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June/July 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

Congratulations to the Director, Cast and Crew of “Arsenic and Old Lace” our May production. We got excellent reviews and averaged audiences of over 100 per performance, the best at the Masque for some time. Everyone seemed to enjoy this classic, well–known dramedy and all the cast agreed that it was a very happy and enjoyable production.

We are gearing up for our next play opening 19 October “The Wisdom of Eve” directed by Celia Musikanth, the audition notice for Sunday 16 June is attached, Celia would like to start rehearsals on 10 July. She is an excellent award-winning director and I’m sure it will be an interesting and really worthwhile production, so please come to the audition.

We would like to welcome our new Theatre Manager, Nico Dreyer and wish him luck in his new position, I think it will be a learning curve for all at the Masque.

We are hoping to get a new roof at the theatre as soon as possible. Unfortunately there is shortfall of funds and although we are most grateful to the Lindberg Trust for their donation, the societies have been asked to contribute what they can afford. We are not sure yet if this will be a donation or a loan but have decided that we can afford R25.000.00 Any comments or thoughts from members will be much appreciated. Please phone Jane Philbrick at f.d.h.society@gmail.com

Our committee has also decided that unfortunately, for financial reasons we can no longer put on plays that do not generate bigger audiences. Research shows that well-known comedies, thrillers (Agatha Christie) and musicals are the money makers and have the most audience appeal. Hopefully when finances allow we will be ablt to put on more adventurous or artistic productions. Again if anyone has suggestions for productions of this sort, or would like to direct for us please email Jane.

Congratulations to Constantiaberg on their excellent production of “Cyprienne” despite the problems that were overcome in the casting and especially for the great set and costumes.

Next Society Productions at the Masque.

July – Claremonts “Amy’s View”

July/August MADS “Road to Mecca”

Last Laugh

Q. What’s the difference between a wounded female hippopotamus and an operatic soprano?

A. The jewellery

See you at the theatre,



Celia Musikanth


“The Wisdom of Eve’

by Mary Orr and Reginald Denham


Fish Hoek Dramatic Society

Date: Sunday 16 June at 2pm at False Bay Rendezvous 57 Promenade Road, Muizenberg


(Allow for a call back on Sunday 23 June at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg at  2pm)


The production runs from 11 – 19 October 2013 at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

“The Wisdom of Eve” is a page turning play on which the famous multi-Oscar award-winning film “All About Eve” was based. A famous actress unwittingly lets a younger female fan into her life. This is a page turning play about the machinations behind the scenes in theatre. All the roles are marvelous vehicles for actors of both genders. Ages range from  25 – 60 plus.

The characters are as follows:

Margo – a famous star 45 plus (Lead) Karen – Margo’s friend (an ex-actress) 45 plus (Lead) Eve – a theatre fan 25 – 35 (must be able to metamorphasise into a beautiful butterfly) – can be played by an older actress who is able to play younger convincingly. (Lead) Lloyd  (Karen’s husband)– a playwright (40 – 50) Medium – large role Clement (Margo’s husband) – a producer (40 – 50) Medium role Harvey – Margo’s stage manager (30 – 50) Medium role Jack Marshall – an actor –  almost Cameo role “Tally-Ho” Thompson (male or female) A gossip loving newspaper columnist  (60 plus) Medium-ish role Vera – a very strong actress 25 – 35 – Small gem of a part Mrs Blake – Margot’s dresser 45 plus – Cameo role Director’s Note:   Strong performers are needed for this play   The director’s method is textual unpacking until cast is familiar with intonation, pauses, meaning, etc.   Thereafter blocking, cementing and charactersation are undertaken.   Celia promises an exciting journey into the world of the theatre.   “The Wisdom of Eve” will be set in present day.   Enquiries: Debbie Beswick 082 859 3728 or email debrazoeb@gmail.com  

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April/May 2013

Dear Members and Friends,


Apologies for the tardy newsletter but your committee have all been very involved with our next production “Arsenic and Old Lace” opening 3 May till 11 May.  It is about a very eccentric family in Brooklyn in 1941 and is a clever mixture of comedy and mayhem, both farcical and macabre.  Please make a special effort to attend, audience numbers have been very low at the theatre this year, and we need all the support we can get if we are to have a new roof and air conditioning.


We had a successful A.G.M. and the committee remains unchanged but for two new members to the committee who we would like to welcome.  Rosemary Lewis and Bernie Jacobs, thank you for joining us.  We also want again to thank Val Mulligan for all her sterling work over the years.  She has now retired.

As usual Celia’s adjudication was most constructive and entertaining. Congratulations to all the winners.

Merit Awards:

Gary Fargher for Lighting Effects in ”Saint Joan”

Luke Brown for “Dauphin” – Louis VII in “Saint Joan”

Jesse Chinn for “Gilles de Raise” in “Saint Joan”

Rowan Studti for “Captain La Hire” in “St Joan”

Grace Brain for “Joan” in “Saint Joan”

Most Promising Newcomer:

Leo Batt for “Ronnie Winslow” in “The Winslow Boy”                             Best Supporting Actor:

              Cecil Jakins for “Robert de Baudricourt” in “Saint Joan”

Best Supporting Actress: (shared)

              Sandy Gee for “Grace Winslow” in “The Winslow Boy”

Bernie Jacobs for “The Inquisitor” in “Saint Joan”

Best Actor:

              Richard Higgs for “Sir Robert Morton” in “The Winslow Boy”

Best Actress;

Kelly Kowalski for “Catherine Winslow” in “The Winslow Boy”

Most Innovative Play:

                 “Saint Joan” directed by Richard Higgs

Best Production:

“The Winslow Boy” directed by Aubrey Hindle


Also many congratulations to all the C.A.T.A. Award winners.  Our Masque societies certainly did us proud.  The general consensus however was that the number of excellence awards were excessive and rather detracted from the Main awards.

Our sincere condolences go to Brenda Gray on the death if her daughter Vivienne.


Next Society Productions at the Masque:

       24 May – 1 June    Constantiaberg’s “Cyprienne”

July – Claremont’s “Amy’s View”

July/August MADs “ Road to Mecca”


Last Laugh:

       A pensioner goes to the theatre and asks about the seat prices.

The ticket clerk reads off the list.  “Balcony seats are $40. Circle seats are $30. and seats in the stalls are $25.  Programmes are $2.  “All right says the pensioner. I’ll buy a programme and sit on that”


See you at the theatre,





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Fish Hoek Dramatic Society
P.O. Box 22155, Fish Hoek, 7975
Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring

Where: Masque Theatre – Muizenburg

When:  Sunday 4th November

At: 10.00 am

Performance Dates:  April 2012

Although the play has been set in the Bronx, American accents will not be required.  If you have any queries, or would like to discuss any of the parts, please contact Jane on 021 782 3608 or f.h.d.society@gmail.com

Abby Brewster – A darling lady in her sixties who poisons elderly men. Abby is the sister of Martha, aunt to Teddy, Jonathon and Mortimer. (lg)

Rev Dr Harper – Minister and father of Elaine (sm)

Teddy Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster. Teddy is a man in his 40’s who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. (md)

Officer Brophy – A police officer. (sm)

Officer Klein – A police officer. (sm)

Martha Brewster – A sweet elderly woman with Victorian charm who poisons elderly men. Martha is a sister of Abby and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathon and Mortimer. (lg)

Elaine Harper – An attractive girl in her 20’s and Mortimer’s fiance. Elaine is the daughter of Dr Harper. She is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world for a ministers daughter. (md)

Mortimer Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha, Mortimer is a drama critic who in engaged to Elaine. He is a nice man who cares for his aunts. (lg)

Jonathon Brewster – Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster. He is apsychopath who has had plastic surgery and now looks like Boris Karloff. Lg)

Mr Gibbs – A man who wishes to rent a room from the Brewster sisters. (sm)

Dr Einstein – A plastic surgeon and an alcoholic in his 50’s. Dr Einstein has changed Jonathon’s face three times. (md)

Officer O’Hara – A police officer, who is a would be playwright. He pushes Mortimer to read his play. (md)

Lieut. Roony – A tough dominating police officer. (sm)

Mr Witherspoon – The superintendent of “Happy Dale Sanitarium (sm)

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Fish Hoek Dramatic Society
P.O. Box 22155, Fish Hoek, 7975
Inter Society Quiz
Fish Hoek Dramatic Society invites you to the Inter Society Quiz which will be held in the Masque Foyer, Muizenberg
on Sunday November 25th at 6.30 for 7.oopm
There will be snacks provided and there is a Cash Bar
R20.00 per head

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Hi everyone
First off I apologise for the lateness of this issue. I know Angela, our secretary, has kept everyone updated with the notices of the current production in my absence in India.
I write on a date etched in the collective memory of the modern world – September 11, 2009. On this day the World Trade Centre and its occupants were victim to terrorist action which claimed thousands of lives. The
horror of that day will surely live forever in the minds of those of us who were party to the media reports. So many lives cut short, so many heroes who gave their lives in service of others – we saw how indomitable the
human spirit can be in times of extremity. Let’s give a thought and a prayer to the victims and their families and for a sustainable path to world peace.

But onto lighter matters now!

Several members of the Committee saw Angela Lee Wright’s play “The Haunting of Hill House” in rehearsal last night and we’d like to give you all a taste of what is to come. To say we were riveted to our seats by superb
performances, is no exaggeration. Angela has drawn fine performances from the cast and must be
congratulated. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which she tackled this, her directorial debut at the Masque. The only snippet of cast information that I’m going to give away is that finally Jane Philbrick makes it back to the stage! So for most of us, that already makes it a must see! However, I noticed last night, old habits die hard. Neatly parked in the Stage Manager’s bay was Jane’s car! So hopefully the lure of the lights will not be too strong! Cecil Jakins has even exceeded the complexity and ingenuity of his last set. You will be amazed at what can be achieved on the Masque stage. And, as to the plot – come and see for yourself, you will be sucked right in to the atmosphere created by the principle character of the play!

Good news is that Zack Hartley, whom most of you will remember for his wonderful singing in “Beautiful Noise”, has joined the committee to fill the place vacated by Cecil Jakins, who has moved up the line. Zack and Angela Burgess will be championing the music side of FHDS and we will keep you posted in that regard. We are
intending to put on a show to go to Old Age Homes and Hospitals. This will be in the next news letter with dates of auditions, description of genres of music, etc


False Bay Hospital would like to follow the successful example set by Groot Schuur Hospitl whereby H.I.V.
people can be employed to do beadwork which will be sold on the overseas market. This POSITIVE
BEADWORK project, needs funds to buy equipment to get it up and running, which can be done by buying a ticket to see a delightful South African play – set in the NEW South Africa -calledFRINGE PEOPLE. The play is staged by a talented cast from the OFF ROAD PLAYERS and directed by Sue Bolton . The Author is Ralph Kelly who also wrote MURDER IN THE COMMON ROOM , which was staged at the Masque Theatre last year to full houses. By seeing this play you will not only be helping to alleviate unemployment , but you are guaranteed a delightful romp with South African characters you will all identify with, as well as having a good few belly laughs as well.! Hope to see you there !

VENUE Paul Greyling School Sunray Rd. Fish Hoek
Mattinee 2.30 PM Evening 6.30 PM

Tickets available at A P Jones Dept. Store and Fish Hoek Methodist church .First ave, Fish Hoek . Price R 35.00 per ticket.

Please turn out to support Sue Bolton who has been a member of FHDS for many years and contributed greatly to our Society. It is time to repay the kindness by all booking to raise funds for this excellent cause in the heart of Fish Hoek, our “homeland”.

That’s the news for now, but the next newsletter will be hot on this one’s heels as we are entering a period of
excitement and growth!

Best wishes

Margi on behalf of FHDS Committee


Margi Blewett – Chair – 021-7884664 / 083 628 6295 / MargiB@zoomadvertising.co.za
Helen Mathers – Vice Chair
Aubrey Hindle – Treasurer
Angela Burgess – Secretary
Jane Philbrick
Alistair Duff
Heather Gibbons
John Blewett
Zack Hartley

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Fish Hoek Dramatic Society is desperate to find an actor to play the part of Eric in a Warburton Play (actually two one-act plays) directed by Barrie Howard. These are the two one-act plays which follow “Easy Stages”.
The plays are very witty comedies and follow one another. The role calls for a young man in his thirties but we could be flexible to a degree (but cannot have someone too young). The part is a lead part and requires an actor of some experience.
Kindly contact Margi Blewett (chairperson Fish Hoek D. S.) on 083 628 6295


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