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AUDITION NOTICE: The Barrets of Wimpole Street

Directed by Barrie Howard for Fish Hoek Dramatic Society

Date of run: 22-30 July (move into theatre Sunday 10 July)
Audition date: Sunday 13 March, 15h00 in the Masque foyer


  • Elizabeth Moulton-Barrett (29/30) – an invalid with a zest for life, besotted with her loving dog “Flush” (we will have a live dog on stage)
  • Robert Browning (mid 30s) – dark handsome man, perhaps a trifle foppish, whose manner is sincere and ardent and whose speech rapid and emphasised by free gestures.
  • Edward Moulton Barrett (60) – an upstanding well set up handsome man with a stern perfectly expressionless face, fiercely tyrannical by nature and cruel.
  • Wilson (25–50) – Elizabeth’s trusty loving lady-in-waiting (maid) Lovely role with preferably a light “cockney” accent.
  • Henrietta Moulton-Barrett (17) – The youngest daughter, beautiful, high spirited, blooming. Determined and rebellious.
  • Arabel Mouton-Barrett – A few years older than Henrietta, tall, dark and serious. A sensible young girl.
  • Octavious Moulton-Barrett (19) – the youngest son, whom Elizabeth adores. A very endearing young man who has a slight stammer. Immaculate in dress.
  • Bella Hedley (29/30) – Elizabeth’s cousin, exquisitely pretty and turned out, affected. sentimental with a constitutional inability to pronounce her “r’s”.
  • Henry Bevan (40+) – a model of deportment, inwardly and outwardly. He affects a magnificent Kruger beard with beautifully rounded voice and manner. Bella’s fiancé.
  • Captain Surtees Cook (late 30s) – a large handsome frank-faced man arrayed in the full splendour of his “regimentals”, in love with Henrietta.
  • Doctor Chambers – the family doctor, elderly, caring, very concerned about Elizabeth’s well being and always happy to oblige her wishes.
  • Doctor Ford-Waterlow- elderly doctor, kindly and eager to assist Elizabeth with potential travel plans.
  • “Flush” – Elizabeth’s trusted companion, a small dog.

Check out Fish Hoek Dramatic Society’s Facebook page for more details.

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