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October 2014 – Number 138

Hi All,

Apologies for the late chat – October has been rather overwhelming. October has also been a month of triumphs. The cast and crew of Quartet presented a truly beautiful and heart-warming production. There was the fantastically enjoyable and classy members evening introducing the directing talents of Ms Faeron Wheeler and the preparations have begun for next year’s first production with the super-talented Jenny Brandt at the helm … never fear I will catch you all up on these latest developments.



Thank you to Brenda, cast and crew of Quartet for a great night out at the theatre. Comedy, a stellar cast and brilliant director made for a memorable piece of theatre for all the right reasons. With full houses for most performances, word quickly spread that this was a must-see. Well done to Brenda, her cast and crew.


Members evening feedback

Our members evening on the 3rd of October kicked off with a scene from a delightful love story about a conservative couple on their way to their honeymoon, directed by Faeron Wheeler. Jana Botha and Willie Blignaut were wonderful to watch and Faeron secured her directing ticket for 2015. After drinks and snacks, there was a chance to enjoy some improvised Monty Python skits. There were three different scripts and willing volunteers had the chance to revel in the great comedy that is Monty Python. Thank you to everyone involved and we hope to see more of you at our next event. Remember our end of year Christmas party is coming up on the 30th of November – further details to follow in the next chat.



Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley

Director: Jenny Brandt.

Dates: Sunday, 26 October at 3pm; Tuesday, 28 October at 7pm

Place: The Hok, Claremont

Performance dates: 7–14 March, 2015

Set in a small town in Mississippi, the Pulitzer prize-winning ‘Crimes of the Heart’ explores the relationship of three sisters as they come to terms with life changing events. Lenny, a thirty-year-old ‘old maid’ faces the loss of her only companion, her grandfather. Twenty-seven-year-old Meg, the Hollywood hopeful, is recovering from a nervous breakdown. Childlike Babe, the youngest, has shot her husband in a fit of despair. All three now come together as they try to get Babe off the hook with the help of an absurdly sincere young lawyer.

Although the subject matter is dark, the actual play is not. The playwright tells her tale with a delicate and humorous touch and the result is a rather quirky, heart-warming gem.

There are six characters:

Lenny McGrath (30; female; large part). Lenny carries the world on her shoulders. She is long-suffering, has little self-belief and tends to get rather flustered. However, she has always managed to be an anchor to her sisters, and holds her head up high in her home town.

Meg McGrath (27; female; large part). Meg is something of a rebel. She is the one who, as a little girl, discovered their mother after she’d hung herself along with her beloved cat. This is something that Meg has never really got over, but it’s also the reason why she’s gotten away with things her sisters haven’t.

Babe McGrath (24; female; large part). Babe is very childlike and a dreamer. One gets the sense that she doesn’t quite live in the real world. She is, however, a startingly honest person and doesn’t lack in sympathy for the suffering of others.

Chick Boyle (29; female; medium part). Chick is the sisters’ first cousin and Lenny’s next door neighbour. She has resented her cousins ever since they came to live with the grandparents and got special attention from them. A self-righteous and self-important bigot, Chick is a wonderful comic foil to the sisters.

Barnette Lloyd (26; male; medium part). Barnette is a very serious and sincere young lawyer. He genuinely cares for the sisters, particularly Babe, and is prepared to help them to the point of sacrificing a personal vendetta.

Doc Porter (30; male; small part). An old flame of Meg, Doc is a mellow, everyday guy, who is just a touch smooth. Having grown up in the sisters’ circle and always wanting to have become a doctor, he now leads a disappointingly ordinary family life as a house-painter up north.

If you’re interested in attending, these are Jenny’s contact details.

Cell: 082 492 5984

Home: 021 785 7610

Email: jennybrandt74@gmail.com



 7–15 Nov       Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest at the Masque Theatre, presented by MADS.

28 Nov–6 Dec             The Great Gatsby at the Masque, directed by Alastair Duff for Constantiaberg Theatre Players.

30 Nov           Claremont Christmas party! Save the date!


That’s all folks!






Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2014:

Simon Dutton (Vice-Chair/Hok Manager) simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350
Anthony Storr Lister (Treasurer) anthonylister@mailbox.co.za Home: 021 671 1443 Cell: 082 357 7677
Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer): jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell:082 492 5984
Sheldon Cross (Chat) sheldon_cross@yahoo.com Home: 021 801 5610 Cell: 072 596 8369
Liz Roodt (Members Evenings): lizroodt@yahoo.co.uk Cell: 081 259 3607

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Hello from the Chairman…

Hi Everyone,

CTP have been going through some changes and some reorganisation over the last couple of months. But we are back on top of things now!

We have just finished the fantastically successful “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” directed by our own Barrie Howard. He received some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen so huge congratulations to him and his dedicated cast.
Alastair Duff is directing our next production, “The Great Gatsby” and this opens at the end of November. Watch this space.
Auditions for our first production of 2015 are being held on Saturday 18 October at 1400 at the Hok in Claremont. Directed by Bernie Jacobs, “Life and Beth” by Alan Ayckbourn promises to be an exciting and hilarious production. We are looking for all sorts of cast members and the audition notice is below.

We are busy planning our next members evening and this invite will go out shortly as well.

A full and complete newsletter will follow shortly.

Yours in theatre

Audition Notice

Constantiaberg Theatre Players

Date: Saturday 18th October 2014
Place: The Hok, Claremont
Time: 2pm

Play: “Life and Beth”, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourne.
Director: Bernie Jacobs

Production Dates: 18 -28th February 2015
Rehearsal Dates: 20th October onwards, with a three-week break over the Festive Season.
Rehearsal Venue: The Hok, Claremont

The Play…

“Life and Beth” opens on Christmas Eve, in the aftermath of the death of Beth’s husband Gordon. It has not been an unhappy marriage, but Beth has – over the years – made every effort to paper over the cracks and present the image of a happy couple, even when it is hinted it has frequently been difficult for Beth to live with a man such as Gordon.

In Beth’s sitting / dining room, Gordon’s sister, Connie, is singing the praises of her deceased brother to Beth hinting that Gordon was his family’s favourite and she was another person living in the shadow of a revered but, it becomes increasingly clear, mediocre man. Connie makes it clear that she – and the rest of the family – do not believe that Beth can cope without Gordon.

Unexpectedly, the local vicar, David, calls to offer his condolences. David suggests he say a prayer for Beth. Beth reluctantly agrees – only to be saved when her son Martin and his new girlfriend, Ella, arrive.

Ella is a morose and silent cordon bleu chef who is obviously not happy about the trip and having second thoughts about her relationship with Martin; who believes his father was practically perfect and was the glue that kept the entire family together and functioning. With the entire family gathered together, David gets the chance to say his prayer and asks for help for Beth now that Gordon has gone.

Martin, meanwhile, is trying to recreate Christmas as his father would have wanted it, from the pre-prepared Christmas tree to the flashing reindeer for the garden. His ineptitude at anything practical soon manifests itself while Ella prepares a cold collation for tea. As Martin prepares the tree, his and Beth’s somewhat differing opinions on Gordon become apparent.

Martin decides to switch the Christmas tree on only for the lights to blow and the living room to be plunged into darkness. Martin lights a candle and at the head of the table – only seen by Beth – sits Gordon.

Apparently officially summoned back by David’s prayer, he intends to look after Beth forever…

Life & Beth: Characters

Beth Timms (Large Role)
Recently widowed, 50s
Attempting to re-establish her identity after a lifetime of being in her husband’s shadow.

Gordon Timms (Medium Role)
Her late husband, formerly a maintenance engineer, 50s
A rather pedantic and tedious man with a high opinion of both himself and his role in the family.

Martin Timms (Large Role)
Their son, a car salesman, 30s
Blustery, full of enthusiasm.

Ella Packer (Small Role)
His girl friend, 20s
Sour and morose.

Connie Bunting (Large Role)
Beth’s sister-in-law, also a widow, 50s
A “victim” who loves wine.

David Grinseed (Medium Role)
A clergyman, a widower, 50s
Kindly and well meaning, a little bumbling.

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