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 AUGUST  2007



Hello again everyone!!! The rain is pelting down outside and I am so glad there is no need to venture outdoors again today.  I have pleasant music playing, a nice little heater next to me and good friends to write to – what more can I ask? Isn’t this winter like it used to be or am I mistaken? I seem to remember days upon days of rain in the past as well as hail and sometimes frost on the car windows and lawns in the early morning.  We still have to experience that this winter!! Anyway, as usual, enough about the weather and on with the news!!!!


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No 62                                                        AUGUST 2007

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a while! Your committee has been so busy with plays, musicals and the like that we haven’t been able to touch sides! But we’re back to work – noses fully to the grindstone.

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