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Directed by Barbara Basel for Constantiaberg Theatre Players

Production dates: 2–11 March 2017 at Masque Theatre

Audition date: 5 Dec 2016
Time: 20h00
Venue: Bergvliet Girl Guide Hall, behind Acapulco Spur, Ladies Mile


ABOUT THE PLAY: Design for Living, written in 1932, is a typical Coward comedy with witty dialogue and some juicy character roles. It concerns a trio of flamboyant characters, Gilda, Otto and Leo, who conduct their complicated three-way relationship in such exotic places as Paris, London and New York, impervious to the feelings of those around them. Coward describes Gilda, Otto and Leo as “glib, over-articulate and amoral creatures who, like moths in a pool of light, are unable to tolerate the lonely outer darkness but equally unable to share the light without colliding constantly and bruising each other’s wings”. Although the play’s “risqué subject matter” was deemed unacceptable, when it finally opened in London it ran for 5 months and the crowds of fans outside the theatre were so great during its final week that the police had to be called in to control them.


  • Gilda: (30 something) – a sophisticated interior decorator in love with both Otto and Leo, with whom she shares her ‘favours’
  • Otto: (30 something) – a struggling artist ‘madly in love’ with Gilda, who eventually becomes famous
  • Leo: (also 30 something) – a struggling playwright ‘madly in love’ with Gilda, who eventually becomes famous
  • Ernest Friedman: (40+) – a successful art dealer – also in love with Gilda, and whom Gilda eventually agrees to marry

CAMEO PARTS: some can be doubled-up

  • Miss Hodge: (40++) – Gilda’s Housekeeper (Act 2)
  • Mr Birbeck: (30++) – Newspaper Reporter (Act 2)
  • Henry Carver: (30++) – American Businessman (Act 3)
  • Helen Carver: (30++) – American Socialite (Act 3)
  • Grace Torrence: (40++) – American Socialite (Act 3)
  • Matthew: (40++) African American – Ernest’s manservant (Act 3)

If you need more info phone Barbara on 021 761 4289 or 082 651 1695 or email her at barbara.basel@gmail.com.

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Claremont Chat

Claremont Dramatic Society Newsletter

The Hok, Thicket Street, Claremont, 7708

PostNet Suite 345, Private Bag X1005, Claremont, 7735

email: claremontdramatic@gmail.com


November 2016 – Number 162

Hi everyone!

Whew, two and a half weeks since Silly Cow closed and I still haven’t caught my breath. And judging by the sheer number of things in this month’s Chat, that won’t happen for a while yet!

Six weeks to Christmas too – eek!


Silly Cow reflection

Silly Cow has come and gone, and what an interesting, crazy ride it’s been. The feedback we received from audience members and crits was overwhelmingly positive and, as a first-time director, I couldn’t be prouder of the production my amazing team put together.

It’s a pity that audiences were so small for most of the run. However, no one let this put a dampener on the performances. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the auditorium each night, watching this talented group of people have fun up on stage, and listening to the audiences laugh.

A big thank you to the CDS committee for taking a chance on me and letting us go for it with Silly Cow!

– Faeron Wheeler, director

Silly Cow reactions

The reaction to Silly Cow was overwhelmingly positive, as Fae said, and as is evident in this email that the Masque received from a wholly satisfied patron:

Thank you so much for Silly Cow—Brilliant script and world class performers—–Such a pity only 20 in the house, anyway those that missed it don’t know what they missed and if it’s the “swearing” –for Pete’s sake you hear worse outside Checkers daily xxx

– Craig Watt

The reviews too were equally enthusiastic:

The plot centres on a day in the life of Doris Wallace … The role could have been written for Kim R2. Always noticeable – even in the smallest of cameos – she takes on Doris Wallace and plays her to the hilt in a brazen, blatant and in-your-face characterisation that is inspiring to watch.

Santie du Toit is exemplary as the submissive Peggy; Trad Nogueira-Godsey subtly repulsive as the editor of the tabloid where Doris runs her by-line; Matt Roy a prototype of a dignified accountant and Justin Wyatt-Smith’s androgynous toy boy is amusing and credible.

– Lieske Bester

Faeron Wheeler makes her directorial debut with this piece – and a sparkling debut it is!

In the role of Doris, Kim R2 cuts an hilarious figure in her gaudy, over the top, attire and produces an exceptionally well sustained and energetic performance. She takes on this the role with such juicy attack. Equally convincing with excellent character portrayals are Santie du Toit as Peggy and Matt Roy as Douglas. – Their versatility is impressive. Trad Nogueira-Godsey as Sidney and Justin Wyatt-Smith as Eduardo both make their mark, proving their mettle in the second half as the play unfolds.

– Colleen van Staden, FMR

Kim R2 does great justice to the vivaciously vicious tongue of her character, celebrity columnist Doris. If you are a fan of the character Karen Walker of the TV Series Will & Grace, you will absolutely squeal with delight at the absurdities of the opinions Doris dishes up.

Although, the cast as a whole is to be applauded for a great collective performance, for me personally, Santie Du Toit as the ‘assistant’ Peggy and Justin Wyatt-Smith as the toy-boy Eduardo really impressed.

– Barbara Loots, Theatre Scene Cape Town

Hok cleanup weekend

This past weekend (12 & 13 November) was our big Hok cleanup. The committee, aided by a handful of volunteers, worked extremely hard clearing out all the furniture, sweeping, dusting, wiping and repacking. The wardrobe got a once-over as well and has now been repacked so as to be much more accessible. (Thank you, Debbie, for your donation of clothes hangers – very much needed!) We even found a gas heater hidden away in there, which should make winter rehearsals infinitely more comfortable!

We had hoped to sort out the accessories drawers and the Mayor’s Office as well but there simply weren’t enough people to get to it. A huge thanks to those members who did give up some of their weekend to help out: Debra Beswick, Adrian Kettle, Linda Steele and Faeron Wheeler. Your hard work is thoroughly appreciated!


Hard work and a dirty, at times rather chaotic, job but we had some fun as well


The result: A clean, neat and “wow, look at how much space there is in here when you pack things neatly” Hok!

A few things are still planned in terms of maintenance, fumigating, cleaning, electrical work and even decoration before the next members evening and then hopefully we will have another weekend to sort out the accessories and props and even the bookshelves. Let’s do all we can to keep CDS’s home sweet home sweet!

Digital archive

Something that was unearthed during the big cleanup (among many other delightful and not-so-delightful surprises) was archive items. So the digital archive has been updated accordingly (and is still being updated – a lot happens in 64 years!). Check it out here: http://claremontdramatic.weebly.com.

As always, if you have anything you would like to add to the archive, please contact Kim R2 (contact details at the end of this newsletter).

Members evening 2016

Our year-end members evening will be on 4 December. It will take place at the Hok.

Even now, our intrepid members evening convenor, Mr Matt Roy, is scheming away to provide us with the very best in food and entertainment. The plan is to have a pizza van to provide the food, at R95 per person. They have a minimum order though so please RSVP to a committee member or claremontdramatic@gmail.com if you will be attending.

We can reveal that the entertainment will include some Christmas-themed comedy sketches compiled and directed by one Sheldon Cross.

Look out for a more detailed invitation in the coming week.

Equus cast list

CDS’s first production for 2017 will be Peter Shaffer’s Equus, directed by Bernie Jacobs and playing at the Masque Theatre from 23 April to 6 May 2017.

Auditions were held on 5 November and it is with great delight that we can announce that Bernie has her cast! A fabulous mix of familiar faces and new. Feast your eyes:

  • Martin Dysart – Richard Higgs
  • Alan Strang – Tian Landman
  • Frank Strang, his father – Graham Ellis
  • Dora Strang, his mother – Gaby Claassens
  • Hester Salomon, a magistrate – Su Cunningham
  • Jill Mason – Keshia Lee Codron
  • Harry Dalton, owner of the stable – Patrick Jordi
  • Young Horseman / Nugget – Jay-Jay Botha
  • Nurse – Kim Rasmussen
  • Five actors as horses and who also function as a “Greek Chorus”:
    • Dave Waugh
    • Eddie Newman
    • Katjenka Opperman
    • Michelle Witbooi
    • Mokoena Ramollo

We look forward to what will no doubt be a wonderful production.

In order to make it even more wonderful, Bernie is going to need a 1970s style cassette player to use as a prop. If anyone has one that they would be willing to lend for the duration of the run, please contact Bernie on bernie@berniejacobs.com.


The CDS AGM for 2016 will be held at Barristers Bar and Grill, Newlands (our usual haunt) on Tuesday, 21 February 2017. You certainly can’t say we didn’t warn you well in advance! If there is anything you would like included on the agenda, please contact a committee member. A more detailed notice will be issued closer to the time.

Director’s tickets

We need new directors for our CDS productions. If you are interested in directing, we’d love to have you! All you need to do is stage a short play or play extract at a members evening to get your director’s ticket. For more information or to propose a play, contact our members evening convenor Matt Roy (contact details at the end of this newsletter).

Intersociety quiz

The annual intersociety quiz is coming up on 20 November, 18h30 at the Masque. It is hosted by Constantiaberg Theatre Players this year. CDS is fielding two teams at present: Simon Dutton, Nicky Enticott, Kim R2 and Faeron Wheeler are the “Silly Cows” and Candice Burgess, Santie du Toit, Bryan Look and Matt Roy are the “Killy Sows”. If you would like to form another team for CDS, please contact one of the committee members.

Please do also make an effort to pop by to support what always turns out to be a jolly fun evening. The bar will be open and there will be numerous opportunities to laugh at just how little I know when it comes to general knowledge! (Lord of the Rings, on the other hand, I’d take J.R.R. Tolkien on.)

MADS members evening

MADS is hosting an intersociety members evening on Wednesday 30 November at 19h30. Each society will provide a table of snacks and decorations themed around a play or movie. CDS’s theme is Agatha Christie so there’ll be cucumber sandwiches and tea, murder and intrigue in the offing! Please do come along to share in the fun. And remember to come dressed in costume – there are prizes at stake!

Audition alert: The Full Monty

Pinelands Players will present the stage version of The Full Monty in November 2017, directed by Laura Bosman. Auditions will be held later this year or early next year, and this is a heads-up in case you would be interested in auditioning. Possible venues for the production are either the Roxy Revue Bar, GrandWest, or the Artscape Arena. If you are interested and would like to put your name down for consideration, please email Laura at bosman.ld@gmail.com.

See you at the theatre!


31 Oct–26 Nov Dead Yellow Sands
directed By Bo Petersen
Baxter Theatre
4–26 Nov Shout! The Mod Musical
presented by Pinelands Players
Roxy Revue Bar
8 Nov–3 Dec The Father
directed by Greg Karvellas
Fugard Theatre
8 Nov–31 Dec Au Revoir Kalk Bay Theatre
15–19 Nov Whale Nation
featuring David Muller
Masque Theatre
15–25 Nov Over There
presented by Abrahamse & Meyer Productions
Alexander Bar
15–26 Nov The Heroin Diaries
presented by Abrahamse & Meyer Productions
Alexander Bar
15 Nov–3 Dec Hashtag Lottering
with Marc Lottering
Baxter Theatre
16–26 Nov Quartet
produced by Chris Pienaar
16–27 Nov iD
presented by Cirque Éloize
19 Nov Black Tax
with Celeste Ntuli
Baxter Theatre
19 Nov Life
with Rob van Vuuren
Kalk Bay Theatre
19–26 Nov Orfeo
presented by Cape Town Opera
20 Nov Intersociety quiz
hosted by Constantiaberg Theatre Players
Masque Theatre
21 Nov–3 Dec White Elephant
directed by Philip Rademeyer
Alexander Bar
22 Nov–? District Six – Kanala
created by David Kramer
Fugard Theatre
24–26 Nov Tswalo/Source
directed By Mahlatsi Mokgonyana
Alexander Bar
25 Nov–3 Dec Habeas Corpus
presented by Constantiaberg Theatre Players
Masque Theatre
25 Nov–10 Dec You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
presented by Milnerton Theatre Players
Milnerton Playhouse
26 Nov–3 Dec Florence and Watson
featuring Rob van Vuuren and Danielle Bischoff
Kalk Bay Theatre
27 Nov Foyer session: SEBA KAAPSTADT
presented by Ulla Gosebrink
Masque Theatre
28–30 Nov Theatresports
presented by Improguise
Masque Theatre
28–30 Nov An Evening with Lola
presented by The Gingerbreadman Collective
Alexander Bar
29 Nov–17 Dec The Echo of a Noise
with Pieter-Dirk Uys
Baxter Theatre
30 Nov Intersociety members evening
hosted by MADS
The Rendezvous
30 Nov–3 Dec Backstage Follies
produced by Monique van Wyk
Galloway Theatre
1–3 Dec The Funeral
directed by Phala O. Phala
Alexander Bar
1–3 Dec Picture Incomplete
directed by David Fick
Alexander Bar
2 Dec–8 Jan Annie
presented by Pieter Toerien and Hazel Feldman
4 Dec CDS members evening
hosted by Claremont Dramatic Society
The Hok
5–6 Dec Intact/Tainted Image
written and directed by Melisa Peter
Galloway Theatre
5–10 Dec We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants
directed by Lindiwe Matshikiza
Alexander Bar
6 Dec–14 Jan Fortyfied
with Nik Rabinowitz
Baxter Theatre
12–24 Dec Love Me Tinder
directed by Megan Furniss
Alexander Bar

Claremont Dramatic Society Committee 2016:

Simon Dutton (Chair) simon.d@mweb.co.za Home: 021 683 8630 Cell: 083 327 7350
Santie du Toit (Treasurer) santsbabe@gmail.com Cell: 074 608 2670
Jenny Brandt (Minutes Secretary and Member Relations Officer) jennybrandt74@gmail.com Cell: 082 492 5984
Matt Roy (Members Evenings) hapunkey83@gmail.com Cell: 062 485 8001
Kim R2 (Communications) tzar42@gmail.com Home: 021 671 8687 Cell: 083 619 2441

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