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Muizenberg Dramatic Society

 OCTOBER  2007   

Hello Everyone!  Here we are in October already and Spring is with us with all its beauty! And because of the rain we have had, everything looks magnificent. Well except for my lawn, which is overrun with weeds!! Never have I seen so many varieties and in such profusion. I have been spending an hour or so per day after work on my hands and knees weeding for this past week and I still have a third to go!! But it has been a surprisingly relaxing time out there in the warm sun – time which otherwise would have been spent indoors doing something else not nearly so soothing.

Enough about gardening!!! This is a theatrical newsletter after all.  


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The Official Newsletter

 (Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450 Email: cjwells@mweb.co.za  or phone 0215318682 

Hey Everyone!

Lots of exciting things in store. Never forget that you are the Society, without you it doesn’t exist. So get involved in everything. All it takes is an email or phone call. Has the kettle boiled? OkieDokie, put up your tootsies and read on. 


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