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No 69                                                        APRIL 2008

 Hi all!

 Our usual scribe, Jen, is rather snowed under at the moment – what with a career change, a crashed computer and a new puppy, she’s finding it a tad difficult to write a newsletter as well.  So I’ll be your scribe for the time being.

 Things Theatrical are hotting up rapidly, and there’s plenty of action over the next few weeks.  Most importantly is the opening of our first production of the year.  Director Yvonne Copley tells us more about it…


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Muizenberg Dramatic Society



Hello again! Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! April already and a definite nip in the air these days. Certainly once again the weather seems to have turned overnight. Certainly the need for a cardigan or pullover at night is here. I have hauled out my favourite throw which is kept nearby when I watch television or work on the computer at night. It is like an old friend I greet each year. My grown-up teddy bear to cuddle at night!  I must admit, though, that I have become a bit weary of the endless hot late summer days we have been having and have been itching to delve into my winter wardrobe. One gets so tired of the same clothes for too long, don’t you agree?

Anyway enough of my rambling and on with the news.   


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