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official newsletter of Pinelands Players

Pinelands Players was established in 1948 & Incorporates The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society


Hi Everyone!

I’m a little late with this AdLib, but we’ve been busy bees. With one show put to bed and everyone swooning with exhaustion, we have thrown ourselves into the next one! Please diarise items in our calendar and be sure to be at the clubhouse for them.


What a fun show! Tina Gough in her directorial debut produced a show that had audiences hooting with laughter and applauding until their hands hurt. The show was filled with ghosts, skeletons, monsters, magic and even a mad scientist; eerie stories, great choreography and haunting songs kept the theme on track throughout. From the amazing cast, the technical team of Glyn, Chris and Paul, the wonderful ladies who cooked the delicious meal, the staff of Tanya March’s Blackstone Creations, the cast who painted and were there to help set up, Graham Leverton & PP Members who helped him at the bar, Bron Paxton’s fab choreography, Ali Hofer who helped to devise the show, to Tanya Browne and her fabulous front of house staff, we owe so many thanks.

A wonderful collaborative effort that will be remembered as a highlight in the history of our Candlelight Suppers.



Backstage in #Horror, ideas were flying around about putting together an evening of music. Joy Millar suggested a ‘Jam Session’. If you play the guitar, keyboard, drums, flute, sax or any musical instrument come along and join in. Maybe you want to sing or have longed to show people how a comb and tissue paper can make a lovely sound? But you don’t have to jam, just be there to enjoy the vibe and have a drink or two. No charge.


When Bonny White asked if Pinelands Players would be interested in hosting this concert, the Committee jumped at the opportunity and asked if they could stretch it from one to two performances.

Richard White (pictured below), Keenan Oliphant, Hanna Lim, Stuart Brown, Claire Simonis, Martine Kawalsky and Georgia Bailey are seven incredibly talented young people. Each of them has already achieved so much in the theatrical field; there is no doubt these are future stars. This is a rare opportunity to see them perform together on one stage.

They’ll be performing solos and duets from exciting new musicals accompanied by Reon Jacobs at the keyboard.

On for only two nights, please book early.


TICKETS ARE A MERE R30 AND YOU CAN BOOK BY EMAILING TINA ON bgough@telkomsa.net or phoning her on 082 771 9644


As ‘Mama Mia’ was to ABBA so ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’ is to Neil Sedaka

Directed by June Wells, Musical Direction Alan van der Merwe & Ted Faulkner, Choreography Bronwyn Paxton

The show is set in the legendary ‘Borscht Belt’ in the Catskills on Labour Day Weekend 1960. Marge (Gizelle Willows) and Lois (Robyn Schurr) are spending Marge’s honeymoon there. I’d better explain: you see, Marge’s fiancé didn’t pitch for the wedding – Lois tells her that it would be an awful waste not to go (after all it was already paid for), Marge reluctantly agrees.

Their futures are changed forever as they become hilariously involved with the owner and staff of ‘Esther’s Paradise Resort’ – Del Delmonico (Shaun Holley) the ambitious handsome singer, Esther (Juliet Joffe/Erika Marais) the feisty widow who owns the resort, Harvey (Chris Laurie) the in-house comedian and confirmed bachelor and Gabe (Graham Leverton) the nerdy jack of all trades who has a secret. The Band (Alan van der Merwe, Ted Faulkner & David Bolton) with the Doo-Whap Four (Bronwyn Paxton, Jo Verfailles, Jules Hofer & Erika Marais) are an integral part of Esther’s resort.

From bouncy rock to soulful ballads, the music is just great. Including the title song, you’ll hear ‘Solitaire’, ‘Stupid Cupid’, ‘Where the Boys Are’, ‘Laughter in the Rain’, ‘Love Will Keep us Together’, ‘Calendar Girl’, ‘Oh, Carol’, ‘The Diary’, ‘Lonely Nights’, ‘My Friend’, ‘Hey Little Devil’, ‘Angel Face’, ‘Living Next door to an Angel’, ‘Happy Birthday Sweet 16’, ‘King of Clowns’ and ‘Betty Grable’.

We’re looking for someone to stage manage this show, it is a unit set, so not complicated. If there is anyone willing to come on board and have some fun, contact June on 0215318682 or 0724467532 or email cjwells@mweb.co.za.

Show dates: October 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th (2 performances), 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th (2 performances). More information on booking, prices and discounts to follow in Next AdLib.

If anyone is interested in ‘buying’ a house to raise funds, let us know. You’ll get a great discount and we are also prepared to sell a half house. Contact Tina or Alison – email addresses at end of this AdLib. 


Remember the Victor Tichart concert last year? The concept was so well received that we’ve decided to have another one! But this time we want YOU to supply the content. Can you sing, dance, tell a funny story, play an instrument, do magic? Then why don’t you volunteer to showcase your talent on stage? We’ll be looking for about 16 – 18 acts. Maybe you’d like to put something together with friends? Don’t hesitate and leave it too late to be included. Send me an email with the subject ‘CONCERT’ – cjwells@mweb.co.za tell us what you’d like to do (be specific), and your name will be on the list for the Committee to consider (obviously we can’t have 6 people playing Saint-Sans’ 3rd violin concerto, so there will be a selection process). This is going to be fun! 


OKLAHOMA! You still have time to catch this mammoth musical from G&S at the Artscape Opera House. Directed by Teddy Davies. The show closes on the 3rd August, so hurry and book at Computicket now!

THE BENEFACTORS – just time to as well to catch this acclaimed production directed by Coleen van Staden for MADS at the Masque, it closes on the 2nd August. To book: 021 788 1898.

CALIFORNIA SUITE – 15th – 23rd August at the Masque. fabulous comedy by Neil Simon from Fish Hoek Dramatic Society. Directed by Jane Philbrick. Booking: 021 788 1898.


CONSTANTIABERG THEATRE PLAYERS are holding auditions for ‘The Great Gatsby’ which will run from the 28 Nov – 6th Dec. Director: Alastair Duff. The audition is this Sunday (3rd) at 2 p.m. in the Masque foyer – for more info, contact Alastair on 0217884984.

The MASQUE THEATRE is holding auditions for ‘Once upon a time.com’, which will run from 10th – 21st December. Director Kyla Thorburn. The audition is on the 17th from 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., also in the Masque foyer. For more info, contact Tanya March on 08229006963 or tanya@march.za.net.

AND THE WORLD GOES ‘ROUND. From Milnerton Players in September, watch out for this revue of the wonderful music of Kander and Ebb at the Playhouse.

FRANCOIS HARDY & BREL, SO ALIVE, SO WELL. at the Rosebank Theatre until 9th August. Devised & directed by Paul Spence (who also co-stars) with Cat Simoni. Tickets only R50. Booking: Katherine 0835160657.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW returns to the Fugard Theatre until 2nd November. Book on Computicket.


If you haven’t paid yet, please do.

Banking details:


NUMBER: 50141180659

BRANCH: 200810



GLYN FOGEL/CHAIRMAN (gfogell@shoprite.co.za), CHRIS LAURIE/HON.TREASURER (chris@acron.biz), TANYA MARCH/HON.SECRETARY (tanya@blackstonecreations.com), TINA GOUGH (bgough@telkomsa.net), GRAHAM LEVERTON (remreveal2002@hotmail.com), TANYA BROWNE (tansha@iafrica.com), ALISON HOFER (alisonhofer@gmail.com), JUNE WELLS (cjwells@mweb.co.za)

Contact any of us for information about PINELANDS PLAYERS

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Hello all!

Some exciting auditions coming up:

  • A second casting call for CTP’s The Great Gatsby. The show will run from 28 November – 6 December at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg.
  • And the details are in for the auditions for the end-of-year panto, Once Upon A Time.com. This show will run from 10 – 21 December at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. 
  • HHDS are holding auditions for Fawlty Towers (“Waldorf Salad” and “The Psychiatrist”). The show will run in Somerset West in early December for two weeks.


The Great Gatsby

The second casting call for The Great Gatsby will take place Sunday 3 August at 14:00 in the Masque Theatre foyer. 

The show will run from 28 November – 6 December. 

Singers and dancers also welcome, as there will be a chorus group. Any further information requests can be directed to Alastair Duff by calling 021 788 4984.


American accents are required for all characters except Meyer Wolfsheim. 

  • Jay Gatsby 25+- (Important Role) – A romantic idealist, has a disarming smile, charming although at times distant. Speaks with a self-conscious “English accent”.
  • Tom Buchanan 25-35 (Important Role) – Daisy’s husband. Powerful and cruel, Dominating and sadistic.
  • Nick Carraway 25+- (Important Role) – The Narrator, opposite of Tom Buchanan with a kind and gentle manner.
  • Jordan Baker 25+- (Important Role) – An athletic, sophisticated and elegant young lady.
  • Myrtle Wilson 25-35 (Supporting Role) – Tom Buchanan’s mistress, overblown, loud and common. A wonderful character role.
  • George Wilson 25-35 (Supporting Role) – Myrtle’s husband. Weak, spineless and spiritless character.
  • Meyer Wolfsheim 45-65 (Small Role) – Foreign looking chap, very mysterious character.
  • Mr & Mrs McKee 35+- – Typical New Yorkers, loud and unsophisticated.
  • Mrs Michaelis 35+- – Character Role.
  • Cop 25-45 – Character Role (Could be doubled but would prefer not too).
  • Dancers, Female Singer, Male Singer – These characters act as the “chorus” of the play and sing and dance at various intervals.


Once Upon A Time.com

The audition for Once Upon A Time.com will be taking place at the Masque Theatre on Sunday 17 August from 13:00 – 16:30 (please be prepared to stay the full time duration as you will be taught a short dance and song to perform at the casting call). Singers and dancers also welcome, as there will be a chorus group. 

The show will take place 10 – 21st December 2014.

Please compile a comic poem of your choice – no longer than two verses. The director is looking for presentation, expression and voice projection. You may recite or read it. 


Once Upon a Time.Com is a locally written (2000) and adapted (2014) modern pantomime uses most of the traditional pantomime conventions, like Dames, sing-alongs, audience participation and rewritten lyric’s to well-known commercial songs.

A Pantomime (informally panto), is a musical comedy, designed for family entertainment that is fun for all ages. It was developed in England and is generally performed during the Christmas and New Year season. Modern Pantomime includes songs, slapstick comedy and dancing, employs gender-crossing actors, and combines topical humour. It is a participatory form of theatre, in which the audience is expected to sing along with certain parts of the music and shout out phrases to the performers. Once Upon a Time.Com is no different.

The principal story is about a virus created by the character Virulina who has a personal vendetta against the character the Webmaster – responsible for the Great Storyland Computer Service. The stories in Storyland get corrupted by this virus and the Webmaster deploys Dorothy Com and other intriguing characters to find Virulina and destroy the virus.


Our wish is to make this a big cast:- 4 leads, 9 supports, 11 cameo’s (who will also be part of all singing and dancing production numbers) with a chorus of children. There may be additional characters created, depending on the attendance at the audition.

If you wish to audition for more than one role, you are more than welcome. Rehearsals will start in September.

  • The Webmaster (Adult male) – Principal (The Narrator)
  • Dot Com (Adult Female) – Principal
  • Jack Mac (Teen/young adult Male) – Support
  • Mac (Teen/young adult Male) – Support
  • Widow Mac (Adult Male) – Support Dame
  • W.W. Wolfe (Adult Male) – Principal
  • Cinderella (Teen/young adult Female) – Support
  • Widow Lithium (Adult Male) – Support Dame
  • Puss in Boots (Adult Male) – Cameo
  • Granny Hood (Elderly adult Female) – Cameo
  • Gigabyte (Teen Female) – Cameo
  • Megabyte (Teen Male/Female) – Support
  • Bytesize (Teen Female) – Cameo
  • Virulina (Adult Female) – Principal
  • Beef (Thug) (Adult Male) – Support
  • Streaky Bacon (Teen/adult Male/Female) – Cameo
  • Crispy Bacon (Teen/adult Male/Female) – Cameo
  • Shoulder Bacon (Teen/adult Male/Female) – Cameo
  • Two Percent the cow (2 x Teen/adult Male/Female) – Support 
  • Humpty Dumpty (Adult Male) – Cameo
  • Daphne Dumpty (Adult Female) – Cameo
  • Bo Peep (Adult Female) – Cameo May be a Dame
  • Snow White (Adult Female) – Cameo May be a Dame
  • Chorus of Angry Birds (Kids male/female)
  • Chorus of Zombies (Kids male/female)


The show also needs people to help out in all realms, from costumes to scenery to backstage to publicity. If you would like to get involved, please let Kim R2 (tzar42@gmail.com) or Anthony Lister (anthonylister@mailbox.co.za) or any other CDS committee member know ASAP.

Please contact Tanya March at tanya@march.za.net or on 082 2900 6963 for any queries


Fawlty Towers (“Waldorf Salad & The Psychiatrist”)

Auditions will be held on Sunday 3 August at 4:30pm for 5pm with a possible call-back on Sunday August 10 at 4:30pm for 5pm at the Playhouse Theatre (Somerset West). The show opens early December for a two week run. Rehearsals will be Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:30pm, and Saturday afternoons from 2pm.

Fawlty Towers comes back to The Playhouse in Somerset West in December this year, directed by Norman McFarlane for the Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society (HHDS). The immensely popular 1970s British comedy series debuted on The Playhouse stage in 2010 with “The Hotel Inspectors” and “Communication Problems”. This year we’re staging the hilarious “Waldorf Salad” and “The Psychiatrist”.


The parts of Sybil and The Major are pre-cast, with Anthea Nixon Bosch and John Thornton reprising their roles from 2010. We are looking to cast the following parts for both episodes:

  • Basil Fawlty, Sybil’s hapless husband, and proprietor of Fawlty Towers
  • Polly, the chambermaid cum waitress cum receptionist, mid-20s to mid-30s
  • Manuel, the Spanish waiter from Barcelona, up to mid-30s
  • Terry, the Cockney chef, up to mid-30s
  • Miss Tibbs & Miss Gatsby, two elderly residents of Fawlty Towers.

For “Waldorf Salad”, we will cast the following parts:

  • Mr Hamilton, an American guest (episode lead)
  • Mrs Hamilton, Mr Hamilton’s English wife (episode lead)
  • Mr Libson, a guest
  • Mr Johnstone, a guest
  • Mrs Johnstone, a guest
  • Miss Hare, a guest
  • Miss Gurke, a guest
  • Mr Arrad, a guest
  • Mrs Arrad, a guest.

For “The Psychiatrist”, we will cast the following parts:

  • Mr Johnson, a flamboyant guest in his mid-30’s (episode lead)
  • Dr Abbott, a middle-aged psychiatrist (episode lead)
  • Mrs Abbot, Dr Abbott’s wife (principal part)
  • Raylene Miles, an attractive young Australian woman guest (principal part)
  • Mrs Johnson, Mr Johnson’s elderly mother
  • Girlfriend, an attractive young woman, who Mr Johnson smuggles into his room (non-speaking part).


The success of Fawlty Towers in 2010 was achieved by not deviating from the original comedy formula of the TV series. Accordingly, accents matter, and of course we’re looking for people who can faithfully recreate the performances of the original cast members, particularly for the principal parts of Basil, Sybil, Polly, Manuel, The Major and Terry the chef, and the episode leading roles.

You are welcome to prepare for the audition beforehand, by watching the two episodes we are staging, and the audition scripts will also be available on The Playhouse Facebook page prior to the audition. Rehearsals are scheduled for Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm, and Saturday afternoon from 2pm. Rehearsals typically last no more than three hours.

The first rehearsal, a read-through of the two episode scripts, will take place on Monday 11 August at 7.30pm, venue to be advised at the Sunday 3 August audition.

All people who are cast in the show, must be members of the HHDS. If you’re not a member, membership forms will be available at the audition, and you can sign up right away. 

Contact Norman McFarlane on 082 554 0707 or norman.mcfarlane@gmail.com for any further information you may require.

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MADS Messenger



I’m feeling a bit like an Oklahoma widow at the moment – I’m sure Marc Jacquest is too!

Both Ron and Lee are in the chorus of this production at Artscapes and, boy, do they do a lot of shows!

Almost makes one appreciate the Masque’s short runs!!

Well, on to business …




A very warm welcome to Sixolisiwe Mdaka who recently joined our Society – hope to meet you at our members’ evening in August – details to follow in next newsletter!!


Lieske Bester shares details of a trip recently:

In June I had 8 wondrous days and nights on a circular tour visiting 4 national parks: Karoo, Mountain Zebra, Addo and Tsitsikamma. Great accommodation – luxurious food– vistas so beautiful that I now have fallen in love with the Karoo (as long as it is winter!). Eight passengers on a small bus – we got on well and the driver/guide was knowledgeable, kind, patient (plus youngish and good looking!) We were very lucky with the weather and therefore the sighting – I made rough notes and the elephants alone numbered some 180 – whole families crossed right in front of us and surrounded the bus – if a window was open we could have touched them. Multitudes of other beasts – large and small (loved the variety of buck and especially the meerkat looking like a pontificating preacher!) Could have done without the two lions and their tragic kill (a pregnant Buffalo). The last night was in Tsitsikamma where the log chalets are close to the ocean and the whales frolicked in and out of the water. Google www.landscapetours.co.za there are many other tempting options – I did the Spring Break last year.




…your living room sofa spends more time on stage than you do.

…you have your own secret family recipe for stage blood.

…you’ve ever appeared on stage wearing your own clothes.

….you’ve ever driven around the back of stores looking for discards that can be used for set.

…you’ve ever taken time off your job to work on the show.

…you’ve worked your vacation time to coincide with tech week.






There was a mesmerising interview on Taxi Radio recently – this brilliant production deserves our support – here are some comments from people who have had a “sneak-peek”:

“…bowled over by the acting, directing and sheer commitment of all involved.”

“…one of the most thought provoking, captivating plays I have seen.”

“…so well cast and the characterization is superb…”



Director Barbara Basel had a good turnout for The Importance of Being Earnest and has put together what she believes is a very good team. The cast is a mixture of both new and familiar faces:

Algernon   Mike Dewar

Jack   David Sharpe

Gwendolen  Sara-Kate de Beer

Cecily    Grace Brain

Lady B  Miranda Lewis

Miss Prism  Jane Cohen

Rev Chasuble   Richard Higgs

Lane/Merriman   Andy Rabagliati



In is down, down is front
Out is up, up is back
Off is out, on is in
And of course-
Left is right and right is left
A drop shouldn’t and a
Block and fall does neither
A prop doesn’t and
A cove has no water
Tripping is OK
A running crew rarely gets anywhere
A purchase line buys you nothing
A trap will not catch anything
A gridiron has nothing to do with football
Strike is work (In fact a lot of work)
And a green room, thank god, usually isn’t
Now that you’re fully versed in Theatrical terms,
Break a leg. But not really.



Please note days, times and prices for Masque Theatre productions (unless otherwise stated) are Thurs & Fri performances at 20:00, Saturday matinee at 14:30, Saturday evening at 18:30.

Thurs eve and Sat Matinees R60 (Theatre Club members R50). Other Nights R70 (TCM R60).

Bookings: 021 7881898 or bookings@masquetheatre.co.za or at the theatre Mon-Fri, 09:30 to 16:00.

(During run of shows also 9:30 to 12:00 on Saturdays)

Keep up with Masque news on https://www.facebook.com/masquetheatre

19 Jul to 3 Aug    Oklahoma! directed by Teddy Davies for G&S at the Arscape Opera House. Tickets through Computicket range from R100 to R235 and preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each – phone Ronnie Carr on 0727847236.

24 Jul to 2 Aug    Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer, directed by Bettina Horvath for Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society at the Playhouse in Somerset West Sleuth has all the ingredients of a top-class thriller. It has a plot with twists and turns with suspense and excitement galore. It is a brilliant parody of the Agatha Christie country-house thriller, mercilessly satirizing the genre at the same as using its technical devices to the full. Set in 1970 it takes us on a journey of deceit and exploration of the “noble mind”. Bookings through Computicket (08619158000).

25 Jul to 2 Aug    Benefactors by Michael Frayn, directed by Coleen van Staden for Muizenberg Dramatic Society at the Masque. Take an idealistic architect whose mission it is to revitalize a city slum, add his loyal wife who wants to do good at every turn, mix it up with needy neighbours who are the unworthy recipients of kindness, and have award winning playwright, Michael Frayn deliver it in an elegant script and you end up with a play that is clever, funny, thought provoking, and highly entertaining. As you take a peek into the lives of David, Jane, Sheila and Colin you may even recognize your neighbours … or better yet, yourselves! Don’t miss this award winning play! Please note there is NO matinee on Saturday 26 July. We have added a Wednesday performance.

Wed 30 July      Benefactors – a performance with a special “twist”!! As a fun activity and part of the 1000drawingsct.co.za World Design Capital Project, we are hosting a doodle session to help raise funds for the upgrading of the Thomas Wildschutt School in Retreat. Audience members are encouraged to take a sheet of the paper provided and draw something inspired by the show. All of the Doodles will be given to 1000 Drawings to sell off at their event on 28 August at the CTICC. All of the proceeds from that event will go to the school. There will be a free glass of gluhwein for the Doodlers’ efforts! Audience members are encouraged to come at 19h30 so that they can start their Doodles before curtain up at 20h00. If they don’t finish their Doodle before the show, they can complete them in interval, which will be lengthened to 30 minutes. For further info visit http://1000drawingsct.co.za/charity/ or http://1000drawingsct.co.za/ or drop Fae or Kim an email on faerie452@gmail.com or tzar42@gmail.com respectively.

8 – 10 Aug    Experience the Divine Bette Midler, a tribute show by Jodine Clare-Talbot, accompanied by Karen Rossouw on piano, in the Foyer of the Masque. After two sold-out performances in March, Jodine and Karen are returning to the Masque Theatre to raise money for the roof fund. This tribute show journeys through the Bette Midler songs (cabaret style) featured in her movies, television appearances and extravagant live shows. This show will have you singing along, laughing out loud and even drying an eye. On this Women’s Day weekend Jodine and Karen will pay tribute to a truly original woman who is larger than life! Performances Friday and Saturday at 20h00, Sunday 19h00. Tickets cost R85 and all women will receive a complimentary glass of wine or juice.

15 – 23 Aug  Califonia Suite by Neil Simon, directed by Jane Philbrick for Fish Hoek Dramatic Society at the Masque. A hotel suite is the setting for four individual plays. A couple from London has arrived for the Oscar Awards full of expectation. Two couples from Chicage, who are best buddies, find that you can be too close for comfort. From New York we have the divorced wife arriving to do battle with her ex-husban for custody of their teenage daughter and, from Philadelphia, a wife arrives at the hotel suite before her husband can get rid of a drunken hooker from his bed.

Sun 17 Aug  Cliff & The Shadows, by Tribute, in the Masque Foyer at 18h30. A show to set your feet tapping to one of the greatest sounds of the sixties. Come along for a relaxing evening and enjoy a musical journey back to the days when the original group topped the charts with hits such as “Apache”, “Atlantis”, “Summer Holiday”. Tickets cost R95 (R85).



Constantiaberg Theatre Players is holding an audition for The Great Gatsbyby Simon Levy in the Masque Theatre Foyer at 13h00 on Sunday 27 July 2014. The production will be directed by Alastair Duff and is on in November 2014. American accents are requiredand the cast requires 4 men (age 25+), 4 women (age 22+), a few more mature actors and a singing/dancing “chorus”. For further information contact Alastair on 021 788 4984.


The audition for the Masque’s pantomime, Once Upon a Time Dot.Com, which runs at the theatre in December, will take place on Sunday, 17 August at 13h00. Full details to follow!!



Anthony Storr Lister will be presenting a Front-of-House Training Workshop for all those interested in volunteering as FOH Managers and Box Office volunteers at the Masque on Sunday 27 July 2014, 16h00–18h00. All are welcome, whether you have already volunteered, wish to volunteer or are simply curious as to the functioning of our theatre. Please RSVP to Jane de Sousa at jane@dramaticsolutions.co.za or on 072 446 5420 to facilitate catering. He has PROMISED that it will be “non-threatening” AND it will be a bit of a social event as well.



Michelle Knights starts us off on the 3rd with John McConnell next on the 10th.

Phyllis Early celebrates on the 11th with Nico Dreyer on the 12th and Tobie Beele on the 15th.

New member Sixolisiwe Mdaka has a birthday of the 16th of August.

Sandy Gee and Ralph Lawson share the 20th.

And last but definitely not least is Joan Hitchcock on the 25th.


Or, as some anonymous wit put it:

“Another candle on your cake? Well that’s no cause to pout.
Be glad that you have strength enough to blow the damn thing out!”



…you’ve ever appeared in a show where the cast out-numbered the audience by 2 to 1.
…you’ve ever had to haul a sofa off stage wearing an evening gown and heels.
…you’ve ever gotten a part because you were the only one who showed up for auditions.
…you’ve ever gotten a part because you were the only male who showed up for auditions.
…you’ve ever had to threaten someone with a gun held together with hot glue and electrical tape.
…you’ve ever played the father of someone your father’s age.
…you’ve ever been in a show where an actor leaned out through a window without opening it first.


Well, my hubby’s just sent a message to say he’s on his way home – this is the first time I’ve ever done a whole newsletter in one sitting!!

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Our Committee:

Chair: Barbara Basel 021 761 4289/082 651 1695; Vice Chair: Wendy Morling 021 715 0694/083 462 8242; Secretary: Eve Carr 021 797 7286/082 789 2281; Acting Treasurer: Raymond Rudolph 021 794 5229/082 312 2737; Members: Su Cunningham 021 762 3875/082 902 2938; Alastair Duff 021 788 4984; Richard Higgs 083 611 1419; Di Thom 021 794 7455/082 410 9900; President: Celia Musikanth 021 788 7911/083 358 8415 Vice President: John McConnell 021 782 2743; Masque Trustee: Nick Lee

Our Website: www.mvds.co.za

Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Mads/1740873193086

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Claremont Chat

Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter

The Hok, 162 Campground Road, Claremont, 7708

email: claremontdramatic@gmail.com


July 2014 – Number 135

Hi all,

It is a new season for CDS and with some exciting events in store. We are now done with post-production on The Hollow as we start rehearsals and preparation for Quartet. There is plenty to look forward to, especially our upcoming members’ evening – we hope to see you all there.


From Wendy…

Wendy and Bob are settling down nicely in Mthatha, and making the most of a whole new lifestyle. Wendy has been helping out at the local primary school, and is working on their upcoming talent show (mid-August). She is also involved with the Round Table Variety Show, which is happening at the end of July. For those of you not on Facebook, you may like to follow their progress on Wendy’s blog: www.hakunamthatha.blogspot.com


Members’ evening

Just a reminder about our upcoming members’ evening on Friday 18 July, 19h30 for 20h00. It will be an exciting monologue programme performed by those who attended the acting workshop. This will be the final step in their workshop process and we have eleven actors to entertain you. We also have two wonderful adjudicators to help give feedback, our very own Michelle Belknap and Yvonne Finch.

We look forward to seeing you all; it has been too long.


The Hollow: Another triumph for Claremont Dramatic Society!

Who says Agatha Christie cannot be done well? You? Well, if so, you clearly did not see CDS’s recent production of The Hollow at the Masque.

Director Liz Roodt’s debut was an excellent production with polished performances from all concerned. Despite the press criticism of the French detective and much semi-informed discussion re Poirot the entire cast gave convincing performances in front of an excellently conceived and executed set. The action was well sustained and characterisation appropriate. Special mention, for me, must be made of the acting of Faeron Wheeler and Sheldon Cross. Jenny Brandt handled the transition from “mouse” to vicious killer chillingly well. The tour-de-force in acting terms, though, was from Su Cunningham. She was at the same time delightfully dotty and wickedly scheming.

And, to top it all, we made a handy profit.

Well done to all concerned, both on the tapis and behind, on a really good production.

A.J. Storr Lister



The Hollow raffle winners

As you know, we raffled off two Hollow set pieces in aid of the Masque roof fund.

Here are the winners!

“Ainswick” by Libby Harrison was won by Christine Doyle.

“The Worshipper” by Earnest Peake was won by Nigel Stevenson.



Auditions: The Great Gatsby by Simon Levy

Directed by Alastair Duff for Constantiaberg Theatre Players

American accents are required for all characters except for Meyer Wolfsheim

Auditions will be held Sunday 27 July 2014, 13h00–15h00, in the Masque Theatre foyer, Muizenberg.


Front of House training workshop

Anthony Storr Lister will be presenting a non-threatening workshop for all those interested in volunteering as FOH Managers and Box Office volunteers at the Masque on Sunday 27 July 2014, 16h00–18h00.

All are welcome, whether you have already volunteered, wish to volunteer or are simply curious as to the more arcane functioning of our theatre. Please RSVP to Jane de Sousa at jane@dramaticsolutions.co.za or on 072 446 5420 to facilitate catering. (Yes, it will be a bit of a social event as well.) Please mention to her that you saw this ad in the CDS Claremont Chat.


Directors’ workshop

I will be facilitating a directors’ workshop next month; this will be a once-off, half-day intensive workshop. This workshop is not only for those who wish to be a director; it is also a very valuable workshop for stage managers and production secretaries.

The workshop will be hosted at the Hok on 9 August 2014, 09h00–14h00.

Cost: R200

The workshop will cover:

  • Decision-making
  • The director’s book
  • Exercises for actors
  • Time management
  • Setting, place and time

Those wanting to receive their director’s tickets will be given an opportunity to showcase a short scene they have directed at the October members’ evening.

For more info contact me (Sheldon): sheldon_cross@yahoo.com or 072 596 8369.



18 July                        Members’ evening

Monologue showcase with soup and rolls … promises to be good old catch up too!

19 July – 3 August   OKLAHOMA!

From G&S, directed by Teddy Davies, in the Artscape Opera House.

Tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.

25 July – 2 August   Benefactors

Michael Frayn’s award-winning play presented by MADS at the Masque Theatre and directed by Coleen van Staden.

27 July                        Great Gatsby audition

13h00–15h00, in the Masque Theatre foyer.

27 July                        FOH training workshop

16h00–18h00, in the Masque Theatre foyer.

15 – 23 August          California Suite

Fish Hoek Dramatic Society presents Neil Simon’s California Suite, directed by Jane Philbrick.


That’s all folks!




Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2014:

Simon Dutton (Vice-Chair/Hok Manager) simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350

Anthony Storr Lister (Treasurer) anthonylister@mailbox.co.za Home: 021 671 1443 Cell: 082 357 7677

Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer): jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell:082 492 5984

Sheldon Cross (Chat) sheldon_cross@yahoo.com Home: 021 801 5610 Cell: 072 596 8369

Liz Roodt (Members’ Evenings): lizroodt@yahoo.co.uk Cell: 081 259 3607

Kim Randleff-Rasmussen (Publicity): tzar42@gmail.com Cell: 083 619 2441

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