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This being Women’s month ‘n all I thought I would see what I could dig up for a combination of “women” and “August”. A very appropriate start:

On 1 August 1775, the first article proposing women’s rights in America was written by Thomas Paine for the Pennsylvania Magazine, of which he was the editor


Before we get onto September birthdays, let me just apologise to Phyllis Early for missing her 11 August birthday – hope it was a great one, Phyllis!!
AND I missed the fact that Jabu Hallinan attains the ripe old age of 21 on the 27th of August – congratulations, Jabu, and we wish you well for your UK studies!
And then moving on to those born next month
(gee, that does sound odd but I THINK it’s right!?!):
We start on the 11th with Debra Beswick who shares this day with DH Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterly’s Lover (1958) and Leo Kottke, Experimental guitarist virtuoso (1945).
The 12th is Shirley Chipps; Maurice Chevalier, actor (1881); Barry White, singer (1944).
Patrick Jordi was born on the 16th as was Peter Falk, Actor (Columbo), born 1927.
Aubrey Hindle’s birthday is on the 20th which also saw the birth of Sophia Loren, actress (1934); Jelly Roll Morton, pioneering pianist (1885); film director Vittorio Taviani (1929).
Kathryn Luyt turns a year older on the 26th sharing with actresses Olivia Newton-John (1948) and Linda Hamilton (1956) as well as Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music (1946).
Last but certainly not least is Celia Musikanth on the 29th, the day that Lord Horatio Nelson was born in 1758 and rock ‘n roller Jerry Lee Lewis in 1935.

On 4 August 1900, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother,
was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society will be holding an audition on Sunday, 18 September at 18h30 for Are you being Served?, the legendary British comedy-turned-stage-show, to be directed by Ann Coetzee. The show run is late November/early December 2011. For info contact Lindsay Small on 021 8091191 or info@hhds.org.

On 5 August 1884, the Statue of Liberty cornerstone was laid


24 Aug – Hairspray – The Musical presented by The Waterfront Theatre College at
3 Sept the Masque. Directed by Paul Griffiths, designed by Deon Bischoff, musical direction by Jeremy Quickfall and choreography by Janine Binns & Deon Bischoff. This production includes a cast of forty talented signers and dancers and is the ultimate feel-good show for the whole family. All shows R70 (R60). Contact number below for show dates and times.

2 – 10 The Sum of Us by David Stevens, directed by Johann Van Der Merwe at the
Sept Milnerton Playhouse. A witty and poignantly funny play all about family understanding and tolerance, revolving around the special relationship be-tween a widowed father, his gay son and their respective love lives. The play has been localised and set in Port Elizabeth. For production times and prices and to book, phone 0822671061 or go to http://www.milnertonplayers.com.

9 Sept – Fiddler on the Roof directed by Teddy Davies for the Cape Town G&S Society
1 Oct at the Artscape Opera House. This lavish production will be accompanied by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra with well-known and highly respected designers Penny Simpson and Keith Anderson designing costumes and sets respectively. Rich in historical ethnic detail, Fiddler on the Roof has touched audiences around the world with its humour, warmth and honesty. Its universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness. Based on stories by Sholem Aleichem, its celebrated score features songs loved the world over: Sunrise, Sunset, If I Were a Rich Man, Matchmaker and many others – it is simply Broadway at its very best! Info on production times and prices through Computicket and Dial-a-Seat 021 421 7695.

16 – 24 Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling at the Masque. Directed by Angela Lee-
Sept Wright for Constantiaberg Theatre Players. Set in a small town in Louisiana in the 1980s, the production takes place in a small hair salon which plays an important part in the lives of the clients. Based on a true story, this heart-warming play is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry!

Sunday Tribute to Lorraine presented by Playbill Productions in the Masque Foyer.
18 Sept This is the first of the Sunday Soirées to be held in memory of the popular and wonderful pianist, Lorraine Rothenburg, who passed away recently. She bequeathed her beautiful boudoir grand piano to the theatre, which will be housed in the foyer and used whenever possible. One show only at 20h00.
Victor Tichart (acclaimed pianist) will present a programme of Romantic Light Classics. Cherith Bain (violinist) will join Victor to play instrumental works which she performed with Lorraine in the recent Playbill Productions’ presentation of The Wonderful World of Operetta, the last show Lorraine performed in. At the request of Lorraine’s family, part of the proceeds for this soirée will go to St Luke’s Hospice. Tickets are R75 each and R65 for Masque Theatre Club members. Light snacks will be served.

Please note days, times and prices for Masque Theatre productions
(unless otherwise stated) are Thurs & Fri performances at 20:00,
Saturday matinee at 14:30, Saturday evening at 18:30
Thurs eve and Sat Matinees R50 (Theatre Club members R40)
Other Nights R60 (Theatre Club members R50)
Bookings on 021-7881898


A MUSICIAN? Deborah Cairns is a musician who has recently moved to Fish Hoek, who teaches part-time at Fish Hoek High and Springfield Covent and also does some freelance performing from time to time. She is available to give private music lessons in piano, flute, voice, aural, and music theory at a reasonable fee and, with her accompanist Christopher Cameron-Dow, is also available to play at weddings. She may also be able to assist with incidental music for any plays which require same. You can contact her on chi.aras@hotmail.com or http://sites.google.com/deborahcairns10/.
A HOLIDAY? Member André Thomas has fled the corporate world and started his own company – World of Africa Travel. They will arrange personalized holidays in southern Africa – both for visitors from abroad, and also for locals wanting to visit any of our neighbouring countries – out as far as Malawi and Madagascar. So for any of your dream holidays on a beach on Lake Malawi, diving in Mozambique or game viewing in the Okavango Delta – or for your friends and family to visit Kruger, Madikwe or the Drakensberg – please give him a shout. His website is still being completed, but follow him on twitter (World_of_Africa) or facebook at http://www.facebook.com/worldofafricatravel.
A PLAY? Lieske Bester has advised that she has the complete set of catalogues of the plays available at the National Library in Bloemfontein and is willing to lend out the box if anyone would like it. She can be contacted at liesak@mweb.co.za to arrange collection.

On 13 August 1910, Florence Nightingale died in London


Wednesday, 17 August, saw a good crowd at the Rendezvous – unfortunately chairperson Andrew was unable to make it so Celia started proceedings by having some of our newer members tell us about themselves, We then proceeded to “the main event”: Play without a Title directed by Richard Higgs. Well, it certainly was thought-provoking! Someone commented in the question-an-answer session which followed the soup and bread: “ Ok, now we know more about it, can we see it again please?”!! Your committee once again outdid themselves on the food front: four very different but equally yummy soups, lots of really different breads – using the slightly-out-of-date-beer to make bread was a good move … and I had such fun experimenting!

On 24 August 1932, Amelia Earhart, was the first woman to fly across the United States


The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle ran late in July at the Masque Theatre and I’m sure those who saw it agree that it was a very different and hugely entertaining production. Hats off to director and cast and ESPECIALLY to the crew – a production such as this is very reliant on the things that AREN’T seen by the audience!!
Our last production of the year is August: Osage County which is being directed by birga Thomas and will run at the Masque early in November. This is now well into rehearsals and fully cast as follows:
Ivy Weston JANA BOTHA Karen Weston RENEÉ GOWAR
Johnna Monevata LYNWEN ROMAN Steve Heidebrecht RAYMOND RUDOLPH
Beverly Weston BRIAN DE KOCK Sheriff Deon Gilbeau CLIFFORD GRAHAM

Jennifer Brandt (likes to be known as Jenny) joined our society late in 2010 and has so far appeared in both “The Crucible” and “Farndale”. She and I took time out during “Hay Fever” rehearsals for you to get to know her:
E: Jenny, which was your favourite production of the two?
J:: Oh, they were so different! Crucible was quite challenging because the role that I played was this person who was quite important in the village. She had had 7 children die the day they were born so she was someone who had suffered a lot. She comes on only in the first act but I had to imagine…..sort of put myself into her space. The challenge was trying to make her real as she was quite a foreign character to me.
E: And your role in Farndale? Or should I say roles?
J: I enjoyed that because it was the first time I have really been involved in comedy and in the beginning I had no idea how to deliver the lines – I was totally lost. Then gradually, listening to the director and seeing how everyone else did it, I got a feel for it after a while. I enjoyed finding the comedy.
E: What do you see yourself doing in 2012?
J: I really do want to direct my own play somewhere down the line …
E: Do you mean written by you or someone else’s?
J: No,no I am not a writer! I have some ideas but it is too early to let on!
E: And acting next year?
J: I ‘d like to do as much as I can without alienating my husband and exhausting myself!
E: How does your husband feel about your involvement in Amdram?
J: He is very happy that I am doing something that I really enjoy and has been very supportive with coming to the plays and that.
E: Can we maybe rope him in in some capacity?
J: Possibly.
E: What do you do when you’re not on stage? In your REAL life I mean
J: I work in a secondhand bookshop in Tokai of which I am part owner.
E: Do you have any children?
J: No.
E: Pets?
J: Three parrots, three cats and one dog.
E: What would we find in your fridge right now?
J: Leftover vegetable curry, nothing meaty as we are vegetarians, nothing interesting!
E: How did you get involved in AmDram?
J: Well, I studied acting at the Waterfront Theatre School about ten years ago, after which I taught drama at Sweet Valley Primary for about 4 years. I then heard about AmDram audtions and started regaining my confidence by attending these which culminated in my role in the Crucible.
E: What do you think of MVDS members in general?
J: There are a lot of eccentric characters but I feel quite at home already!

On 30 August 30 B.C., Cleopatra, the seventh and most
famous queen of ancient Egypt committed suicide


Chris Bingham emailed me from the UK with the following news:
I’m spending my last two weeks in London trying to get to two very different plays:
Kevin Spacey is playing Richard 111 at the Old Vic in the modern version directed by Sam Mendes who last worked with him in American Beauty. The other is a rollicking stage version, ‘Ghost the Musical’, at the Piccadilly Theatre with music by Dave Stewart (former Eurythmics). Many of the smaller theatres are not opening at the moment because of the rioting. Riots got very close to my home in Richmond-on-Thames the other night – shops boarded up and closed early. Also planning a few days at the Edinburgh Festival where I desperately want to see ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, which is the ticket to get. A brief outline: “Directors love to moan about how hard taking a show to the Edinburgh festival is, but few of them have ever had to deal with a full-scale revolution. Six months ago, Tim Supple was in Egypt, about to start rehearsals for his production of One Thousand and One Nights (originally translated into English as The Arabian Nights). He’d spent months travelling around the Arab world, casting actors from Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon. His 25 actors were finally assembled in Egypt and all set to begin rehearsing when, on 25 January, the uprising began.” Anyhow, they got it together and it should be quite interesting – if I can get a ticket. If London does not burn down, I leave on August 25 back to calm Cape Town.

On 31 August 1997, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales died tragically in a car crash in Paris


Looking ahead, Sunday, 9 October, is the date this year’s Inter-Society Quiz will be held. Further details in September, but all those who wish to be on a team can contact birga Thomas on 021 7885272 or birgatom@iafrica.com.
And the members’ evening on 29 November promises to be a lot of fun!
It will also be a quiz and will be held at Upper Crust Restaurant in Marina Da Gama.
Diarise that now and full details will follow.

And, yes, I DO know August is nearly over
but ………..better late than never!

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HHDS Newsletter August 2011
Showing next at the Playhouse:


on Sep 11 at 6.30 pm for
‘Are you being Served?’
directed by Ann Coetzee

The characters from this play are well-known from the 1970’s BBC TV series of the same name. We are not looking to impersonate these characters but rather the English accent and humour. The customers of Grace Brothers and the staff of the Don Bernardo Palace Hotel are open to personal interpretation. The parts of Don Bernardo and Cesar will be played by Mr. Nash and the Male Customer. The part of Teresa will be played by the Lady Customer. The part of Conchita will be played by the nurse. Show dates will be November 27 – December11, 2011 Week nights: 8pm Saturdays: 6.30pm and a Sunday Matinee: 2.30pm.

Mr. Grainger: Head of the men’s department and has been since God was a boy. He is a doddering old fool with surprising moments of clarity, but is currently suffering from an affliction of a gastro-intestinal nature.
Mr. Mash: Maintenance worker at Grace Brothers whose crude mannerisms often offend the ladies of the staff. A canny fellow who always seems to know what is going on … a fact which he often uses for his own amusement and profit.
Mr. Rumbold: Manager of the ladies’ and gentlemen’s departments. He tries to come off as competent and decisive to his superiors, but is often played for a fool by his staff.
Mr. Lucas: Young and handsome junior assistant on the men’s counter. He works very hard to be suave and dashing so as to attract the “birds”. He is especially interested in Miss Brahms.
Miss Brahms: Young and sexy junior assistant on the women’s counter. She has a pronounced cockney accent and is not at all interested in Mr. Lucas.
Captain Peacock: Achieved his rank from the army through self-promotion, having served as a corporal. He currently serves as floor walker for Grace Brothers, showing customers to merchandise of interest. He fancies himself quite a ladies’ man, often vies for Miss Brahms’ attention.
Mrs. Slocombe: Senior assistant of ladies’ ready-mades where she sells bras and knickers. She maintains a dignified air in speech and manner-which often slips. She is well known for her oddly coloured hair, her grasping for her fleeting youth, and her fiery temper.
Mr. Humphries: Flamboyant assistant on the men’s counter, showing an amazing aptitude for selling y-fronts. He is a little light in his loafers, but in reality is “neither one way nor the other”. His warm personality makes him instant friends with anyone he meets and often assists him in extracting himself from strange situations in which he finds himself.
Don Bernardo: Owner of the Don Bernardo Palace Hotel. He is very prosperous in this enterprise because of his ability to cater to British tourists and military revolutionists alike.
Cesar: Aforementioned military revolutionist. He likes to relax with a nice woman before overthrowing the country…and he isn’t very particular. Conchita: Staff member at the Palace Hotel. She is efficient, sexy, and canny enough to realize that she would be safe in the arms of Mr. Humphries while avoiding the attentions of both her employer and the militia.
Mr. Grace: Younger of the two Grace Brothers, is a success in business despite his best efforts. His hobbies include secretaries, nurses, and other fallen women. He is not on stage for long, but will be expected to deliver the curtain speech in character.

The remaining roles are small, but are doubled with other parts.


We were like movie stars — I used to imagine we didn’t walk we glided— now all we do is stumble — it wasn’t supposed to be like this
Mona: We have a laugh. That’s what we have, a laugh.
Donal: We’re alcoholics.
Mona: Don’t use that word. Don’t ever use that word

Days of Wine and Roses by Owen McCafferty.

This is a love story!

Donal, an overconfident bookie’s clerk & Mona, an unfathomable lower rung civil-servant, living in an unfamiliar city fall in love with life, each other — and booze. Their life is an exciting voyage of discovery which begins to spiral out of control as the bottle takes its grip.

Donal and Mona meet in Aldergrove airport in 1962 while both are on their way to start a new life in London. Excited, hopeful and slightly apprehensive, their spontaneous conversation leads to an eight-year relationship which evolves during the course of the play. In the first scene, Donal offers the hitherto teetotal Mona a sip of whiskey from his flask. When his back is turned, however, Mona helps herself to a couple more mouthfuls.

When living in London, their mutual retreat into perpetual drunkenness has him arguing that he has to drink to keep his job, and she countering that she has to drink at home to be level with him when drinking friends arrive. The increasingly tyrannical presence of drink in their lives gradually becomes more persuasive. At this stage Donal is more aware and in control than the naively impulsive and impressionable Mona.

Donal joins the AA, Mona refuses. In an arresting moment Donal faces the audience at his first AA meeting and makes his introduction and excuses. While Donal seeks the AA, Mona spirals disgustingly into the gutter at this time. Her proposition that he can only prove his continuing love for her by taking a drink and physically making love, becomes the play’s most disturbing scene, an ethical dilemma of weighty proportions.

As a background to their life, McCafferty makes the legendary, iconic Irish racehorse Arkle full of symbolic significance. The horse’s astounding success on the track reflects the hopeful prosperity of Donal and Mona’s new London life, but when Arkle eventually dies the realization of their own dream’s death is close at hand. This is how the play ends, heart-breaking, exhausting, but never less than enthralling. It may not sound too appealing but there are at least 3 good reasons why you should see the play:

It’s a love story that should tug at your heartstrings.
It will give you a better understanding of the problems that anyone affected by substance abuse can encounter.
The performances are powerful, layered and precise.
The actors are relative newcomers, but are so good that you will see them again in the future.

The original film, directed by Blake Edwards, starring Jack Lemon & Lee Remick, was made in 1962 (nearly 50 years ago) and was nominated for 4 Oscars. Neither Blake Edwards nor Jack Lemon were alcoholics but both gave up drinking shortly after the film and remained teetotal for the rest of their lives. The film is still compulsory viewing in many US rehab centres.
Opening October 28 at the Playhouse.


My Fair Lady Oct 1 at 6.30 pm

As director’s ticket Amanda Peacefull will present a scene from this well known musical. The scene is fairly early on in the play – starting with Eliza Doolittle knocking on Professor Higgins’ door, to ask for speech lessons, and ending with him agreeing to take up the challenge, as a bet with Colonel Pickering.

The cast:
Eliza Doolittle: Jo Williams
Henry Higgins: Norman McFarlane
Colonel Pickering: Brian Peacefull
Mrs Pearce: Anne Walsh

The +/- 25 min performance will be followed by snacks and live music in the Green Room. First Option will provide “Much More Music”.

Entrance R25 for members, R35 for non-members.
Enquiries: Call Eppie 0825551014


It is with sadness that we were informed of the passing away of Ray Frewin. Ray joined our theatre in 1978,and was an active member backstage mainly lights and sound.

What’s on at the Playhouse …

The Emperor’s Groove – KADS September 17-24
My Fair Lady (a scene) Director’s Ticket by Amanda Peacefull, Octo 1, 6.30 pm
Days of Wine & Roses to be directed by Lawrie West, 25 Oct – 5 Nov
Are you being served? directed by Ann Coetzee 28 Nov – 11 Dec

Der Verkaufte Grossvater directed by Bettina Horvath 5-7 Jan (in German)
Fawlty Towers directed by Norman McFarlane 8 Jan – 12 Feb
Birds of Paradise directed by Lawrie West March 2011
Struggle and Romance directed by Philippe Pringiers 25 Mar – 22 Apr
Relative Values directed by Bettina Horvath 22 Apr -20 May
Culture Month 3 -30 Jun (details tbc)
Crimes of the Heart directed by Kelly Westraad 29 Jul – 26 Aug (show dates tbc)
Ballet Show by Gail Hattingh 2 – 30 Sep (show dates tbc)
Musical by Lindsay Small (October)

DVD’s OF PREVIOUS Productions are available at R 120.
The Spare Room; Duets; Fawlty Towers; Allo, Allo Suite 214; Spring and Port Wine; The Boy Comes Home; Africa, My Africa; I Have Been Here Before; Midsummer Night’s Dream; Gulls; Hansel & Gretel; Flat Spin; Waiting in the Wings; Look Who’s Talking …
If you wish to buy one please contact Lindsay 021 809 1191, 076 314 8968,021 8553779 or lindsay@dcisp.co.za

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Hello everyone

It’s all about “Fiddler” at the moment, though Exco is giving some serious thought to next year. More of that anon. But back to “Fiddler” …

The Fiddler Files

Rehearsals seem to be going well, although there is the usual chaotic result that when you try to add movement to the music, the quality of the music suddenly takes a huge dive! But … we’ve been there before, and no doubt it will be alright on the night!

Your scribe was present the first time the cast rehearsed the very poignant final scenes, and it was very obvious that several cast members were themselves deeply moved. The tears being shed were definitely not just for effect! All of which augurs well for a powerful finale when the show hits the boards.
No Darryl, this is how it’s done! Very fetching, Guilma, but not quite your colour.

Saturday 9th July saw the cast and others involved with the show getting together for a ‘Mid-rehearsal Luncheon’ hosted at John Carne’s beautiful home in Constantia (thanks John). A pleasantly relaxed and sociable afternoon was enjoyed by all. Thanks to those who organised everything.

Fiddler will run at the Artscape Opera House from Friday 9 September to Saturday 1 October.
Ticket prices range from R150-200 for Friday and Saturday evenings, with weekend matinee prices being
R50 cheaper. Wednesdays and Thursdays, R120-170 (no performances on Mondays or Tuesdays). Pref
tickets, bought through cast members, are R20-30 cheaper in each category. Bookings are now open at


The “fiddler” himself shares his perspective on what he sees from his elevated perch … For its cast of young and old, first-timers and G&S veterans, for the mamma’s and the pappa’s – Fiddler on the Roof is fast becoming the very reason we have to live. With a four day a week rehearsal schedule there is little room to hum any other tune but one sung with either a Russian or Jewish accent. And the cast – complete with long rehearsal skirted women and men growing beards – are a spirited bunch enjoying every minute.
The songs have all been taught and rehearsed and it’s almost time to throw out the scripts and put on the costumes! Make-up has been checked and ordered and the cast has begun worrying about what they might do when the show is over.

Finding a favourite rehearsal number is quite a challenge amongst this energetic cast as each song is proving to be special in its own way. If it’s not the spine chilling harmonies, it’s the challenging
set changes or unforgettable moments spent polishing up the choreography with Roxy in a full swing identity crisis instructing a whole variety of postures and poises. Or it’s just the pure chaotic fun to be had in ‘the dream’ scene where everyone gets to put on a scary face and enjoy the momentary mayhem. One thing is certain – the energy of a bygone time and faraway place comes to life in a very real way through the beautiful melodies and fun script! And we get to enjoy it at every rehearsal! Even the saddest scenes of this production carry a special energy that entertains even I who watches them repeatedly while I fiddle away (in silence lest I incur the wrath of Alistair)

One of the most memorable rehearsal moments was Teddy’s flashy and oh-so-colourful gangster walk when showing the Russians how not to walk off stage. Our quirky director knows just when to break the stress of any show rehearsal and just makes us love and respect him all the more.

Even though the Fiddler’s roof is still being hammered together at the Epping warehouse – my view thus far is both heart-warming and inspiring. With a backstage crew pushing about a set that began invisibly as a maze of markings – the very thorough planning is shining through as we are getting a very real feel for all the pieces and props. Some of the cast still feel that real beer and not sand in the beer mugs would make the ‘To Life’ scene more lively, but Teddy says some clicking and a few loud shouts will do the trick! The bright faces, friendly smiles and perfect voices bring together a warmth that would keep me warm for a hundred winters in Anatevka. As we all journey to our rehearsals from all over the Cape, we unite in G&S throng as we escape the squalors of the real world and share in a ‘tradition’ of our own! A month from now we will have a show ready for an audience and as I continue to ponder why a man would take his fiddle to the rooftops and serenade the open skies – each rehearsal offers me a new insight, a new reason – and I know we are in for an especially memorable run. So best you all book soon… the best seat in the house is already taken!

With love from Darryl, the Fiddler


Our big show next year will be the Gilbert and Sullivan opera “The Yeomen of the Guard”. It will run in the Artscape Theatre round about June, with the hope that it will be taken to the International Festival of Gilbert and Sullivan in Buxton, UK, in August. Potential directors are being approached, and auditions will probably be held before the end of the year, with rehearsals beginning in February next year. If you hope to be in the cast and be part of the group that goes to Buxton, it would be wise to begin to save and plan now. We hope to secure some sponsorship, but that cannot be guaranteed at this stage – and in any event, even with sponsorship, each cast member will still need to find a significant part of the costs.

FROM SISTER SOCIETIES (and other sisters)

Forever Plaid is Pinelands Players’ production for the annual mid-year Candelight Theatre at the Pinelands Town Hall. 25 July – 7 August 2011. Directed by June Wells, musical direction by Victor Tichardt. Tickets cost R100 which includes an American Diner style meal. Bookings: 0729231035 or bgough@telkomsa.net.
‘Together at Last’ – the Harris sisters. For the first time ever, Kim, Julie, Bronwen and Victoria, will sing and dance their favourites from Broadway and other popular classics. They are accompanied by the talents of Ivan Meredith on piano, Keith Coxen on drums, and Gareth Smit on bass guitar. Tap dances choreographed by Johann Kotze and script written by Michael Harris.
Performances: 12 August 8pm. R70 13 August Matinee 2.30pm. R65 13 August 6.30pm. R70
Contact the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg to book on 021 7881898.

Carnivals of the heart: Our “Fiddler” (Darryl) has extended the following invitation to all Fiddler cast and crew, as well as all G&S members. The show runs from 3-6 August, but …: On Friday 5 August, you are invited to watch the re-run of my May show ‘People Are Living There’ by Athol Fugard at R50 per person at the MASQUE. (R10 off) Perhaps you can arrange an arrival drink? We can also extend the interval? The moving drama ‘The Doubting’ runs at Hathersage House, Somerset West 17-20 August. On the 19th we would like to offer buy on get one free to Fiddler cast / crew / orchestra / G&S members. Tickets are R80. Book through. Bronwyn@radis.co.za. Go to http://www.carnivals-of-the-heart.com for more info.

Hairspray – The Musical – 24 Aug-3 Sept – presented by The Waterfront Theatre College at the Masque (021-7881898). A large cast of singers and dancers in a fun family show. Tickets R70.

Thank you

Exco would like to place on record our thanks (and the thanks of the Society as a whole) to our long-serving wardrobe mistress Heather Earp-Jones. Heather and Rogan have moved to Onrus, and the wardrobe duties have been taken over by Glenda Carmichael. Heather has not just ‘managed the wardrobe’; she has also always been very much hands-on with costumes and has been nominated for and won several CATA awards. Thank you Heather for the sterling work done on behalf of the Society. Without you, we wouldn’t have looked nearly as good!

If you give me your attention …
Well, it seems no one was prepared to give me their attention on this one. But I’ll give it one more shot. So my gallant crew, if you find yourself thinking of, or using one of Gilbert’s lines in the course of some everyday situation, even if not within the original Gilbertian context, let me know. In my own case, for example, when I listen to some of our politicians holding forth, for some reason I find myself humming Tell a tale of cock and bull, of convincing detail full. What about you? You can stir it and stump it and blow your own trumpet, and trust me you have every chance of having it published in the next GASLIGHT. (See my email address at the end of the newsletter.)

Have you checked our website recently? http://www.gilbertandsullivan.co.za There have been some recent additions, with more to come. For example, go to ‘Productions’, then to 2011, click on Fiddler and scroll down to see some photos of recent rehearsals.

Need to speak to someone with a bouquet or a brickbat? A reminder that your Exco for this year is:
Steve Broekmann – Chair Niel Roux – Secretary Lance Kotze – Treasurer and website Guilma Stander – membership and social Lynn Moss – future productions Audrey Robinson – social Ian Kirkwood – membership David Bolton – marketing Ken Leverton – Gaslight

Till next time …
Ken klever@telkomsa.net

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The Official Newsletter of Pinelands Players
(Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)
P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450
Blog: http://pinelandsplayers.wordpress.com/ Email: tanya@march.za.net Phone: 082 900 6963 August 2011

Hi there readers

Pinelands Players continues to keep everyone busy…. With preparation and the performances of Forever
Plaid, all and sundry have had their hands full with setting up stages, final rehearsals, costume checks, lighting, shopping etc. With a great attendance, enthusiastic audiences, fantastic performers and tasty meal, the Candelight Theatre was well received and the event rendered a satisfactory profit which can be invested into equipment and future productions.

Congratulations to all involved in this production – we know what dedication and commitment you have each contributed towards making the show the success that it was. The performers, producers & musicians have spent relentless hours rehearsing to put together the most amazing harmonies, but without the able hands of all volunteers who assisted in the operation of the Candelight Theatre, there would also not have been the atmosphere or culinary delights served to compliment the evenings. Thank you everybody!

With Forever Plaid now behind us, the committee looks forward to the start of Honk! rehearsals which commence soon. There are also a few exciting club nights planned, and we encourage our members to join us for a few evenings of fun!

Don’t forget to support many of our members in other productions such as Together at Last, Hairspray – The Musical, Steel Magnolias and Fiddler on the Roof. Clara Machado, a society and committee member, is starring in Steel Magnolias in September. The show is set in a hair salon in the deep South of America and revolves around the lives of the six women who frequent the salon. It is a story about love, loss and the
bond friends make. As the movie says, the funniest show to ever make you cry. A show not to be missed.
The year is marching on…. With much needed rain still to come, embrace the weather. Embrace your loved ones. Embrace life!

Tanya March

SHEILA CHISHOLM reviews Forever Plaid

It took a little imagination and considerable effort to turn Pinelands Town Hall from a sterile place of business into a pleasant candle-lit theatre restaurant. Add to a tall black, background screen (adorned with a Marlene Dietrichesque glitzy cloak), a small raised platform, imaginatively used basic lighting, pretty waitresses serving burger and chips, a glass of vino and a relaxed mood set in for Stuart Ross’s Forever Plaid to unfold.

The story is simple. Set in the 1950’s four “singing loving” lads Francis (Simon Speck – tenor), Sparky (Chris Laurie – baritone), Jinx (John Lambrou – tenor ), and Smudge (Richard White – bass) dream of following their idols footsteps – the Four Aces and Crew Cuts. Sadly, on their way to collect their plaid tuxedos for their first big gig, they are killed, but allowed to return from the afterworld for one last fling to sing their favourite songs. These include Steve Martin’s 3 Coins in the Fountain, The Four Lads Moments to Remember, The Beatles She Loves You, Perry Como’s romantic Catch a Falling Star and the traditional patriotic Scottish song Scotland the Brave. In between songs, they humorously tell their personal stories – Francis was in dental supplies, Jinx worked with motor parts, Smudge sold bathroom fixtures and Sparky dealt in better dresses.

Their happiest moments were singing in “four part close-harmony” and they grabbed with heart and soul this “once off earthly visit” to perform publically. And sing they did, both as soloists and as a quartet. Director/choreographer June Wells, and musical director Victor Tichart had obviously thoroughly rehearsed this spunky team. Not only did they manage the many vocal intricacies well, disciplined spontaneity marked their every gesture, prop use and quirky characterisations.

Farewell Plaids!

With another Candlelight supper theatre show over, I am thrilled to say that it has been a resounding success.

We can boast that we had an overall 78 % capacity with both Saturdays at 100 % capacity.

I do need to say that without the behind-the-scenes help of many of the committee and society members, we would not have been able to produce what we did. So please bear with me while I go through the list of names……

Tech X’s Grant and Justin for the loan and set up of the lights and sound.
Glynn Fogell, a new member to Pinelands, for his sound operation and technical support during the show.
Vera Simmonds, a regular Pinelands Players Players helper, for her lighting operation and for donning washing up gloves, dishing up gloves or what ever was needed.

Thanks to Louis de Kock for his support as stage manager and also jumping in in the kitchen when we needed him.

Then we had all the kitchen and Front of House helpers. Thanks to our barmen, Rory Bosman, Rob March, Andrew Whitelaw and Shaun Browne Our waitresses, Antaya and Valerie March, their friend Nicky, Laura and Bryoni Bosman, Clara Machado, Chenara Fenton, Allana Aldridge, Khalida Speck and to Tanya March who spent most of her time with hands immersed in soapy water.

Clifford James jumped to our rescue on Thursday night when we were needed help waiting tables and Roy Oldfield also came to our rescue on the final Saturday.

Thanks to Nigel Stevenson for running the bar so efficiently . A special thanks to Tanya Browne for all the effort and hard work she put in during the run up to the show with preparation and organisation. Tanya Browne took her regular place behind the box office desk every night and then always finished the evening off with her hands elbow deep in dish water.

And then there’s Uncle Jack…. Jack Matthee (although retired ) who was there at the beginning and the end to help us set up the stage.

What a back stage team…….. ! A BIG, BIG THANK YOU.

So now lets talk about the show…… June and Victor have put a show together that we are really proud of. It was good to have Johann Botha (Uncle Chester ) back with us again as part of the musical ensemble. The audience reaction has been positive and people are already asking “So what is on next year?”

Yes indeed, what’s on next year …..any offers?

So we say goodbye to the Plaids …….

And hello HONK!


Tina (or chief duck)

After hectic and arduous auditions, the farm managers are pleased to introduce the members of the Duck yard:

Julian Fernandez Ugly
Christopher Thomas Ugly (Understudy and Masque)
Bonnie White Ida
Shaun Browne Drake
Richard White Cat
Andrew Weiss Bullfrog
Graham Ellis Greylag
Roche Buckle Grace
Clara Machado Dot
Laura Bosman Lowbutt
Lesley Gill Queenie
Alana Aldridge Maureen
Jennifer Moss Maggie Pie & Penny
Chenara Fenton Henrietta
Nigel Stevenson Turkey
Keenan Oliphant Male Soloist in Elegy
Christine Thonissen Female Soloist in Elegy / Teenage Duckling (Beaky)
Alex Middlebrook Teenage Duckling (Bill)
Doug Middlebrook Teenage Duckling (Bill)
Jade Kaftel Teenage Duckling (Downey)
Martine Kawalsky Teenage Duckling (Fluff)
Elmarie Smit Chorus
Claire Smith Chorus
Benita Faiers Chorus
Simone du Toit Chorus
Reanie de Villiers Chorus
Nathan van Sittert Chorus
Lyle Wilson Chorus
Justin de Vries Chorus
James Martiz Chorus
Robin Langman Duckling (Bill) Froglette -Stiles Cast
Kirsty du Plessis Duckling (Beaky) Froglette – Stiles Cast
Bryony Bosman Duckling (Fluff) Froglette – Stiles Cast
Bianca Mulder Duckling (Downey) Froglette – Stiles Cast
Erani Kotze Froglette – Stiles Cast
Erin Weiss Froglette – Stiles Cast
Indya Froglette – Stiles Cast
Thandiso Chirona Duckling (Bill)
Lauren Pienaar Duckling (Beaky) Froglette – Drewe Cast
Joelle Verfaille Duckling (Fluff) Froglette – Drewe Cast
Andrea Faiers Duckling (Downey) Froglette – Drewe Cast
Lizzy Bentley Froglette – Drewe Cast
Elizabeth Stevenson Froglette – Drewe Cast
Zoe du Toit Froglette – Drewe Cast
Congratulations on finding your place near the pond! We look forward to working together.

Send us your best self-written poem, art, sculptor, costume, recipe or photo relating to HONK!
and stand to win some fabulous quacky prizes!

Closing date 15 August 2011. Send to tanya@march.za.net

Annual subscriptions received by members does not even cover the annual expenses to run the clubhouse, let alone cover the costs of hosting club nights or other things. Please do the right thing and
pay your subs. It is only R90!

12 – 13 August 2011 Masque Theatre
Together at Last
The 4 Harris sisters
Bookings on 021 788 1898

24 August – 3 September 2011 Masque Theatre
Hairspray – The Musical
Waterfront Theatre College (some of our Pinelands Players members)
Bookings on 021 788 1898

9 September – 1 October 2011 Opera House Artscape
Fiddler on the Roof directed by Teddy Davies
Gilbert & Sullivan Society production
Bookings at Computicket

16 – 24 September Masque Theatre
Steel Magnolias directed by Angela Lee-Wright
Constantiaberg Theatre Players (including Clara Machado)
Bookings on 021 788 1898

What’s on
Pinelands Players’ next club night will be on 26 August 2011

Quiz evening
Get your thinking caps on & come enjoy an evening of fun at the Clubhouse.
Yummy hot dogs will be on sale!

Line dancing evening will be held on 21 October 2011.

More news to follow!

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Claremont Chat

Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter
12 Eden Road, Claremont 7708

Tel: 021 671 2242 Cell: 082 821 4353 E-mail: andrethomas@vodamail.co.za


August 2011 – Number 101________________________________________

This must be the weirdest winter weather I’ve seen in a long time! I hope you’re all keeping warm, so that you don’t get sick.

I’m off to Madagascar in a few days – looking forward to a few days on Dhow. I’ve never had a holiday like that before, snorkel, read, snooze – not sure what I’m going to do with myself!

Member news
We are excited to welcome 5 new members to CDS: Shirley Nixon, Samantha Blumberg, Keegan Frieslaar, Werner Adams and Tronéll Lessing. We wish you many happy years of thespianism!

Sheila Inglis is back in Cape Town, and wasted no time in giving the Hok a good clean – thanks for that.

Ruth Allsop is also back from her holiday – and feels a little like a walking advert for Croatia. So, if you have any interest in that destination, she should be your first port of call.

André Thomas has fled the corporate world and started his own company – World of Africa Travel. We arrange personalized holidays in southern Africa – both for visitors from abroad, and also for locals wanting to visit any of our neighbouring countries – out as far as Malawi and Madagascar.
My website is still being completed, but do follow me on twitter (World_of_Africa) and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/worldofafricatravel.

So for any of your dream holidays on a beach on Lake Malawi, diving in Mozambique or game viewing in the Okavango Delta – or for your friends and family to visit Kruger, Madikwe or the Drakensberg – please give me a shout.

Macbeth reunion
Clifford’s final words on Macbeth:
Out, out brief candle, life’s but a walking shadow. A poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more…… This will be an enduring memory, a special moment, a good season.
And that’s just for now…..

There will be a reunion for the cast members of Macbeth on Sunday 11 September 2011 at 18h00 at Su Cunningham’s Montessori school in First Avenue, Kenilworth. Bring & share and view the DVD.
Separate Tables
The auditions for our next production went well, and Sue Bolton has some great cast members. We’ll send out a complete list once all roles have been filled.

Member Evenings
Don’t forget our next Members Evening on Sunday 14 August at 18h00 for 18h30. Delicious soup and rolls will be provided, so you needn’t worry about cooking supper that night.

To jog your memory: for the first half of the evening, three volunteers from the audience will be taught how to transform three young ladies into three ‘old’ ladies through the effective application of make-up. The second half of the evening will see the ‘old’ ladies in a one-act play, ‘Café Society’, which is set in a café in Hackney. Shirley Nixon, will direct Lesley Gill, Faeron Wheeler, Megan Carter and Mary Faragher.
Please RSVP to Pamela Burger on 082 488 0442 if you haven’t yet done so.

The following Member Evenings are as follows:
Friday 30 September 2011 – Sheldon Cross will present his contribution to the “Out the Box” Festival:
“Kismet” is an exploration of self in a post 1994 South Africa, as a two actors try to propitiate their provocative past, their prolonged prejudices and their imminent, personal perditions. Themes include identity and socio-political scar tissue, religious and cultural constructs as identity indicators, expression of self through creative manifestations and resolving to reconcile oneself with the fact that history is not, and can never be, linear but, rather, a strata-based structure into which we condense ourselves in layers. With Sheldon Cross and Directed by Penny Youngleson

Friday 21 October 2011 – save this date for the following Members Evening.

Out the Box Festival
For those of you interested, here some more information – http://www.outtheboxfestival.com/


UNIMA South Africa’s annual Out The Box Festival of Puppetry and Visual Performance is a 9-day multidisciplinary event celebrating innovation, diversity and sustainability. The festival provides a platform for performing and visual artists to collaborate, to push boundaries and to blur the lines of their disciplines in order to create provocative and groundbreaking work. This 6th edition of Out The Box promises to be the largest festival of puppetry and visual theatre in Africa, and will attract artists from all over the world.

The festival will take place at the Little Theatre Complex in Gardens, the Labia Cinema, Iziko National Gallery, Fire & Ice Hotel, Magnet Theatre and Theatre Arts Admin Collective.”

Performances of Sheldon’s “Kismet” are at the Playroom on Hiddingh Campus at a cost of R50:
Wednesday, 7th September – 20h30
Thursday, 8th September – 21h30
Friday, 9th September – 20h00
Saturday, 10th September – 18h00

Other society news
See an invitation from MVDS at the end of this newsletter for their one act play Members Evening (please RSVP to Wendy Morling as soon as possible).

Andrew Merryweather concert
I’ve attached some news from Andrew and about his next concert at the end of the newsletter.

Audition notices
I’ve attached an audition notice from Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society in Somerset West for you, and a request for an older gentleman from a UCT student.

Get Thee to the Masque!

Together at Last
The Harris Sisters’ Show
In their first concert together the 4 Harris sisters will be performing through song and dance some favourites from yesteryear.
12 & 13 August 2011 at the Masque – three shows only!

Dancing Thru Time
Bronwyn Banfield’s Rhythm & Dance Studio presents a showcase of the history of dance from the Waltz to the present day.
18, 19 & 20 August 2011 at the Masque.

Hairspray – The Musical – by The Waterfront Theatre College
24 August to 03 September

Please note days, times and prices for Masque Theatre productions
(unless otherwise stated) are Thurs & Fri performances at 20:00,
Saturday matinee at 14:30, Saturday evening at 18:30
Thurs eve and Sat Matinees R50 (Theatre Club members R40)
Other Nights R60 (Theatre Club members R50)
Bookings on 021-788 1898
09h00 to 16h00 on weekdays and 08h30 to 11h00 on Saturdays

Get Thee to the theatre!

“Fiddler on the Roof” – by Gilbert & Sullivan Society
09 September to 01 October at Artscape (Book at Computicket)

See you there!

From Muizenberg Amateur Dramatic Society

Dear members of Claremont, Constantiaberg and Fish Hoek societies,

this is an invitation to Mvds’ next members’ evening, which we hope you will forward to your membership. As you will know, the “Madhouse” is also known as the False Bay Rendezvous (the old Lakeside Bowling Club), situated at 57 Promenade Road in Lakeside (right next to the Sandvlei).

We meet in the Madhouse on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 at 19:30.

Richard Higgs is directing a rehearsed reading of a(n unfinished) one-act play by Lorca, Play without a Title.

This promises to be an exceptional and unusual evening – Richard says that his directing style is a “bizarre combination of laissez-faire and minute attention to detail”. He likes to make the audience think (so put on your thinking cap for the evening!) and challenge established ideas. To whet your appetite, here follows a short line from the play.

“The Director:
But how could one bring the smell of the sea to the theatre,
or how could we flood the ceiling of the theatre with stars?
Male Spectator:
By ripping off the roof!”

And for the physical appetite there will be our tested and loved “Mad/s soups” and bread [Eve Carr even promised beer bread, but for the less adventurous we will have “normal” bread too].

Please RSVP to Wendy Morling (home@morling.co.za or 021–715 0695 or 083 462 8242 by 10 August, so that we know how much soup to make.

Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society
on Sep 18 at 6.30 pm for
‘Are you being Served?’
directed by Ann Coetzee
The characters from this play are well-known from the 1970’s BBC TV series of the same name. We are looking to impersonate these characters as accurately as possible. Voice and mannerisms are more important than appearances. The customers of Grace Brothers and the staff of the Don Bernardo Palace Hotel are open to personal interpretation. The parts of Don Bernardo and Cesar will be played by Mr. Nash and the Male Customer. The part of Teresa will be played by the Lady Customer. The part of Conchita will be played by the nurse.

Based on the popular BBC TV series, this legendary British comedy turned stage show, revels in nonstop double entendres. When the motley crew of the Grace Brothers department store prepare for a staff holiday in Spain, they survive their stay in the tropics at a one-star establishment and their encounters with everything from a Spanish crumpet to randy revolutionaries with everything intact but their modesty. “With its innuendo-laden comedy, penchant for slapstick and panto-type characters, Are You Being Served? has something for everyone.”

The show dates will be November 27 – December 11, 2011 Week nights: 8pm Saturdays: 6.30pm and a Sunday Matinee: 2.30pm.

Next Andrew Merryweather concert

Dear Friends

Here’s a cheery “Hello” from Ian & myself on this rather damp winter’s morning.
“Rain on” for a while at least we say in order that we will have no water shortages during our long dry summer season.

We take great pleasure sharing with you all two important announcements, firstly that Andrew is now engaged to a lovely girl Robyn Siebers formerly a beauty queen from Namibia and recently invited to take part in the Miss Atlantico Beauty Pageant in Uruguay in February 2012. Robyn will represent Namibia her home country. We know you will join us in wishing her all the luck in the world not just with the Pageant but also for her future with Andrew.

We are now even more determined than ever to secure the Re-Walk Suit for him to enable him to WALK down the aisle with no longer the need for a wheelchair.
With this in mind we now share with you details of our next Concert – a truly classical Concert.

We are proud indeed to have the services of one of Cape Town’s finest musicians and conductor Dr Barry Smith and the St Georges Singers accompanied by the Camerata Tinta Barocca with leader Quentin Crida.

The programme is as follows:

Entry of the Queen of Sheba Handel
Canon Pachelbel
Adagio for strings and organ Albinoni
Air on the G String Bach
Ave Verum Mozart
Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring

Gloria Vivaldi

VENUE: St Andrews Presbyterian Church, c/o Buitengracht Street and Somerset Road, Cape Town
DATE: Friday 19th August at 20h00 (8pm)
COST: R105
BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES: 021 531 8261 084 300 6388 email: pattypan@iafrica.com

Do come along Friends and meet Andrew – he will be attending the Concert and serving us with wine and fruit juice in the interval

For your convenience our banking details for payment and donations are:

McDonald Enterprises
Branch Code: 1047 09
Account No: 2076 083 103

We do look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Warmest wishes
Ian & Pat
Casting Call

From: “Andrea Bennett”
Subject: Casting Call

Hi Elza (at Claremont Dramatic Society)

My name is Andrea Bennett, and I’m a third year Screen Production
Student at UCT. This semester before we graduate, we have to make a 10
minute short film known as our SRP (Senior Research Project). We are in
groups of four, and I am the Co-director in my group. We are currently
in the process of casting for our short film, and are looking for an
elderly gentleman to play our script’s main character, Clive, a 70 year
old Caucasian man who used to be the fact writer for Chappies bubblegum.
The film is about him losing his little black book which contains all
his facts, and the little girl that he meets whilst searching for his
facts, and their relationship as they bond over finding the book. It is
entitled “Did you know?”.

The purpose of this email is to find out from you if there are any
actors in your drama society whom you think might be interested, and
more importantly, fit the description. We are anxious to find an actor
who would be able to pull off a 70 year old man, even if he’s only 60,
say. Our make up artist will be able to make him look slightly older,
but the older the actor actually is, the better 🙂 So if you have ANY
actors aged from 60 – 75, we would love to know, and possibly audition

As this is a student film, we will not be able to offer any ‘salary’,
but transport costs will be covered, as well as food on set 🙂 the shoot
itself will only be about 3 days, in early September (dates to be
finalised). They are more than welcome to use the film as part of their
show reel or portfolio…

If there is anyone in your society that you think will be interested and
is the appropriate age, please let me know as soon as possible 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your time!

Kind Regards,

Andrea Bennett

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Newsletter – August 2011


In memory of Janice Willis-Benham

It was with great sadness that we recently bade farewell to Janice. She was so very involved with amdram, whether on-stage, backstage or active on society committees. She was dependable, kind, humble and well-loved by all of us. I’ve never seen the Masque Theatre more packed with bums on seats than at her memorial service. And what a standing ovation! The CTP committee will dearly miss her presence, but her memory will always live in our hearts.

The Weakest Link

If you missed this event, then you should find a ruler right now and slap yourself across the knuckles. This was one of the very best members’ evenings we’ve had in recent years. 30 contestants. 4 teams. 100’s of quiz questions. Plenty of prizes. Lots of laughs. A flood of food. A glut of gluhwein. And heaps of hugs and good cheer.

Our host and quizmaster, Anne Robinson Shelley Lombard, did a marvellous job of maintaining order and sanity. It’s amazing how, when you’re sitting in the audience, you seem to know all the answers, but when you’re a contestant you just seem to get difficult and obscure stuff like “Which famous musician was originally named Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.?”

So, on the back of this success and due to public demand, we will consider producing a sequel – The Weakest Link II: The Missing Link. But when the news comes out, you MUST book your place ahead of time because the demand will be great and the number of contestants will be limited. Watch this space.

1. J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. What is her middle name?

For your diary

7 August Back by popular demand for one show only!
at 7pm Rock ‘n Rouge returns to the Masque for one show only. With this singular sensation you can forget the rest. This brand new show, full of showstopping numbers from well-known musicals, is one not to be missed. Tickets R75 (R65 for Theatre Club members).

12 & 13 Sisters are doing it for themselves at the Masque
August In their first concert together, sisters Kim, Julie, Bronwen and Victoria will perform song and dance favourites from yesteryear in Together at Last: The Harris Sisters’ Show.

18 to 20 Treat yourself to a history of dance
August Bronwyn Banfield’s Rhythm and Dance Studio presents Dancing Thru Time, showcasing the history of dance from waltz in the courts to present day. Tickets available at the Masque Theatre half an hour before each show.

24 August The ultimate feel-good musical for the whole family!
to 3 Sept Directed by Paul Griffiths and presented by The Waterfront Theatre College, Hairspray The Musical promises to wow audiences at the Masque Theatre. The show includes a huge cast of forty talented singers and dancers. Methinks it will sell out fast, so be sure to book early. Tickets R70 (R60 for Theatre Club members).

2. Which American president said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”?

Masque Theatre bookings

Bookings: Call 021 788 1898 – 9am to 4pm weekdays and 8.30am to 11am Saturdays.

3. Which animal is featured on the front of a R20 note?


What?! No birthdays in August? How strangely peculiar … do couples not couple in November/December?

4. What is the first word sung in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?

Our next production

As you should know by now, our next production is Steel Magnolias, directed by Angela Lee-Wright. Rehearsals are well under way and I understand that they are going very well. The show is scheduled for September at the Masque, so keep an eye out for it. We will combine the opening night with a members’ evening.

5. In the Disney film, the names of the seven dwarfs are Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and …?

Th-th-th-that’s all folks. Scroll all the way down for the answers to the questions.


6. In the film Grease, what is the first name of the character played by John Travolta?

1. She has no middle name. The “K” is part of her pen name.
2. Bill Clinton.
3. Elephant.
4. “Is” (is this the real life …)
5. Dopey.
6. Danny (Zuko)

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