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Greetings friends and members,

It’s that time again, when you get to read up on all the fantastic upcoming events at the Masque, and at our society.

A Whole New World

At the moment, the Pantomime rehearsals for Aladdin are coming along splendidly, with both the junior and senior chorus’s knuckling down to learn the catchy tunes, and fast-paced dance moves; and the leads are feverishly working on memorising their lines – though you’d never know it judging by the camaraderie and easy flow of the script, demonstrated at Saturday’s rehearsal.

The two groups met for the first time this past weekend, and the rehearsal went very well, with lots of bowing and respect demonstrated to all those involved in the production. 😉 With a costume appraisal on Thursday, the Panto is gearing up to the final month-and-a-bit countdown before its run begins in early December. It’s set to be a roaring success, aimed at the young, and young at heart, so we’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Inter – esting

Our inter-society quiz will be taking place on the 25th of November, at the Masque Theatre (which is also our set-building day, for those of you keen to help out). It will take place at 18:30 – 19:00, and we’d love some support for our two brainy teams.


Birthday Bonanza

A hearty Happy Birthday shout-out to two of our members: Wesley Figaji, and Denise Dubber, who are both October babies. We all hope you had wonderful birthdays, filled with lots of joy, and little stress. Some quick October Birthday facts:
Birth Stone: Opal
Star Sign: Libra
Traits: Charming, Perceptive, Diplomatic, Pleasant & Refined

Those interested in being added to the birthday list can e-mail Roseanna@travelground.com – and you’ll get a mention in our newsletter during your birthday month!

Upcoming Plays

As always, the Masque schedule is full of upcoming plays, so keep your eyes out for:

  • 9 – 24 November 2012Calendar Girls (directed by Wendy Goddard)
  • 2 – 22 December 2012Aladdin (directed by our very own Di Thom)

You can book a seat at both of these highly-anticipated shows by calling 021-188-6999.

A Ghostly Spectacle

As Constantia Theatre Players is producing the Pantomime, there is alas, no time to enjoy an end of the year party, which is why early next year we’ll be having a fiendishly frenzied evening spent sighting all the ghoulish and ghostly haunts around our MotherCity.

Please find the Ghost Bus tour schedule attached below. We need a minimum of 30 people, so those who are keen to join in on this adventure, can e-mail Wayne Ronne (wayneronne9@gmail.com ).


Mark Rose-Christie’s famous

Mystery Ghost Bus Tour

Many have taken the tours …
some have even come back alive!

Cape Town January 28 2012

 “I have to admit that even this hardened sceptic got a shiver down her spine” – Tracy Melass, TNT Travel Magazine, London

“For the sceptic who says there’s no such thing as ghosts, Rose-Christie gives them something to think about” – Star

 “Top Seller at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown” – Die Burger

 “High Spirits & Lots of Fun” – Argus

Inspired by the London Ghost Bus and Jack The Ripper tours in 1988, Mark Rose-Christie combined these concepts to launch The Mystery Ghost Bus Tours to South African audiences at the National Arts Festival (Grahamstown ) in 2001. Since then the tours have opened in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Port Elizabeth, with Durban and the Midlands Meander (Kwa-Zulu Natal) to open soon. Although we use tour coaches, this is actually a ‘theatre-on-wheels’ production, catering for both the Public and Groups (corporate events, team building, end-of-year functions, birthday parties & tour groups).

The Media and our Clients alike, have said that at “About half the price of the usual sight-seeing tours, and twice as long, The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour offers more than any other ghost tour worldwide”, which is as follows:

  • Starting Pub to get you into the Spirit!
  • Introduction about the History & Science of the Paranormal
  • Explanations of the many different types of ghosts
  • 3 Dramatized Stories with Haunted Music & Eerie Sound Effects, played on the coach
  • Ride past many haunted, murder & mystery sites, with Four (4) Off-The-Bus stops as follows:
  • 2 Pub & Grub Stops along the route, with entry into a dark mystery room at one of the pubs
  • Off-The-Bus stop to detect energy fields using dowsing rods (audience participation)
  • Special Permission/Free Entry to an historical cemetery at midnight, with an ending that jolts even sceptics
  • Instead of taking a Public Tour, get 30 people together to take a group tour and have the entire coach to YOURSELVES – for the SAME price per person.


Cost: R295 per person, only 18 years & over (however children & family tours for 30 or more persons can be specially arranged).
Meet at the Starting Pub at 6:30 pm (safe & secure parking)
Departs 7 pm / Returns just after Midnight
Bring Torch, Camera, Flat Shoes & Coat. Bring Pub & Grub Money.

Strictly No Alcohol or Food on the coach


Departs / Returns to Starting Pub: Ferryman’s Tavern, V&A Waterfront
2nd Pub: Percy’s Tavern
3rd Pub: Alphen Hotel

Ferryman’s Tavern at V&A Waterfront (‘off the bus’ Starting Pub Stop) with History & Science of the Paranormal, German Lutheran Church, Little Theatre, Good Hope Seminary (poison murderess Daisy de Melcker), Percy’s Tavern (‘off the bus’ pub stop, Scissors Murder and dark mystery room), Castle of Good Hope (‘off the bus’, and dowsing rods audience participation), Poltergeist of Fenton Road, Ghosts of District Six, Groote Schuur Hospital, Drie Koppen, Rondebosch (Saints, Sinners & Students), SAC’s School, Hidingh House, Alphen Hotel (‘off the bus’ pub stop), Plumstead Cemetery (‘off the bus’ stop, ending). Coach then returns you to the V&A Waterfront

Auditions, auditions, auditions!

For those of you itching for a chance to get on stage, or have family or friends who like the lime light, there are three great upcoming auditions. For full audition details please visit the Masque Theatre Website: http://www.masquetheatre.co.za.

Play: Hedda Gabler

Director: Richard Higgs
Date: 7 November 2012, 19:00, & Saturday 10 November 2012, 14:00
Place: Madhouse
The play is Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama, Hedda Gabler.

The beautiful and headstrong Hedda Gabler marries the solemn and ineffectual academic Jörgen Tesman and resigns herself to a respectable life of boredom. Her one hope of escaping from the dullness is that Tesman has expectations of promotion, and he becomes the outlet for her ambitions. But when those ambitions are threatened, she comes up with a plan to remove the obstacles, and have some excitement in the process. If everyone will play along nicely, then everything will work out fine. Unfortunately, she is not the only one with a manipulative streak.



Hedda Tesman female, lead; early 30s
Dr Jörgen Tesman male, large role; mid-30s
Mrs Elvsted female, supporting role; late 20s
Judge Brack male, supporting role; a fit and hearty 55+
Ejlert Lövborg male, supporting role; mid-30s
Miss Tesman female, supporting role; late 50s
Berte female, cameo role; 30s to 60s
Workmen, two male roles, silent cameos; 20s to 30s, – must be comfortable up a ladder.


Play: Cyprienne – a South African premier

Director: Barrie Howard
Date: 11 November, 2012, 10:00am – call-backs will occur Sunday 18th November, 2012
Place: Bergvliet Guide Hall
This play is a translated and adapted work by David Nicholson, from Victorien Sardou’s comic masterpiece DIVORCONS, which was a hit from its 1st performance in December, 1880.



In a setting of upcoming divorce act amendments, Henri des Prunelles suspects that his young wife Cyprienne has been flirting with his young cousin Adhemar – and more. When confronted Cyprienne justifies her actions as those of a young married wife married to an older man – unlike him, she hasn’t tasted the best of life yet and prefers the excitement of exotic spices over the regularity of wheat germ. A crafty Henri turns the situation around by agreeing to a divorce. Whereupon the young cousin Adhemar assumes a new, boring status of husband-to-be and Henri takes on the allure of forbidden fruit. The only way Henri can convince Cyprienne he does not have a lover himself, is to invite her to a romantic “divorce dinner” at his old bachelor bistro. Champagne, laughter, fine food and making sport of Adhemar rekindles their love, with hilarious results.



Henri des Prunelles Rich, suave industrialist 40-45 years old

Adhemar de Gratignan Henri’s simple cousin 20-30 years old

Clavignac Male friend of Henri 40-45 years old

Bastien Manservant of Henri 25-45 years old

Inspector Jamarot Of Reims policeforce 40-45 years old

Cyprienne des Prunelles Wife of Henri 25 years old

Estelle Brionne Young widow 30 years plus

Mme.Valfontaine Older married neighbour 40 years plus

Josepha Cyprienne’s chambermaid 25-35 years old

Waiter Any age

Although script calls for a cast of 10:

The roles of Clavignac/Inspector & Bastien/Waiter may be doubled



And that my dears, is a wrap for this newsletter. Please keep in touch, and we’ll see you at our next members evening.


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Milnerton Players


Milnerton Playhouse

Saturday 20 October @ 13.30

A Christmas Carol . . . More or Less


A funny, light-hearted show

Filled with joyous silliness, mysterious happenings

And a warm Christmas glow


Direction by Sheila McCormick


Proposed production dates: 30 November to 08 December 2012


Married couple, Sarah and Charlie, run a small theatre that’s presenting A Christmas Carol, until Charlie shows up backstage to say the cast are fogged out. Charlie is planning to leave Sarah tonight but he’s fogged in.

Sarah, furious, capitalises on Charlie’s remarkable memory and blackmails him into doing the play with her, relying on scripts where necessary. He plays Scrooge; she plays everything else, with their personal story invading the Dickens tale, informing it with dual levels of meaning.


The two large roles require experienced actors who are on stage throughout the entire play. Sarah must be capable of delivering lines while also changing costumes and props that will, of necessity, be very basic and representative.


The play is in two acts with a running time of 80 – 100 minutes


If you feel that you would like to audition for this upcoming production please contact Sheila urgently on 021 557 3206 or 079 877 2466

Or e-mail macdram@afrihost for copies of the script



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Milnerton Players

Founded 1979


I feel like singing ‘The Sun has got his hat on hip, hip, hip hooray’ as at last Spring appears to have sprung. This past weekend the grass was cut, the pool cleaned and we lit the braai for the first time in ages. It’s quite amazing how a little nice weather can serve to lift one’s mood.
Selma Darling’s recent cabaret Who Are You Calling An Idiom? was well received with numerous compliments about how cosy our café theatre foyer looked with the new black chair covers and red table cloths and for the delicious food, prepared every night by our Jack-of all trades, theatre manager & set builder Barry Altwig.
We wish Selma all the best for her stand up comedy spot at Monte Casino next month.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unfortunately, the news about our planned end of year production is not so good.
We are very sad to tell you that we have had to cancel the upcoming production of Farndale Mikado. The show has been beset with difficulties including numerous cast changes, shortage of chorus members, rehearsal problems, and the inability to find people to fulfill certain very necessary production jobs.
Taking all this into account, plus the considerable financial risk involved, the committee concluded, after lengthy deliberation, that it was not possible for the production to reach an acceptable standard in time for the opening date.
Regretfully, Milnerton Players has decided to cut its losses and cancel the show.
Our sincere thanks and apologies to everyone who has given up so much of their time and put in such an effort to make the production a success.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The committee are looking at a viable alternative that could be cast quickly to fill the gap left in our calendar by the cancellation. We shall advise soonest if this is a possibility.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Freaky Friday Post-Halloween Event
Hope you kept your cats and dogs safely inside away from the fireworks on the 31st. However, in the first half of this evening there’s a selection of spine-chilling stories guaranteed to make your hair stand on end. Some more freaky tales of a more humorous kind will start off the second half, followed by a short Halloween play entitled Spooky Affairs.
The stories will be introduced by Judith Herbig and read by Beryl Eichenberger, Richard Wade, Veronica Suckling, Sheila McCormick, Petra Schiebe and Anton Schäfer.
The play will be directed by Judith and the entertainment will all take place in our cosy Café Theatre foyer where you can sit and enjoy your drinks while you’re watching. So hop on your broomstick and come trick or treating in your Halloween costume for an evening of freaky fun.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A Warm welcome to new members Craig Louw and Liezel Stimie. Both joined as part of the Farndale Mikado cast so we hope they will overcome their disappointment and remain with us to become involved with future productions and social evenings entertainment.
Bruce Sanderson is urgently looking for a good home for his beloved German shepherd x Husky, Kiara. Bruce has moved to a much smaller house in a complex where he was told that animals are allowed but only discovered after moving in that certain breeds of dogs were not, Alsatians being one of them.
Kiara is a three year old medium /large spayed bitch with a gorgeous nature who loves going for walks on the beach, is completely house trained, is used to children and very well behaved. If you can offer this beautiful, gentle dog a loving home then please contact Bruce ASAP on 083 501 0887 or e-mail him at: bruce.sanderson1@gmail.com

The Intersociety Quiz will this year be organised by Fish Hoek Dramatic Society, who were last year’s winners of the coveted ‘Golden Duck’ award.  The event will take place at the Masque Theatre on Sunday 25 November at 18.30 for 19.00. The price is R20 p.p. and includes snacks. To date we have one team comprised of four committee members to represent Milnerton. We invite other members who would like to make up a team or just to come along as supporters, to
book with Richard Wade on 021 555 0187 or 071 894 9012 or e-mail him at chairperson@milnertonplayers.com.
This is always a fun evening of friendly rivalry and camaraderie between the various amdram societies.

12 to 20 October
Muizenberg Dramatic Society presents
By Noel Coward
Direction: Barbara Basil

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

9 to 24 November
Claremont Dramatic Society presents
By Tim Firth
Direction: Wendy Goddard
Masque bookings: 021 788 1898

UCT Hidding Campus
Upper Orange Street
17 October to 3 November
Marlisa Doubell’s company
Sugar Daddy Theatre presents
Bookings: Computicket
Muizenberg Dramatic Society (MVDS)
The Madhouse
57 Promenade Road, Lakeside
7 November @ 19.00 & 10 November @ 14.00
By Henrik Ibson
Direction: Richard Higgs
Production will take place at the Masque 15 – 22 March 2013

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Look forward to seeing you in your spooky Halloween drag for our Freaky Friday Social Evening on 2nd November.


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AMY’S VIEW by David Hare
to be staged from July 5 -13, 2013 at the Masque Theatre
Claremont Dramatic Society
Directed by Brenda Gray
Audition Date: Sun October 28. Time: 2.30pm  Place: The Hok
David Hare is one of Britain’s most internationally performed playwrights. Britain’s National Theatre produced eleven of his plays successively between 1978 and 1997, and nine of his plays have also been presented on Broadway. Amy’s View premiered in 1995, and after a sold-out season at the National, it transfered to the West End, and later to Broadway. There was also a revival in 2006 which went on tour in Britain.
In Amy’s View, a well-known West End actress receives a visit from her daughter Amy, who brings with her her new boyfriend. This sets in motion a series of events which only fully comes into shape sixteen years later.
‘a diffuse, incisive, funny, moving, difficult, fascinating play…’ – The Times
‘David Hare’s masterpiece.’ – Daily Mail
The action takes place over a sixteen year period, from 1979 – 1995.
The age given is the starting age.
ESME ALLEN:  49.  A West End actress of some repute (main role)
AMY THOMAS: 23. Her daughter – ‘has an unmistakable air of quiet resolution’ (main role)
DOMINIC TYGHE: 22.The boyfriend – good-looking, intense, talented, ambitious. (main role)
EVELYN THOMAS: late 70s. Esme’s mother-in-law – (delightful supporting role)
FRANK ODDIE: 56. Esme’s neighbour and friend – (supporting role)
TOBY COLE:(not specified) A West End actor – (cameo role)

Enquiries: phone: 021 6863554  Cell: 083 3300670


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Hi there readers
The end of the year approaches with speed. And much activity revolves around Pinelands Players at this time. Rehearsals for The Grand Opening are in full swing, plans for 2013 (including a block buster talent show) are under way, as well as another club night and year-end function for our members.
Remember to see Lesley Gill (committee member) and Melissa Sanderson (society member) reveal their
talents, and much of their body, in Claremont Dramatic Society’s Calendar Girls at the Masque Theatre
next month. Bookings are selling out fast, so make sure that you get your tickets for this showstopper.
Our next club night, a Bingo evening, will be on 26 October 2012 (just around the corner) at the Clubhouse.
Some fab prizes to be won. Feel free to join us for a fun evening.
We extend our congratulations to Victor Tichart and Danny Banga on their recent wedding. Wishing you
many happy years of wedded bliss.
Congratulations to Andrew Whitelaw on his Professorship of Microbiology awarded to him at Tygerberg Hospital. It is great to have some really clever people in our society!
We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Tanya March

Celtic Women
Described as Riverdance for the voice, Celtic Women is an all female vocal ensemble that was assembled by David Downes
in 2004. Today the group consists of singers Chloe Agnew, Lisa Lambe and Susan Mcfadden and fiddler Mairead Nesbitt.
They have released seven albums in total and are currently on a world tour, which is what brought them to Cape Town early
October. Chenara Fenton was fortunate enough to meet them (with Cape Town heart throb singer Selim Kagee) after their performance at Grand West Arena.

Hi there readers
The end of the year approaches with speed. And much activity revolves around
Pinelands Players at this time. Rehearsals for The Grand Opening are in full
swing, plans for 2013 (including a block buster talent show) are under way, as
well as another club night and year-end function for our members.
Remember to see Lesley Gill (committee member) and Melissa Sanderson (society member) reveal their
talents, and much of their body, in Claremont Dramatic Society’s Calender Girls at the Masque Theatre
next month. Bookings are selling out fast, so make sure that you get your tickets for this showstopper.
Our next club night, a Bingo evening, will be on 26 October 2012 (just around the corner) at the Clubhouse.
Some fab prizes to be won. Feel free to join us for a fun evening.
We extend our congratulations to Victor Tichart and Danny Banga on their recent wedding. Wishing you
many happy years of wedded bliss.
Congratulations to Andrew Whitelaw on his Professorship of Microbiology awarded to him at Tygerberg Hospital. It is great to
have some really clever people in our society!
We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Tanya March
October 2012
News from the editor Inside this issue:
Editor’s note 1
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Committee 1
The Grand Opening 2
Next club night 2
Whoose line are it? 3
Get well soon 3
Inter Society Quiz 3
Local Band Murmurs 4
What’s on 4
Auditions 4
Subs & Facebook 4
Page 1
Tina Gough Chairperson Bgough@telkomsa.net
Tanya March Secretary, Ad Lib & Marketing tanya@march.za.net
Nigel Stevenson Treasurer dinigs@telkomsa.net
Tanya Browne Clubhouse Manager & Events tansha@iafrica.com
Chenara Fenton Events, General & Marketing chenaana@gmail.com
Lesley Gill Events & General lesley@obr.co.za
Glyn Fogell Technical, sound & general gfogell@shoprite.co.za
All enquiries: tanya@march.za.net
Described as Riverdance for the voice, Celtic Women is an all
female vocal ensemble that was assembled by David Downes
in 2004. Today the group consists of singers Chloe Agnew,
Lisa Lambe and Susan Mcfadden and fiddler Mairead Nesbitt.
They have released seven albums in total and are currently on
a world tour, which is what brought them to Cape Town early
Chenara Fenton was fortunate enough to meet them (with
Cape Town heart throb singer Selim Kagee) after their performance
at Grand West Arena.
Chenara meets Celtic Women

Join us for an “all ages” Bingo evening.
Friday 26th October 2012
19h00 at the clubhouse
Fabulous prizes

Previous Club Night
Whose line are it anyways? A.K.A. Theatre Sports, hosted by Luella Holland at our previous club night, was hilarious. Various teams entertained all with their impromptu acting, and some new talent was certainly discovered.
A big thank you is extended to all who ensured that the eats and Glühwein was superb, and to everyone who contributed
to another successful evening.
Chenara’s cooking skills were put to the test with her responsibility to make the vetkoek, and after a disastrous attempt
in her kitchen, she very cleverly deceived all with her variation of vetkoek. Tanya Browne and Roy Oldfield made delicious mince. We have however included an easy recipe for anyone wishing to attempt this traditional meal.
Vetkoek & Mince
1kg mince
4 onions
4 tins of Koo tinned vegetable curry mix
Masala curry powder
Optional Cinnamon (my curry powder mixture has various spices in it, so did not add this)
Barbeque spice
Brown onions and mince with a tablespoon of barbecue spice or meat stock in a pan
Add the Koo tinned vegetable curry mix
Add 1 table spoon of masala curry powder and simmer until tender and cooked through For the vetkoek:
Buy 3kg’s of dough from Pick ‘n Pay and allow it to stand for a while.
Roll balls of dough for the vetkoek
Fry balls in oil

Inter Society Quiz – Masque Theatre
Pinelands Players will be sending 2 teams to the quiz this year ….. In an eager attempt to change our position as
the worst team!!! Last year our team consisted of younger folk who battled to answer questions dating before 1980.
However, our teams will be doing some studying this year and hopefully we can move up in the ranks and give up
the elite bottom position.
Should you wish to join our teams, please contact Tina Gough (Bgough@telkomsa.net), or alternatively come along
to support our teams and enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment.
Fish Hoek Dramatic Society will be hosting the Inter Society Quiz on Sunday November 25th at 6.30 for 7.00pm
There will be snacks provided and there is a Cash Bar R20.00 per head RSVP by 19 November for catering purposes to f.h.d.society@gmail.com

Get Well Soon
A number of our members are battling with health issues.
Jack Matthee, Heather Earp-Jones and Lynn Moss in particular are singled out.
To them, and any others we are not aware of, we wish you all a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

What’s On

12 – 20 October 2012 Masque Theatre

Blithe Spirit directed by Barbara Basel
Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Bookings 021 788 1898
9 – 24 November 2012 Masque Theatre
Calendar Girls directed by Wendy Goddard
Claremont Dramatic Society
Booking 021 788 1898
2 – 22 December 2012 Masque Theatre
Aladdin directed by Di Thom
Constantiaberg Theatre Players
23 November – 8 December Milnerton Playhouse
Farndale Mikado directed by Reinette Steyn
Milnerton Players
2 – 14 December Pinelands Town Hall
The Grand Opening directed by June Wells
Pinelands Players
Band Members Murmurs
Some of our favourite ORB’s (One Rehearsal Band renown for their music in Godspell, Honk!, Shout and other Pinelands
Players productions) recently featured in Selim Kagee’s music video – “Cry for Love” – which was shot in the Ball Room at the City Hall. Schalk Wasserman, Jean McKenzie and Johann Botha got all dressed up for the occasion and from what we hear, they loved the experience.
Selim is a good friend of Pinelands Players having performed with many of us in various shows over the years and he is very excited about the release of his first album with EMI. Selim collaborated with Clive Ridgway (Cape Town School of Songwriting) on the original songs on the album, including the title track for which the music video was filmed. Since the album’s release, Selim has been kept busy by radio interviews, TV appearances and working on his official launch show with our very own Kyla Thorburn.
Recently Selim recorded a duet with Celtic Woman’s Chloe Agnew which will feature on their upcoming Christmas Album. He treated Chenara Fenton to a ticket to their show last week and she was apparently speechless (for once) and star struck when she got to meet the amazing Celtic Woman performers backstage after the show!
Selim’s CD is available from Musica, Look ‘n Listen or online at iTunes, Amazon and Kalahari.
You can check out the video at http://www.selimkagee.com
Also be sure to “Like” Selim’s facebook fan page, facebook.com/selimkagee



Claremont Dramatic Society
Kafka’s Dick by Alan Bennet
Directed by Clifford Graham
Performance dates: 22 Feb – 2 March 2013
Audition date: 14 October 2012 @ 14h00
Place: The Hok
Enquiries: Clifford – mondaymissile@gmail.com
Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Richard Higgs
Performance dates: 15 – 22 March 2013
Audition date: 7 November 2012 @ 19h00
10 November 2012 @ 14h00
Place: The Madhouse
57 Promenade Road
Enquiries: Richard – 083 622 1419

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Fish Hoek Dramatic Society
P.O. Box 22155, Fish Hoek, 7975
Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring

Where: Masque Theatre – Muizenburg

When:  Sunday 4th November

At: 10.00 am

Performance Dates:  April 2012

Although the play has been set in the Bronx, American accents will not be required.  If you have any queries, or would like to discuss any of the parts, please contact Jane on 021 782 3608 or f.h.d.society@gmail.com

Abby Brewster – A darling lady in her sixties who poisons elderly men. Abby is the sister of Martha, aunt to Teddy, Jonathon and Mortimer. (lg)

Rev Dr Harper – Minister and father of Elaine (sm)

Teddy Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster. Teddy is a man in his 40’s who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. (md)

Officer Brophy – A police officer. (sm)

Officer Klein – A police officer. (sm)

Martha Brewster – A sweet elderly woman with Victorian charm who poisons elderly men. Martha is a sister of Abby and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathon and Mortimer. (lg)

Elaine Harper – An attractive girl in her 20’s and Mortimer’s fiance. Elaine is the daughter of Dr Harper. She is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world for a ministers daughter. (md)

Mortimer Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha, Mortimer is a drama critic who in engaged to Elaine. He is a nice man who cares for his aunts. (lg)

Jonathon Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster. He is apsychopath who has had plastic surgery and now looks like Boris Karloff. Lg)

Mr Gibbs – A man who wishes to rent a room from the Brewster sisters. (sm)

Dr Einstein – A plastic surgeon and an alcoholic in his 50’s. Dr Einstein has changed Jonathon’s face three times. (md)

Officer O’Hara – A police officer, who is a would be playwright. He pushes Mortimer to read his play. (md)

Lieut. Roony – A tough dominating police officer. (sm)

Mr Witherspoon – The superintendent of “Happy Dale Sanitarium (sm)

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Quite often people send me little “bits” for the newsletter and I am very good at keeping the “bits” but often forget to note who supplied them! So my thanks and apologies to WHOEVER sent this interesting (but nothing-to-do-with-drama) bit:
Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled ‘Gentlemen Only… Ladies Forbidden’…. and thus, the word GOLF entered into the English language.
LOTS of birthdays in October! Starting with Angela Lee-Wright on the third – who is turning 30 this year! Followed the next day by me (who is definitely NOT turning 30!). Brenda Commins celebrates on the 10th followed by Peter Sharp on the 13th and Gillian Charman on the 14th. John Hitchcock and Halo Malherbe share the 15th with Richard Higgs on the 22nd and Karen Riley on the 23rd. Jana Botha rounds out the month on the 25th.

If you love to sing ……………..Participate in Carols 2012!

The first choir practice will be held on Monday, 29 October 2012, at 18h00 in Stellenbosch, whereafter days and times that suit everybody will be decided. The end of year program is:
REHEARSAL on Thursday 13 December 18.00 – 20.00 Choir at Cathedral;
REHEARSAL on Sunday 16 December 15.00 – 18.00 Choir and orchestra at Cathedral;
CONCERT on Sunday 16 December 19.00 at Cathedral;
REHEARSAL on Saturday, 22 December 17.00 – 18.00 Choir and orchestra at Oude Libertas;
CONCERT on Saturday, 22 December 19.00 (OR 19.30 To Be Confirmed);
CONCERT on Sunday 23 December 19.00 (OR 19.30 TBC).

Contact Hennie Van Der Merwe on 021 8711778, 0825629205 or hennie@inkjet.co.za who says if there are people who want to join for the first time, if they can sing in tune and can make all the rehearsals, they are more than welcome.

By the time you receive this newsletter our production of Blithe Spirit will have moved into the theatre and all will be hard at work fine-tuning it! If you have some time to help with completing/painting the set please contact Tom Byrne, 021–782 6595 or 071 871 0451 or tom1949sa@gmail.com.

Please note days, times and prices for Masque Theatre productions (unless otherwise stated) are Thurs & Fri performances at 20:00, Saturday matinee at 14:30, Saturday evening at 18:30 Thurs eve and Sat Matinees R55 (Theatre Club members R45) Other Nights R65 (Theatre Club members R55)
Bookings on 021 7881898 or at the theatre Mon-Fri, 10:00 to 16:00 (During shows also 9:30 to 12:00 on Saturdays) or bookings@masquetheatre.co.za
3 – 12 Oct  Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley directed by Kelly Westraad for Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society at the Playhouse Theatre, Somerset West. At the core of this tragic comedy are the three Magrath sisters who reunite at Old Granddaddy’s home and are forced to face the consequences of the “crimes of the heart” they have committed.
Prices R50 (members), R55 (pensioners) and R65. Bookings through Computicket. Contact Halima at 0845550656 for further information.
12 – 20 Oct Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward, directed by Barbara Basel & presented by Muizenberg Oct Dramatic Society at the Masque. Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, wishes to learn about the occult for a novel he is writing, and arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. At the séance, she inadvertently
summons Charles’ first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Only Charles can see and hear Elvira, and his second wife, Ruth, does not believe that Elvira exists until a floating vase is handed to her out of thin air. The ghostly Elvira makes continued, and increasingly desperate, efforts to disrupt Charles’s current marriage. Ruth on the other hand, is equally desperate to get rid of Elvira and is horrified to learn from Madame Arcati that, while she is able to summon people from the ‘other world’, she has no idea how to send them back again!! There is a twist at the end of this ‘tale’ when the actual, and unlikely, summoner of ‘spirits’ is revealed. This unusual and amusing ‘ghost’ story is played out in Coward’s usual elegant and witty style.
Sunday Swinging Strings, Soiree presented by Playbill Productions in the Foyer at 20h00. The 14 Oct programme features the accomplished String Quartet of Jens Eggers (violin), Cherith Bain (violin), Imogen Buchanan (viola) and Loren Bowen (cello). They will swing you into the mood with Ragtime, Jazz, Tango, Latin, Scott Joplin and much more. An evening of first class entertainment! R75 (R65).
25 – 27 Oct Ray of Hope presented by the Kingdom Dancers at the Masque. This Christian based October modern dance school hosts their second dance production which is a mixture of modern, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary styles with each dance telling a story or sending a message of a hope that refuses to give up and never disappoints. Come and watch
these dancers dance from the heart as they touch your heart. You won’t be disappointed.
Thu. 25 and Fri 26 at 19:00, Sat. 27 at 14:00 and 18:00. Tickets: R50. Bookings: Cathy Bradley on 082 823 9093
9 – 24 Nov Calendar Girls directed by Wendy Goddard and presented by Claremont Dramatic Society at the Masque Theatre for the very first time in South Africa. Written by British playwright, Tim Firth, Calendar Girls tells the true story of an ordinary group of Yorkshire women doing something extraordinary and sparking a global phenomenon when they persuade one another to pose for a chari ty calendar with a di fference – they’re nude…They pose d to raise funds for a c ouch in the local hospital and to date they have raised over 3 million pounds for Leukaemia Research in the UK! Their story led to the making of the 2003 hit movie Calendar Girls and a stage version in 2008. It is the most successful play ever to tour the UK. Quirky, poignant and hilarious, the play boasts an unashamed feel good factor with lots of laughs and a few tears. Ticket prices: Tuesday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday matinee R60 (R50); Friday and Saturday nights R70 (R60). Discounts for block bookings. R5 of every ticket sold will go the Sunflower Fund.
Sunday 11 Nov Cape Classique Trio consisting of Jill MacArthur (piano), Theresa Mills (cello) and Candice Brewis (violin) at 8pm at the Masque. They will be playing works by Fanny Mendelssohn, Anton Arensky as well as some Argentinian Tangos. An evening of chamber music not to be missed! Light refreshments on sale. Tickets R75 (R65)

We welcome Liz Roodt, who is taking the part of Ruth in Blithe Spirit, to our society!
I believe Lieske Bester is now home after her hip replacement op – hope things are steadily improving Lieske!
For all of you who received TROPHIES at the AGM in January – I’m afraid we need them back quite soon!! (And if you can let us have them back in a “polished” state that would be great!) They can be delivered to the Masque theatre Monday to Friday between 10h00 and 16h00; OR bring them to the members’ evening in October; OR give them to any committee member. But let’s say we need them back by 15 November ……..
An account of birga Thomas’ recent overseas holiday is below!
Audtions for OUR first play of the year are coming up early in November and the full audition notice is below!!
Claremont Dramatic Society will be holding an audition for Kafka’s Dick by Alan Bennett to be directed by Clifford Graham. The production runs at the Masque in late February 2013 and the audition will be held on Sunday, 14 October at 14:00 at Claremont’s Clubhouse, The Hok. The cast requirements are 5 men (30-60, 3 with German accents!) and 1 woman. Contact Clifford Graham on 083 948 9115 or clifford@mondaymissile.co.za for further info.
Constantia Theatre Players will be holding an audition for the South African premier of Cyprienne to be directed by Barrie Howard. Cyprienne was translated and adapted by David Nicholson from Victorien Sardou’s comic masterpiece Divorcons. The production runs at the Masque in late May 2013 and the audition will be held on Sunday 11 November 10h00 at the Guide Hall in Bergvliet, with callbacks on Sunday 18 November 10h00. The cast requirements are 5 men (20-45) and 4 women (25-45). Contact Barrie Howard on barriejinh@gmail.com, or 021 715 2777 or 082 7424 720 for further info.
Fish Hoek Dramatic Society is hosting the annual Inter Society Quiz in the Masque Foyer, Muizenberg, on Sunday, 25 November at 18h30 for 19h00. Cost is R20 per head, which includes snacks, and there will be a Cash Bar. Further info from Richard on 021 555 0187 or email f.h.d.society@gmail.com. MVDS needs to make up (at least!) 2 teams of four so please let birga know if you want to enter – even if you don’t have a complete team she will make sure you get on one. Contestants’ entries are sponsored by MVDS but obviously we need supporters as well. So, please advise birga either way by 9 November on 021-788 5272 or birgatom@iafrica.com.
Ok, so where does the word QUIZ come from?
There are actually loads of theories on the internet but here’s two:
This one is offered by Stephen Fry: it probably derives from the first question in the old grammar school Latin oral: “’Qui es?” or “Who are you?” Or, a 1971 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary suggests that its current meaning may come from its association with the word “inquisitive”, which is a very old word, as old as the English language itself, having derived from the latin inquirire (to inquire).

The next members’ evening will take place on Wednesday, 24 October at 19:30 at the Rendezvous: Nikita McShane will be running a Murder Mystery for us!! The usual suspects will be present: the money-loving and infinitely upper-class Mrs Peacock, accompanied by her dutiful and perhaps slightly obsessed assistant Miss White; the blood-hungry hunter Mr
Mustard and the nerdy psychopath Professor Plum; the gold-digging young lady who gets around Miss Scarlet; and Mr Green, an aggressive fighter for the earth. Members will receive clues and the characters will do their best to let you know all the scandalous skeletons in their fellow suspects’ closets. Watch the characters sweat under the detective’s relentless gaze as he grills them for information before your eyes. Interact with them and witness their reactions to
each other … Just beware, for a murderer is among us! So step into the shoes of an ace detective and find the murderer.
Food will be served so please RSVP to birga Thomas on birgatom@iafrica.com or 021-788 5272 by Friday, 19 October.
Our LAST members’ evening of the year will be on Wednesday, 28 November, the eve of MVDS 33rd birthday! Once again, Elaine from Upper Crust in Marina Da Gama has agreed to host our society and, as we are taking over the whole restaurant, we need plenty of members AND their friends to come along. Folks who have been to this venue before will certainly need no persuading – we have attended two evenings there and both have been fab!! Elaine will be supplying macaroni cheese, garlic bread and salad OR you can choose pizza – members will be required to pay R20 for the evening and for non-members the cost will be R30. There will (of course) be birthday cake included and drinks can be purchased from the bar. We will be playing “Parlour Games”! The November newsletter will contain RSVP details but please make
sure to reserve the date now.
I DO remember who gave me this interesting story about manure – it was supplied by Ed Cutten, a stalwart MVDS supporter who now resides in the Eastern Cape:
In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported by ship and it was also before the invention of commercial fertilizers, so large shipments of manure were quite common. It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once water (at sea) hit it, not only did it become heavier, but the process of fermentation began again, of which a by product is methane gas of course…. As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could (and did) happen.
Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came below at night with a lantern….BOOM! Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was determined just what was happening. After that, the bundles of manure were always stamped with the instruction “Stow high in transit”, which meant for the sailors to stow it high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this volatile cargo and start the production of methane. Thus evolved the term “S.H.I.T”, (Stow High In Transit) which has come down through the centuries and is still in use to this very day. Well, I certainly didn’t know that’s where it came from! So why is it considered a swear-word then??


Our Website: http://www.mvds.co.za
Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mads/174087319308695

(Istanbul, Russia and Switzerland)
We started with a very short stop in Istanbul, which was a big surprise for me – I had expected a fairly “dirty” town,
something like I had experienced on trips to the Middle East and North Africa. But there we were: In a quite clean
place, even fairly wheelchair-friendly, with amazingly friendly people. I fell in love with the town immediately after
arriving and going for a very early-morning cruise on the Bosporus, avoiding the usually heavy traffic on the streets.
Then the Haga Sofia and the Blue Mosque were, of course, highlights of the city tour … with some amusing problems searching for wheelchair access at the latter. The Grand Bazaar, a hand-weaving (carpets) place were all the usual tourist traps, but lovely to see. The most fascinating aspect of Istanbul was the very visible care for the environment. In one neighbourhood alone 12 000 trees were planted last year! There were parks and wonderful playgrounds everywhere one could possibly plant a tree, bush and flowers, even along the city freeways. In two hotels we became aware of “sectionalised” power-saving measures in all corridors: The lights went on in a section you were approaching, automatically switching off behind you and so on. South Africa has to go a long way still …
One of my big “adventures” happened while I was fast asleep on the very early morning flight to Moscow. They almost forgot to load my wheelchair … Wolfgang made quite a fuss when he noticed it standing out there all alone when the hold and the doors were closed already! Luckily, I only learned about it much later.
In Moscow (very bad for wheelchairs!) we went straight on to the MS Rachmaninoff, unpacked and went on our first city tour. During a few days we visited not only the Kremlin (where – second adventure – I was “kidnapped” by a military man during a military parade … but that’s a story for another day), almost uncountable churches and palaces but also went to a performance of the National Circus (which was quite amazing, such performers!). Then our ship made its way via the Volga, several dams, lakes and canals to St Petersburg. We stopped in Uglich, Goritsy, Kizhi and Mandrogi for a day each. The men seemed all fascinated by the dozen or more locks we had to go through, while I couldn’t wait to get out of them to watch the tranquil birch-tree woods (my favourite tree) which lined the waterways. Kizhi is a tiny island at the north end of Lake Onega (Europe’s second-largest lake; we crossed Lake Ladoga, the largest, the next day), the northern-most place of our trip: 13o C in June, the island only approachable during about three months a year,  otherwise “frozen in”. That night the sun did not get down at all (our only real White Night) and the pink-red glow which marked the change from “night” to day basked the famous 22-domed church [pictured] in a wonderful light. The church, built in 1714, is 37 m high, entirely made from wood without a single nail! Legend has it that it was built by a single man (can’t believe that).
And on the boat we had our “third” adventure when our cabin developed a leak during a very stormy, rainy day (just
like the Cape); a private waterfall down the wall. Luckily there were (just) two empty cabins available! But the visit by the Captain, the Cruise Director, the Translator, the Captain’s Wife (who is also in charge of the staff) and two Mechanics is another story for a rainy day. [Imagine the captain on all fours on the floor pronouncing that the floor is wet, in a way as if it wasn’t believable. And he and I talked without knowing a word of each other’s languages! That’s some “acting” for you.]
Then came a few glorious days with more palaces, churches, parks in and around St Petersburg. Yes, of course, the Hermitage was a big highlight as was the Pavlovsk Palace … and the lowlight a performance of Swan Lake.

We flew back via Istanbul to Munich, meeting André and friends for a few days. Enjoying theatre and taking in fresh air (it seems A. fancies beer gardens for most meals, seems to become a real Bavarian!) and European atmosphere. Then we criss-crossed Germany by car, taking in old favourites of ours (like Dresden, Berlin – with a visit to our favourite cabaret), meeting (very few!) friends and exploring a quite small part of western Germany for several days [again, with endless birch woods, quiet roads in the country and castles galore!]; neither of us had been there before, a last “German corner” for us to explore.

The final leg of our journey took us to Switzerland (rightly called the most expensive country in the world), which we explored first in the west down to Geneva to visit children/grandchildren (growing up too fast; the eldest started “big” school last week at the age of 4 ¾!), and then – on our way back to Munich – we saw more of central and east Switzerland. And once again I fell in love: Luzern is now among my top five cities in the world! – A few “farewell” days in Munich with André again (not so easy to say bye-bye and fly back home) rounded it all off.

Muizenberg Dramatic Society will hold auditions for Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama Hedda Gabler on Wednesday 07 November 2012 at 19h00 and Saturday 10 November 2012 at 14h00 at the Madhouse, 57 Promenade Road, Lakeside (aka False Bay Rendezvous). This production will be directed by Richard Higgs and will be staged at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, from 15 to 22 March 2013.
Rehearsals will commence during the second week of January. For more information contact Richard on 083 611 1419richard.higgs@uct.ac.za.
The play:
The beautiful and headstrong Hedda Gabler marries the solemn and ineffectual academic Jörgen Tesman and resigns herself to a respectable life of boredom. Her one hope of escaping from the dullness is that Tesman has expectations of promotion, and he becomes the outlet for her ambitions. But when those ambitions are threatened, she comes up with a plan to remove the obstacles, and have some excitement in the process. If everyone will play along nicely, then everything will work out fine. Unfortunately, she is not the only one with a manipulative streak.

Hedda Gabler is a tragedy about ambition, desperation and the dark underbelly of respectable society. But it is also a play about courage and beauty – however terrible that beauty may be. It is a gripping horror story from the early 1900s that relies on no special effects, supernatural happenings or patent evil, just on the dark Freudian and Jungian shadows of society and the human mind.
Every character in the play is psychologically layered and multidimensional: There is no line that is not dripping with subtext. Masterfully sensitive and understated delivery from all actors is paramount. Dramatic tension runs high at times, so I am looking for actors who can be convincingly dramatic without being “theatrical”, who can portray irony with compassion, but with minimal comedy. Characteristically for Ibsen, the play seethes with undercurrents of sexual tension and ambiguity. While there is no nudity or explicit sex, and not much physical contact, the actors need to be comfortable with a certain level of intimacy with other actors of both sexes. Psychological resilience is also important: You may find yourself digging into disturbing parts of your psyche to get to the dark roots of a character!
Hedda Tesman female, lead; early 30s
One of the great tragic heroines. Spoiled, mean, manipulative and condescending. But with an Achilles heel that damns and saves her at the same time. Many of her lines are heavily ironic, so she needs to be able to convey contrasting messages in body language and delivery.
Dr Jörgen Tesman male, large role; mid-30s
Pathetically eager and embarrassingly naïve, perhaps even camp. A stock nerd, engrossed in his abstract intellectual pursuits, with no clue of what is really happening around him. The effect is mildly tragic, but he does have some comic lines, which have to be delivered sensitively with dramatic, rather than comic, timing.
Mrs Elvsted female, supporting role; late 20s
A timid mouse of a woman who dares to flout convention for the love of an unsuitable man (Lövborg), but is inherently terrified of scandal. Easily manipulated, but with a wilful and stubborn quality that emerges under stress and is soon overridden by stronger characters.
Judge Brack male, supporting role; a fit and hearty 55+
Outwardly debonair and urbane and the pinnacle of respectability, but at heart an obscene, shady and sleazy character with few scruples.
Ejlert Lövborg male, supporting role; mid-30s
An academic, but in contrast to Tesman, he has enormous charisma and an intellectual, unaffected charm. A bit of a wasted genius, he has gone to seed from living a debauched life, but has reformed and is now back on the path of social rehabilitation. Although he is not inherently evil, it is not beneath him to use those who have fallen prey to his charm.
Miss Tesman female, supporting role; late 50s Tesman’s spinster aunt. Butch, but fussy, affected and highly strung. Her latent homosexuality is channelled into petty concerns and adoring worship of her nephew. Her womanliness is effeminate, rather than feminine.
Berte female, cameo role; 30s to 60s
The Tesmans’ maid. A vain, silly and downtrodden woman who provides some occasional light relief, but must nevertheless never lapse into farce.
Workmen two male roles, silent cameos; fit, well-built 20s to 30s
They spend most of their time wallpapering and re-wallpapering the Tesmans’ home (so must be comfortable up a ladder!) Although they are oblivious to what is happening on stage, they are almost always present and occasionally the object of the other characters’ attention. They must be able to move well and maintain focus throughout.

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