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Notice is hereby given of the 65th Annual General Meeting of Claremont Dramatic Society, to be held at Barristers on 21 March.
Date: 21 March 2017
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
Venue: Barristers Grill and Cafe, Cnr Kildare Rd & Main St, Newlands
The agenda, last year’s minutes as well as the audited accounts will be sent at least one week prior to the meeting. The menu choices and list of awards nominees will also follow.
Please RSVP or send apologies to a committee member or reply to claremontdramatic@gmail.com.

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Claremont Chat

Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter

The Hok, Thicket Street, Claremont, 7708
PostNet Suite 345, Private Bag X1005, Claremont, 7735
email: claremontdramatic@gmail.com
February 2017 – Number 165

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


As you will have gathered from the lack of official notice, the AGM has been postponed from the original date of 28 February. The accounts were not yet finalised and we wanted to avoid a repeat of last year so we thought it best to postpone. The accounts are currently being audited by Brian de Jager. In addition, we have been awaiting the awards panel’s adjudications, which we are expecting shortly. The new date for the AGM is 14 March, venue still being Barristers. Official notice (including the accounts!) will follow shortly.

Equus update

Rehearsals for Equus are well underway and the play is shaping up nicely. I think everyone will be pleased and impressed with our young Alan Strang (Tian Landman) – I know I am. Bernie also has a very lovely surprise up her sleeve for the horses. I am under strict instructions to say no more but suffice it to say that it will be a show you won’t want to miss!

Director’s tickets

We need new directors for our CDS productions. If you are interested in directing, we’d love to have you! All you need to do is stage a short play or play extract at a members evening to get your director’s ticket. For more information or to propose a play, contact our members evening convenor Matt Roy (contact details at the end of this newsletter).

Digital archive

I am still working my way through the Hok’s collection of old programmes, photo albums, posters and DVDs and am constantly updating the list of CDS (and previously SoE) productions. Please have a nose through when you have a moment and let me know what you think: http://claremontdramatic.weebly.com.


See you at the theatre!


21 Jan–25 Feb Twelfth Night

presented by Artscape

22 Jan–26 Feb Romeo and Juliet

presented by Cape Town City Ballet

31 Jan–25 Feb Big Boys the Third

presented by Followspot Productions

Kalk Bay Theatre
7–18 Feb Love, Sex, Fleas, God

directed by Celia Musikanth

Masque Theatre
7 Feb–4 Mar The Mother

presented by Eric Abraham

Fugard Theatre
11–18 Feb Rigoletto

presented by Cape Town Opera

16–18 Feb Laced

created by Lee van der Merwe

Alexander Bar
16–18 Feb MATE

written and directed by Samantha Gray

Alexander Bar
16–25 Feb Rent

presented by The Stephan Fourie Theatre Company

17 Feb Three of a Kind

presented by Andrew Young

Somerset West Playhouse
19 Feb Little Karoo

presented by Jenny Brandt

Masque Theatre
19 Feb HHDS AGM Somerset West Playhouse
20–25 Feb Sillage

presented by Rust Co-Operative

Alexander Bar
21–22 Feb The Plothole

directed by Rob van Vuuren

Alexander Bar
24–25 Feb Boarding Pass

presented by the Kit School of Ballet

24–25 Feb Love Swings

featuring Ike Moriz

Somerset West Playhouse
26 Feb Little Karoo

presented by Jenny Brandt

Masque Theatre
20–22 Feb Macbeth

presented by Fabrik Theatre Company

Masque Theatre
23 Feb Dark Side of the Moon

presented by Mel Botes

Masque Theatre
23 Feb­–25 Mar Marat/Sade

presented by Flipside

Baxter Theatre
24–25 Feb TheatreSports

presented by ImproGuise

Masque Theatre
24–25 Feb On Probation

Performed by Michaela O Toole & Shannon Hiebner

Galloway Theatre
26 Feb Pinelands Players AGM The Clubhouse
27 Feb CATA ceremony Somerset West Playhouse
27 Feb–15 Mar bash

written by Neil LaBute

Alexander Bar
28 Feb–2 Mar Dangled

performed by Rob van Vuuren

Alexander Bar
28 Feb–11 Mar Chapter 2 Section 9

presented by Golden Arrow Studio

Baxter Theatre
28 Feb–18 Mar El Blanco

featuring James Cairns

Kalk Bay Theatre
1–3 Mar An Audience with Pieter Dirk-Eish Somerset West Playhouse
3–11 Mar Design for Living

presented by Constantiaberg Theatre Players

Masque Theatre
4–5 Mar 65 Glorious Years

celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Somerset West Playhouse
6–11 Mar 5th Annual Improv Festival

presented by ImproGuise

Alexander Bar
8–11 Mar The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

presented by F Creations

Galloway Theatre
11–19 Mar Calendar Girls

presented by HHDS

Somerset West Playhouse
16 Mar SA Eco Film Festival Masque Theatre
17–18 Mar Love Swings

presented by Ike Moriz

Masque Theatre
18 Mar Milly’s Awards

hosted by Milnerton Theatre Players

Milnerton Playhouse
21–25 Mar Sipho and the Bright Morning Star

presented by MADS

Masque Theatre
31 Mar–1 Apr Flowers for Algernon

presented by DQ Productions

Milnerton Playhouse
5 Apr–5 May Theatre skills workshops

run by Milnerton Theatre Players

Milnerton Playhouse
7 Apr Milnerton AGM Milnerton Playhouse


Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2016:

Simon Dutton (Chair) 
simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350
Santie du Toit (Treasurer)
santsbabe@gmail.com Cell: 074 608 2670
Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer)
jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell: 082 492 5984
Matt Roy (Members Evenings)
hapunkey83@gmail.com Cell: 062 485 8001
Kim R2 (Communications)
tzar42@gmail.com Home: 021 671 8687 Cell: 083 619 2441

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