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Audition notice

Society: Claremont Dramatic Society

Director: Jenny Brandt

Performance dates: 27 July – 4 August (at The Masque)


  • Lady Torminster (late 20’s to early 40’s)
  • Sir Geoffrey (early 30’s to late 40’)

About the Play

This is a short one act play (approx. 20 minutes), that CDS would like to produce in conjunction with the longer one act play ‘Playing with Fire’ in our next slot.

The story concerns the unrequited love between the two characters.  Lady Torminster and Sir Geoffrey have been in love since they were first introduced to each other by Lady Torminster’s fiancé several years ago.  Sir Torminster is a close friend of Sir Geoffrey, and out of loyalty to his friend, Sir Geoffrey decided not to interfere with their engagement.

The setting of the play is the Torminsters’ home in the middle of the night.  Sir Geoffrey had been invited to stay for a month, but once he arrived and realised his love for Lady Torminster had not abated after all these years, he decided to leave early the next morning for China.  Unable to sleep and sitting in the dark he is disturbed by Lady Torminster.  An encounter follows during which they flirt with issues around their love.

If you are interested, please contact Jenny asap, on 082 492 5984 or jennybrandt74@gmail.com to arrange an audition.

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