rendezvous to present your play to the Committee.  Your presentation should be short and sweet and include

a)                 a copy of the play that can be read by the committee

b)                 a brief synopsis of the play and the genre

c)                  set requirements

d)                 cast requirements

e)                 budget (applicable to musicals)

f)                    a short CV  (applicable if you are a new director for MADS)

g)                 Any other considerations

The MADS committee is a very fair and friendly bunch and all submissions will be considered – taking into account, for example, audience appeal, the MADS programme for the year, budgets, etc.  If you are keen to direct and have not done so before and would like to ease into it gently, we strongly urge you to attach yourself as production secretary to an experienced Director – its amazing what you will learn .For new directors who want to jump in boots and all, come to the Forum anyway – it’s a good place to start!  You might have a fabulous play to submit and find an experienced Director who will agree to mentor you through the process!  So, come on Directors (old and new) – join the Forum, bring us your productions and let’s put a fabulous programme together for 2010.  If there are lots of submissions, we can fill 2011 as well!


We are pleased to welcome the Basels, Barbara and Detlef to our society and also Joline Blignaut.  AND, just joined at the members’ evening were Charl and Natasha (he of Knead Bakery!) whose further details have not yet been given to me!  Wishing you a long and happy stay, guys!


Hope our June birthday-ers are in for a wonderful year!  Hayley Fargher on the 2nd, Miranda Lewis on the 13th, Wendy Morling and Wayne Ronne share the 18th as do June Edwards and Joshua Knott on the 20th.  Then his sister Abigail on the 21st, with Jane Philbrick on the 24th and Deon Joubert on the 28th.  And a little birdie tells me that two of these are BIG birthdays!!


The Hanepoort Big Band at the Masque for one show only! Sunday 24 May at 19:00.  Celebrating its 8th anniversary with a programme of South African Jazz, coinciding with an exhibition of photos of the band by Fran Black.  Tickets R50 (Club Members R45)

It’s a Swing Thing at the Masque from 28 to 30 May and 4 to 6 June.  Back by popular demand Ricky Botsis and Kevin Abbot will have you swinging the night away!

Cape Dance Company at the Masque from 10 to 13 June.  Please note Wed to Fri performances are at 19:30.  At the Masque for the first time – presenting works by local and international choreographers which will engage the eye and warm the soul.

Tree of Life at the Masque on 19 and 20 June.  Another first – a presentation of stories written by Paulo Coelho, directed by Zane Meas and starring Fahruq Valley-Omar.

Please note days, times and prices for Masque Theatre productions

(unless otherwise stated) are Thurs & Fri performances at 20:15,

Saturday matinee at 14:15, Saturday evening at 18:15

Thurs eve and Sat Matinees R45 (Theatre Club members R35)

Other Nights R55 (Theatre Club members R45)

Bookings on 021-7881898


Dylan, boyfriend of member Angela Lee-Wright, is a music producer in the process of making a CD to accompany a touristy-type book for which he needs people of all ages to record.  In exchange for their services he’ll record a voice demo for them for free.  He can be contacted at 0726268675.

Fish Hoek Dramatic Society has asked me to let you have details of their up-coming audition – see page attached.


With a “knod” to Knead Bakery: Mantou, Fougasse, Rghifa and Paratha are all types of BREAD!  Mantou is the traditional Chinese bread; Fougasse is another name for Focaccia, Rghifa bread is a staple in Morocco and Paratha is another variation on Roti.

That’s it then!







Directed by: Tom Byrne


TIME:                         14:00


ENQUIRIES:                        TOM BYRNE – 021 6741470 OR 0839627233


SYNOPSIS: The play takes place in the kitchen of Lilly Delorio in Leavenworth, Kansas, USA one very hot afternoon and evening in 1973. Louie Delorio (Lilly’s son) is in prison for bigamy, eleven or twelve counts of bigamy depending on whether you count the Gravecci twins as one or two. Louie is on a work release program decorating wedding cakes for the Sitting Bull Bakery when he realizes he is decorating a cake for one of his ex-wives. This is too much for him, so he runs away. Where does a son run to when escaping from prison, his mom’s house of course? Unfortunately the shock of his surprise appearance kills Lilly. While Louie is trying to get her into the chest freezer so she won’t spoil, Lilly’s friend Rose calls to remind her that the girls are coming to her place tonight to play Scrabble. To cover his escape Louie must pretend to be his mother for the evening. Things go down hill from there.

The cast calls for four men and four women whose ages range from twenties to seventies. Readings will be taken from the script, so those who audition need not prepare an audition piece. The director wishes to note that although American accents are necessary, actors and actresses will not be expected to audition with an accent.  At least one man must be comfortable wearing a dress, but not too comfortable.


The Haunting of Hill House
By F. Andrew Leslie
Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson
To be directed by Angela Lee-Wright
for Fish Hoek Dramatic Society
14h00 7th June at the Muizenberg Methodist Church Hall
opposite Muizenberg Junior School
Production opens Friday 18 September at the Masque Theatre

Fifty years after its first publication, Fish Hoek Dramatic Society presents the stage adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel.
Hill House stands by itself against its hills, holding darkness within. It has stood for ninety years and might stand for ninety more. Within, walls continue upright, bricks meet neatly, floors are firm, and doors sensibly shut; silence lies steadily against the wood and stone, and whatever walks there, walks alone.  Lead by Dr Montague, a group of people spend a summer at Hill House in order to gain solid evidence of the psychic phenomenon called haunting. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable noises and self-closing doors, but Hill House is gathering its powers and will soon choose one of them to make its own…Welcome to Hill House. We hope you survive your stay.
Character List
Eleanor Vance
(F, late 20’s – early 30’s)
As the protagonist of the play, she is the most developed, rounded character. Eleanor has spent most of her life caring for her invalid mother, and she is shy, repressed and looking for her identity. Though initially nervous and unsure, she is captivated by the house and the play is brought to its climax through her downward spiral into insanity.
Theodora (F, late 20’s – early 30’s)
She provides a clear, emphatic foil to Eleanor, since she is decidedly flamboyant, attractive, bohemian and unrepressed. The two women form a sisterly bond that eventually becomes strained.
Dr. Montague (M, late 40’s – early 60’s)
A genial academic authority figure who sets up the ‘ghost hunt’ in order to document his findings on the haunting phenomenon. He is somewhat of a fatherly figure toward the others .
Luke Sanderson (M, late 20’s – early 30’s)
A charming, well educated man, also a bit of a wastrel, he is the heir to Hill House. He provides comic relief as something of the glib seducer.
Mrs . Dudley (F, 40 – 70)
The caretaker of Hill House. A creepy, sinister woman who refuses to stay near it at night.
Mrs . Montague (F, late 30’s – early 50’s)
The wife of Dr Montague. Patronizing, bossy and arrogant, her lack of social skills provides another source of comic relief to the play.
Arthur Parker (M, early 30’s – late 50’s)
Mrs. Montague’s assistant. Bookish, dull and socially inept.


“Phoaaar – What a Ride!”  All You Need is Love was such an amazing journey – from the re-casting, to the intensive rehearsals, a re-designed set (thank you Jane Philbrick)  new material and an exuberant cast!  Celia and I were really pleased with our revised 2009 Production – the changes improved the show in our view (a lot of audience feedback confirmed that as well) and we want to say a big thank you to MADS for the support, MADS and Masque Theatre members for attending the show and the NEW audiences that came in their droves.  A production of this size cannot rest entirely on the Directors’ shoulders – it is always a collaborative affair and with the incredible input of the cast and crew, it was more than just a “page to stage” exercise.  We were blessed with the talents of Allison Blair who contributed to the choreography and was a great help to our choreographer, Trish Notcutt, who gave up valuable time to assist us in the final stages.  Gary Fargher created our lighting with “masterful wizadry” but it is the daunting job of sound that he undertook that we are doubly grateful for.  Our talented cast brought their individual quirkiness to the show and had some great  ideas – Matthew Wilkinson, in particular, was always at the ready with a couple of groovy moves and our “balladeers” who we chopped and changed in the Ballad Medley were prepared to try anything and mixed and matched until we got it right!… a big thank you to such a committed cast!  “A well-oiled machine” is how Robyn Wainwright (our superb costume designer) described the backstage operations – so heartfelt thanks again to the team led by Rick Magnin who had what can only be described as the “dream team” – Bruce Edwards, June Edwards, Sue Hallinan, Christin Stirley and last but not least our production “mom”, Nana Stallbom.  Sandy Mann and Robyn were marvellous too, keeping the costumes in working order!

Working with Celia again was fabulous – we spent many a pre-production hours watching last year’s DVD and enjoyed every tweaking moment! Our love and thanks goes to June and Bruce Edwards for the hard work, enthusiasm, talent and commitment, without which, we could not have mounted this production again!

I counted 792 e mails between Celia, myself and June from mid 2008 to April 2009  – Subject Headings are sometimes quite peculiar – thought I’d share some with you.

No absentees for tonight – a rare occurrence in the first few months!

Watch This Space for T-shirt Sponsorship Appeal – Entire cast and crew  are kitted out in groovy t shirts with show logo – Thanks June!

Cle du Cap – Cast do a promo concert and play to an audience for the first time – scary!

Matthew is Sickalways happens in big cast – June lets me know PRIOR to rehearsal so I am prepared!  We finally rehearse with a full cast about 3 weeks before opening!

Elmarie’s daughter – Alex Lith joins the band on MOVE IN Day to play keyboard – adds colour to the whole sound – Good call, Elmarie!

The Bra – Julie wants to toss a bra (the one with the Beatles On!) – it requires some re-staging for the WHOLE cast but we do it!   I ask Bruce to put some Beatles on the Bra…   He comes back with “Life Goes on” on one cup   and  “Bra” on the other.  It becomes an “in” joke.   Second performance,  James reads it to the audience and it brings the house down!  – It becomes part of the show!

Beatles Life-sized Cut-outs – I say to June and Bruce – wouldn’t it be groovy to have the Abbey Road Beatles walking into the theatre.  June says – I can do that!  Its expensive – how?  We get a “sponsor” who buys the cutouts and so I get my FAB FOUR walking into the Theatre…..   photo op for audience members – lotsa camera phones flashing!    June and Bruce, you rock!

Script at your office and then some DRAFT 211!  Changes occur often!  – and all the pages have to match…  Guess who sees to it!   Ya – its June!!!!!

Look and See! I want stark black and white portraits of the Beatles for the set, but they have to be originals– June sends samples – I am blown away….  Thanks, June.  They are sold to cover costs!

Oops SorryElmarie’s favourite expression in rehearsal – it becomes our stock phrase when we blunder! – There are quite a few e mails with this heading!

Munny – Celia fills me in on Gala Sale Progress

Magic Alex –  “but……………if Jabu is one of the ballad Beatles how does he become Magic Alex??  Sh*&%t I forgot about that.”  (Celia’s words)   We put our heads together and work it out – Jabu must RUN!

June and Bruce rewarded our cast and crew with awards made from props(broken) and other bits and bobs for feats of bravery and destruction!  Here are just some of them!

The MBE  (Matt’s Bravery Endowment)  – carrot award … to Matthew Wilkinson for getting the short end of the stick.  “He does it to me every time”.  (Mr Walrus  broke his teachers stick on Matthew’s behind while whacking him during the school room scene!)

Zany Zapper Award – broken stick award… to Anthony James “I am the egghead” for his destructive interpretation of Corporation teashirt punishment.  (Aforementioned Mr Walrus)

Fix in a holecarrot award … to Rick Magnin for his brave, undetected leopard crawl over lights and cables, hoops and garters to fix an acoustic guitar snag. (Yes, its true – just prior to the very beautiful acoustic guitar scene – Rick slithered on to the set undetected and got us wired for sound!)

Saving baconcarrot award … to Julie Summers for promptly unscrambling James’ eggs.  (James’  attempted wooing of Julie with his rendition of Yesterday/Scrambled Eggs – did not materialize. – you know, the dreaded “blank”!  Julie ad-libbed him back and the show went on!)



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VOLUME 16 – ISSUE 3 – MAY / JUNE 2009
Hi Folks,
I am sorry to have to tell you that John Badminton passed away on 7th March. He was our Musical Director for The Mikado (1973) and for Trial By Jury, HMS Pinafore and Yeomen Of The Guard, all in 1974.

We have heard that David Davidson’s mother has also passed away. Our condolences on his sad loss.
Margaret Cockburn is recuperating at home after surgery. Audrey Robinson, our EXCO Chairperson, has been to see her and the Society has sent flowers. We hope to see Margaret in action soon!


The annual Cape Town Amateur Awards took place at the Masque Theatre on Monday, 09 March. We are proud to say that G&S received two awards as well as a Merit Award!
Congratulations to Graham Boxall and Kyla Thorburn for respectively receiving the following awards for our 2008 production of “My Fair Lady”:
 Graham Boxall: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical for his portrayal of Alfred Doolittle.
 Kyla Thorburn: Artistic Contribution for the Choreography in this production.
 The G&S Chorus in “My Fair Lady” received a Merit Award.
Other winners near and dear to the Society were:
Best Musical as well as Best Director of a Musical: Cabaret directed by Teddy Davies (Festival Productions)
Best Actress in a Musical: Ami-Rose Barber – The Wizard of Oz (Pinelands Players)
Cameo Performance: Lisa Stallianou – Cabaret (Festival Productions)
Best Set: Wendy Goddard – Barefoot in the Park (Claremont Dramatic Society)
Merit Awards: Guilma Stander (together with Jan Barber) – Make Up/Hair – The Wizard of Oz (Pinelands Players)
This coming Sunday, 10 May, Pinelands Players are auditioning for their end-of-year production. This Pantomime is loosely based on ‘A Christmas Carol’ written by Charles Dickens. It is being directed by Kyla Boxall. Production dates: 4 – 19 December 2009 and will be staged at the Little Theatre in Cape Town.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.pinelandsplayers.co.za. Chorus and Principals need to prepare for the audition, so make sure you know what they would like to hear.

 For audition bookings, please call Tina Gough on 082 771 9644.


The recently acclaimed production at the Masque Theatre of Jon Marans’ play “Old Wicked Songs” has been invited to the Artscape Arena.
Quotes from the reviews:
“Of the various productions I have enjoyed attending this year, this must be among the finest. Brenda Gray dedicates her production of Old Wicked Songs to all music teachers, past and present. I would further this dedication by endorsing that anyone who is in the process of learning or instructing any aspect of the performing arts, who has instructed or who has been
instructed therein, endeavour earnestly to view this production of Old Wicked Song.”(John Caviggia – FMR)
“ ‘n ‘Juweelopvoering’ (a gem of a production). In the old days the book illustrations of Katrine Harries were the hallmark of prime Afrikaans literature. In the same way, the name of Brenda Gray guarantees excellent artistic theatre.” (Danie Botha)
“In this remarkable play every facet of the performing arts is consummately interpreted and integrated into a glorious whole.” (Lieske Bester)
Nominated as a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1996, this is a striking and vivid play in which music has a pivotal role. An elderly Viennese professor is giving a series of singing lessons to an American piano prodigy, teaching him Scumann’s Dichterliebe to re-ignite the young man’s passion for his art. We gain insights into the process of mentorship and inspiration. The play becomes a reflection on the power of the arts to effect change in the hearts and lives of people.
The two characters are played by award-winning veteran actor Brian de Kock and newcomer Roland Perold. Musical direction is by the accomplished Victor Tichart.
For Bookings, contact Computicket or Artscape Dial-A-Seat 021- 421 7695

by Jon Marans: ARENA May 8 – 16th @ 20:15
Saturdays @ 14:30 and @20:15 – Price: R65
Pensioners & students R45 per ticket.
Block bookings 10% discount for groups of 10 or more / Schools R35 per ticket

Alison King is auctioning a selection of her artwork which includes pastels, oils and watercolours. Refreshments will be served.
When? Sunday, 24 May

Where? 2 Russel Close, Constantia.
What Time? Preview 3pm Auction: 4pm

RSVP? Kim – 083 355 7050


Rehearsals will start at the end of May! To all involved, have fun, and we are looking forward to track the progress of this new G&S production.
The Society extends birthday greetings to all members who have celebrated this happy event!

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