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September 2016 – Number 160

Hi everyone!

Members evening report back

Our last members evening on 26 August was a great success and it was very gratifying to see so many people there. Roy Oldfield ran a very enjoyable quiz, which was varied and interesting and certainly proved why my default quiz team name is Jon Snow: I really don’t know anything!

Lynn Moss then ran a Shakespearean charades game which was the source of much hilarity. Gratifyingly, my team did rather well in that and won the game. (Thank goodness for that: we’d have been more than slightly embarrassed if we didn’t, considering that all three actors from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare were in the team!)

Members evenings 2016

There will be two more members evenings for CDS this year. The next one is on 7 October at the Hok. Entertainment for the evening will feature a short extract from our upcoming production of Silly Cow and a play directed by Matt Roy.

Our year-end members evening, so you can diarise the date now, will be on 4 December.

Director’s tickets

We need new directors for our CDS productions. If you are interested in directing, we’d love to have you! All you need to do is stage a short play or play extract at a members evening to get your director’s ticket. For more information or to propose a play, contact our members evening convenor Matt Roy (contact details at the end of this newsletter).

Silly Cow update

Remember to come to our next members evening on 7 October for a sneak preview of this bright pink play!

Silly Cow by Ben Elton follows ballsy, foul-mouthed tabloid writer Doris Wallace as she gets everything that’s coming to her. It’s a slick, modern satire, full of razor-sharp dialogue that is at times vulgar but funny and clever from start to finish. This hilarious piece was originally produced in 1991 on London’s West End and is one of only four stage plays written by Ben Elton. In 2016, this production marks the directorial debut of Faeron Wheeler. The production runs 21–29 October and tickets are R70-R80.

New members!

A warm CDS welcome to Linda and Laurence Steele and Keshia Codron who joined the society in August. We look forward to seeing you at our events and plays!

Digital archive

As Simon mentioned at the members evening, I have started collating pictures and info about our past productions from Facebook and the newsletter archive (which is on our blog). Check out the production list here: claremontdramatic.weebly.com.

If anyone has any images or information they’d like to add, please feel free to send them to me (Kim R2 – contact details at the bottom of the Chat). I will be going through the archive at the Hok as well to put it all together though that may have to wait until a certain play is over and I have slightly more free time!

The Chessboard Killer

Pinelands Players present a new play! Written and directed by Graham Leverton, this thriller sees two detectives playing a cat and mouse game with a serial killer who bases his killing spree on the pieces of a chessboard.

The play will be staged from 30 September to 2 October at The Crossing in Pinelands.

Pa, Maak vir my ’n vlieër Pa

Milnerton Players present their first ever Afrikaans production, so if you praat die taal, make sure to come along and support this excellent, locally grown play by Chris Barnard. The set is built and painted and the three talented cast members are working very hard in rehearsals under Mari Mocke’s meticulous direction.

In the genre of Theatre of the Absurd and filled with emotional dialogue, the piece is set in the 1960s with the action taking place in a cramped untidy house where Org and his elderly, sometimes mentally unstable, mother live. The literal meaning of the title, Dad Make me a Kite, Dad, eventually becomes apparent as being the answer to a basically happy life: to belong lovingly to someone near to you, in this case, a son wanting his father to know and love him; if only they could fly a kite together.

See you at the theatre!



16 Aug–1 Oct
Clybourne Park
presented by Eric Abraham
Fugard Theatre

23 Aug–24 Sep
The Painted Rocks
presented by Eric Abraham
Fugard Theatre

25 Aug–17 Sep
Remembering the Lux Baxter Theatre

31 Aug–24 Sep
Karoo Moose
presented by Golden Arrow Studio
Baxter Theatre

12–17 Sep
Egoli The Musical Masque Theatre

13–17 Sep
Anthology: After the End
directed by Louis Viljoen
Alexander Bar

13 Sep–8 Oct
Cattle Drive
created by Nicholas and Luke Ellenbogen
Rosebank Theatre

16–18 Sep
The Sleeping Beauty
presented by Cape Town City Ballet

16–23 Sep
Born Around Here and The Rabble Artscape

18 Sep
Foyer session: Jazz without Borders Masque Theatre

20 Sep–15 Oct
Big Boys the Third
featuring Ash and Brad Searle
Kalk Bay Theatre

21–22 Sep
The Final Bow
directed by Nadine Suliaman
Galloway Theatre

22–23 Sep
Cirque Afrika
presented by The Stage Performing Arts Studio
Masque Theatre

22 Sep–1 Oct
Blood Brothers
presented by Carnivals of the Heart
Somerset West Playhouse

22–29 Sep
Death of a Clown
presented by Masidlale in collaboration with Oddbody Theatre
Alexander Bar

22 Sep–8 Oct
The Emissary
written and directed by Louis Viljoen
Alexander Bar

23–24 Sep
Puppet Guy
featuring Conrad Koch
Baxter Theatre

23 Sep–8 Oct
Pa, Maak vir my ’n vlieër Pa
presented by Milnerton Players
Milnerton Playhouse

25 Sep–1 Oct
directed by Jared Musiker
Alexander Bar

1–2 Oct
The Chessboard Killer
presented by Pinelands Players
The Crossing, Pinelands

1–8 Oct
Cut in Two
directed by Soli Philander
Alexander Bar

2–8 Oct
Kinders van die Wind
directed by Terence Makapan
Alexander Bar

10–21 Oct
I Love You Sally Field

written and directed by Wessel Pretorius

Alexander Bar

10–22 Oct
The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner
directed by Adrian Collins
Alexander Bar

18–19 Oct
Adapt or Fly

created and performed by Pieter-Dirk Uys

Alexander Bar

21–29 Oct
Silly Cow

presented by Claremont Dramatic Society

Masque Theatre

Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2016:

Simon Dutton (Chair)simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350

Santie du Toit (Treasurer) santsbabe@gmail.comCell: 074 608 2670

Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer): jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell: 082 492 5984

Matt Roy (Members Evenings): hapunkey83@gmail.comCell: 062 485 8001

Kim R2 (Communications): tzar42@gmail.com Home: 021 671 8687Cell: 083 619 2441

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