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The Merryman and his Maid

The Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society who brought you the outstanding and lavish productions of My Fair Lady, H.M.S. Pinafore – The Musical, Annie and most recently the highly acclaimed production of Fiddler on the Roof, will stage Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic tragic-comedy The Yeomen of the Guard at the Artscape Theatre in June 2012. Thereafter, it is intended that the production will transfer to the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton, UK during August 2012. Yeomen is the nearest that Gilbert and Sullivan got to achieving something close to “real” opera. It is a wonderful work with stunning chorus work and beautiful solos and ensembles, all accompanied by full symphony orchestra, and the story- line is believable and dramatic with underlying typical Gilbertian comedy mingled with tragedy on this occasion. Gilbert said that he regarded it as ‘…the best thing we have done’ and Sullivan declared that it was his favourite of all their joint works.

Director Teddy Davies and musical director Alastair Cockburn who have collaborated in bringing so many wonderfully successful Savoy Operas to Cape Town audiences in the past are once again teamed up. The CPO will again play for this production.

Generally, several of the lead principal cast require trained “operatic” voices and good singers are needed for the splendid four-part harmony chorus work. Please go to the Society website http://www.gilbertandsullivan.co.za for full particulars. (If for some reason the information does not appear on the Home Page – click on Productions – then click on the 2012 window)

The principals are required to sing a number from the score (on website) pertaining to the particular character for which they wish to audition and the chorus may sing a piece of their own choice, generally and preferably in “classical” style. Several chorus numbers from “Fiddler on the Roof” for example would suffice, but pop songs in an American accent should be avoided. You may download and complete the Audition Form and bring it with you, or you may complete one at the audition venue. All the above may be found on the website.

All those auditioning must be available to perform in Buxton, UK in the beautiful Victorian Opera House on Thursday 16 August (was Monday 13). The plans are currently intended for the G&S Society to subsidise participants by paying half the travel costs and the full accommodation costs in Buxton. Special consideration will be given to Society members who wish to perform in the production but are unable to commit themselves to Buxton.

Auditions will be held at the Artscape Theatre Complex, Rehearsal Room 301 (entrance via the stage door) in November on the following days: Chorus: Saturday 19 and Principals: Sunday 20 both from 10.00am. Recalls will be as follow: Chorus: Saturday 26 and Principals: Sunday 27 both from 2.00pm. You are kindly requested to email yeomen.auditions@gmail.com giving your name and contact number to book an audition time.


The Yeomen of the Guard
(Set in the Tower of London in the 15th Century)

Vocal Ranges and Vocal Descriptions of the Principals

Elsie Maynard : (A Strolling Singer/Minstrel girl.) A lyrical, young, bright soprano. Must have excellent diction and attention to detail whilst able to create a beautiful line. (Top B-flat required)

Kate: (Dame Carruthers’ niece.) A cameo soprano role. Must have a musical ear and excellent ensemble singing ability. Also sings with the chorus sopranos. (Top G required)

Phoebe Meryll : (Sergeant Meryll’s daughter.) A very light, easy and young mezzo. Higher notes (top C to F) must come relatively easily but must also be strong and resonant all the way through the lower range of the voice. Could be a soprano with a strong lower register. (Bottom A-flat below middle-C required)

Dame Carruthers : (Housekeeper to the Tower of London.) A mature, rich, resonant contralto or mezzo. Good strong low notes with real power in the higher register. (Range from G below middle-C to top F)

Colonel Fairfax : (Prisoner in the Tower – under sentence of death.) A strong, secure and clear tenor. Must have a strong presence in the higher register (top A-flat required), but not too overpowering or ‘heavy’ – this tenor must be able to navigate in the head voice with ease and delicacy.

Leonard Meryll : (Son of Sergeant Meryll.) A light tenor who is very at ease with the top notes (top A-Flat required) and excellent ensemble singing ability.

1st and 2nd Yeomen: Two of the chorus Yeomen who have solo lines, one is a high baritone (or tenor) and the other a bass-baritone.

Jack Point: (A Strolling Jester and friend of Elsie Maynard.) A comic light baritone with a good solid range. Light and easy at the top, rich and resonant at the bottom. Must have impeccable diction and an easy, light, but very secure voice. (Range from A below middle-C to top F)

Wilfred Shadbolt : (Head Jailor and Assistant Tormentor – Torturer – in the Tower of London.) Solid baritone with a bit of weight to it. Not too ‘heavy’ especially as the voice ascends into his upper register. (Range from A below middle-C to top E)

Sir Richard Cholmondeley : (Lieutenant of the Tower of London.) A nice rich, pleasant bass-baritone voice but still is relatively flexible and not too ‘heavy’. Good ensemble singing required. (Range same as Wilfred Shadbolt – see above)

Sergeant Meryll : (Sergeant of the Yeomen of the Guard of the Tower of London.) Bass-baritone or bass. Very secure rhythmically. Must have depth and richness to the voice and sound very weighty and mature. (Range from low G to top E-flat)

1st and 2nd Citizens: Two members of the male citizen chorus with solo spoken lines.

1 Male and 1 Female Strolling Players: These are two youngish dancers and also members of the Citizens Chorus.

Chorus of Yeomen: The Yeomen comprise mature men divided up into 1st and 2nd tenors and 1st and 2nd basses for their male-voice choruses. Otherwise they join the full chorus of citizens, singing tenor and bass. The Yeomen need to have good choral voices and the ability to sing ensemble (male-voice choir) well.

Chorus of Citizens: The large chorus of Londoners generally has stunning music to sing – the best choral music in the entire G & S repertoire. The chorus comprises ladies and men (sopranos, altos, tenors and basses) of all ages, shapes and sizes and offers the opportunity of creating wonderful individual characters from sophisticated ladies and men to street urchin type youngsters.


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The hilarious British sex farce


by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

directed by Wesley Figaji

WHEN: Sunday, 18 December 2011, at 2:30pm.

WHERE: The Guide Hall, Glen Alpine Way, Bergvliet.

DIRECTIONS: From Ladies Mile Road, turn into Children’s Way (at traffic lights near the main road), then immediately right into Glen Alpine Way. Follow the road until you see a parking lot on your left. The Guide Hall is opposite the parking lot.

RUN: At the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, from 4 to 12 May 2012.

REHEARSALS: From February 2012 – possibly Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

CONTACT: Wesley Figaji on 073 286 9871 or email wes@mseed.co.za


Philip Markham is a straight-laced publisher of children’s books. He and his wife Joanna have planned to go out for the evening. Philip has reluctantly agreed to allow his partner, Henry Lodge, to use his empty apartment for an illicit ‘rendezvous’ with a certain Miss Wilkinson. Meanwhile, Henry’s wife, Linda Lodge, has made a similar arrangement with Philipâ’s wife. Linda is planning a ‘meeting’ with a Walter Pangbourne. Same venue. Still with me?

Add to this already improbable scene the very camp and arty Alastair Spenlow, who is redesigning the Markham’s apartment. He is the third person planning to use the same apartment at the same time for a secret assignation with the beautiful Swiss maid, Sylvie Hauser. Keep up now.

Furthermore, a misplaced letter leads Philip to believing that his innocent wife is having an affair, and his suspicions and jealousy are immediately aroused. Confusion, mayhem and sexual innuendo abound, and into this madness enters Olive Harriet Smythe, an eccentric and very successful children’s book author, looking for a new publisher. She has come to Philip’s firm because she hears they ‘don’t go in for sex’, unlike her previous publisher. See where we’re going with this?

Philip and Henry can’t afford to lose this profitable new client and, to rescue the situation, everyone is forced to assume someone else’s identity and to desperately hide any hint of sexual impropriety. Oh, good grief.


Ages are approximate. Comedy timing is essential.


Age 30s / 40s. Large role. English accent.

Sophisticated and attractive. Married to Philip Markham.


Age 30s / 40s. Large role. English accent.

Vivacious, but slightly scatter-brained. Married to Henry Lodge.


Age 20s. Medium role. Swiss accent.

A gorgeous Swiss maid. She appears in a short nightie at one stage.


Age 20s. Medium role. English accent.

Very pretty, kooky, with large horn-rimmed glasses. Quick to strip down to her underwear, and then runs around wrapped only in a sheet.


Age 60 +. Medium role. English accent.

A very successful author of children’s books. An eccentric, dog-loving, imposing, no-sex-please lady with a somewhat butterfly mind.


Age 30s / 40s. Large role. English accent.

A pleasant, studious man with a worried air which comes from years of being on the losing side of life. Married to Joanna.


Age 30s / 40s. Large role. English accent.

Successful, rakish, full of masculine confidence, a ‘man’s man’ as well as a ladies’ man.


Age 20s / 30s. Large role. English accent.

London’s latest fashionable interior designer. A virile male lurks beneath his arty, camp exterior. Removes his trousers and stands in his colourful underpants at one stage.


Age 40’s. Small role. English accent.

A stiff, slightly vacuous businessman. Wears a bowler hat.

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Claremont Chat


October 2011 – Number 103

Well here we are: the merry month of October, and all is go, go go! You’re probably wondering why The Chat is looking a little different this month? André Thomas is living la dolce vita in Berlin at the moment, and so I have taken on the Chat duties in his absence, or absinth (whichever is more applicable?). By all accounts “la dolce vita” may be an understatement, have a great time André! We will of course, miss you.

We at Claremont are having a very busy time with our production of Terence Rattigan’s Separate Tables in rehearsal. Director Sue Bolton and her cast are hard at work to stage this truly great play. It’s Terence Rattigan’s centenary year and so it’s fitting that this piece should be tackled by CDS and Sue Bolton. More about the play later.

The audition for our next production, Marvin’s Room, is fast approaching. Read on for more details…

We also have CDS members “out there” so to speak. I along with Wendy Goddard, Michele Belknap, Su Cunningham and Anton Schäfer will soon be treading the boards in the MVDS’s production of Tracy Letts’s August: Osage County. This play is very new to audiences outside of the USA. It was premiered as recently as 2007. Tracy Letts is a Pulitzer Prize Nominee for his earlier play, Man From Nebraska. Again, more about this later.

Clifford Graham

Sad News

Bruce Edwards passed away on 22 September, and a very touching memorial service was held at the Masque on Friday 30 September. It was lovely to see so many people there, paying tribute to a man who was so passionate about everything he did. Much love to June and family.

Inter-Society Quiz

Claremont Dramatic Society entered three teams into this year’s Inter-Society Quiz. I think most of us enjoyed a great evening but were “sobered” by the questions posed and realised just how little we really know about our shared passion. Thanks to Jay Heale, The Claremont “Clod Hoppers” (team name) were able to score a perfect five points in only one category! That being “Shakespearean Quotes”.
Final results saw Fish Hoek taking the win with 68 points. Claremont’s three teams, Claremont Clod Hoppers, Claremont 2 and 3 finishing with 36, 37 and 43 points respectively. Thanks to all those CDS members who put their reputations on the line for the society!

CDS Update

You may or may not have noticed – but CDS has a strong online presence. It’s not only our blog getting hits at http://www.claremontdramatic.wordpress.com, but also our Facebook page – make sure you go and “Like” it, and follow interesting updates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Claremont-Dramatic-Society/252816564804

Our move to sending newsletters from a centralised email address is well underway, with 47 people having signed up already. If you know anyone who would like to receive our newsletters, they can subscribe by clicking on this link: http://groups.google.com/group/claremont_dramatic_society/topics and then clicking on ‘Join this group’ (on the right hand side). Their details will not be visible to anyone, and they will not get any spam.

Apropos things online, I have started a website called The Monday Missile Dot Coza—a theatre, art and entertainment journal. Feel free to visit and get news, insights and reviews from the theatre and music world: http://www.mondaymissile.co.za or visit the Facebook Page: Monday Missile Dot Coza.

Members’ Evenings

Feedback from our last members’ evening on Friday 30 September. Contributed by Jane De Sousa:

The last members’ evening was interesting, thought provoking and very entertaining. Sheldon Cross and Penelope Youngleson presented Kismet – a piece of collaborative theatre. As both are a combination of talented actor and creative theatre makers (read on to see what this term means), Kismet was a clever, funny and original piece of theatre consisting of a series of monologues and occasional dialogues that explore the identity of young white South Africans. Sheldon and Penelope used humour very effectively to explore uncomfortable aspects of White South African identity, and balance the more serious dramatic moments. The staging of Kismet was clever without being pretentious and provided a supportive framework for the different performances. Sheldon and Penelope are to be congratulated on developing and thanked for presenting this engaging piece of theatre.

After their performance and a much needed glass of reviving spirit, Sheldon and Penelope answered questions from the audience. This was a great opportunity to discuss and explore our common passion. All the questions and discussions were insightful and interesting. For me, the difference between the traditional actor and the newly emerged theatre maker was particularly interesting. The traditional actor is cast and directed, giving a performance guided by an existing script and the director’s interpretation of that script. The theatre maker is both writer and performer, creating theatre to explore issues that interest them and characters they wish to play. Theatre making enables performers to create pieces of theatre that are original and provide a vehicle to showcase and explore their talents.

Thank you to Sheldon, Penelope and the CDS Committee for a fabulous members evening that provided us with an opportunity to enjoy, indulge and revel in our love of theatre.

Our next members’ evening on Friday 21 October will be a performance of I am Amazing by Rebecca Dallas and Cameron Hutchison. It is a comedy about an eccentric doctor preparing for a practice inspection. The day becomes rather chaotic as a result – with mistaken identities adding to the confusion.

Jemma Kieser directs the cast of six – the doctor, receptionist, inspector and three patients. I am Amazing is the 2011 winner of the Westerford High School One-Act Play Festival, which was held in September. Rebecca and Cameron have been awarded honours in drama by Westerford, and have written four plays for the Festival, two of which have won the Best Play Award.

This promises to be an entertaining evening, giving us a sneak preview of the talent that is coming through our schools, which will hopefully continue to flourish after matric. And this is also an opportunity for learners to see how their passion for theatre can continue, through societies like CDS.
The usual yummy snacks will be available, as will the cash bar. There is no entry fee. Please RSVP to Pam Burger on 082 488 0442 before 18 October, so she can make sure there’s enough grub to go around.

The evening will start at 19h30 for 20h00 – and remember that you are welcome to bring guests and new thespians (and even ‘old’ ones!).

I am very encouraged by the way the member’s evenings have worked out over the past few months. All have been performances of a very high calibre. That’s what we are about, theatre, and I love the fact that we are doing just that, theatre!

The following member’s evening will also be our Christmas party! Can this be believed? Where has the year gone? So many plays, so little time!

Friday 2 December: I will be putting together a little performance piece entitled “Sonnets and Sound” Fourteen Sonnets and a soundscape, not to be missed? Times etc. will be announced in the next Chat. Once again the words of The Bard will reverberate through our collective audio senses.


MARVIN’S ROOM by Scott McPherson

March 16 – 24 2012 at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

directed by Brenda Gray

Audition date: Saturday 22 October (Call backs: Saturday 29 October)

Time: 2.30 p.m.

Place: The Hok, Campground Road, Claremont (Under the bridge)

Marvin’s Room had its premiere in Chicago in 1990 and went on to national acclaim, winning the 1992 Outer Critics Circle award for best play, the 1992 Drama Desk award for best play and the Joseph Jefferson award in Chicago for best original work. Described as a ‘mordantly funny comedy’ and ‘a zany and emotionally-affecting story about death, aging parents, reconciliation, and the healing power of selfless love’, it was made into a film in 1996 with Dianne Keaton, Meryl Streep, Leonardo di Caprio and Robert de Nero.


BESSIE: 40s. Takes care of her father and aunt (large role)
LEE: late 30s. Bessie’s sister. A hairdresser who is about to get her degree in cosmetology. (large role)
RUTH: 70s Bessie’s aunt – frail and delightfully dotty. (medium role)
DOCTOR CHARLOTTE: Psychiatrist – head of the mental clinic. (small/cameo role)
DR WALLY: 50s -could be older, because he is very dithery. (medium role)
HANK: 17 Lee’s son. In a mental clinic for burning down his mother’s house.(medium role)
CHARLIE: 12 Hank’s younger brother. Is ‘doing poorly at school because he reads too much’. (small role)
BOB: Dr Wally’s brother and receptionist. A ‘sheltered employment’ candidate. (cameo role)
RETIREMENT HOME DIRECTOR: m/f (small/cameo role)
MARVIN: Bessie’s bedridden father. (Non-speaking part, but onstage a good deal of the time)

Enquiries: phone Brenda: 021 6863554 Cell: 083 3300670
Separate Tables

Masque Theatre 18 to 26 November.
Directed by Sue Bolton
Set Design by David Davidson
Lighting and Sound Design by Gary Fargher
Stage Manager: Clifford Graham.
Bookings 021 788 1898

The action of the story takes place in a seaside hotel on the English South Coast in 1954. Living there, are many permanent residents from all walks of life, many of whom are lonely, or needy. Miss Cooper the manageress, is unable to remain aloof from their troubles, and endeavours to help them, or just give them the courage to face life.
The characteristics and foibles of the diverse personalities are superbly brought to life by Terence Rattigan’s astute dialogue and understanding of people, and we are reminded of the attitudes and morals of the time. We have a wonderful cast to bring it all to life for you.
Of course when this play was written , Britain was bankrupt from the war, there was so much that needed to be re- built, and so many countless thousands who had died, which left a void which would take time to fill. Moral attitudes where conservative [almost puritanical] and the social class system was still firmly in place, but was showing signs of cracks, where the ‘upper’’ classes were no longer deferred to as much as they had in the past. But every one was feeling the pinch, and was careful with money.

Get Thee to the Masque!

7 – 15 October: Hayfever by Noel Coward . Directed by Alastair Duff for Fish Hoek Dramatic Society. A deliciously wicked comedy of ill-manners! The Bliss family invites four wildly different guests down to their country house for the weekend … with hilarious results! Coward said that this delightful comedy is considered by many to be his best comedy… it is very clever, and an assured crowd pleaser.

Friday 28 Oct. to 5 Nov. 2011

Tracy Letts’s August: Osage County

Directed by birga Thomas for MVDS

Bookings 021 788 1898

Award-winning poet Beverly Weston and his pill-popping wife Violet set the tone for a never boring, always astounding reunion of their large family. Catty and foul-mouthed Violet’s claws have turned her hot tin roof into an ice sheet long ago – and now, with the Weston family around her (and each contributing to the melting-pot of insults and betrayal), the temperature in their home heads relentlessly towards boiling point, on the hot Plains of the USA in August 2007 …

When the extended Weston clan reunites in Oklahoma after the disappearance of their patriarch, the gathering explodes soon “in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. This play unflinchingly – and uproariously – explores the dark side” of a quintessentially dysfunctional American family in the 21st century. Critics say that this emotional rollercoaster measures up to O’Neill, Tennessee Williams and Albee, and they call it the “first great American large-scale drama of this millennium”. To quote the trailer for the Broadway production: “One bitch of a family reunion – you’ll recoil in shock, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh. Whatever your take, you’ll never forget August: Osage County”.

Our Hok Matters!

Many members have noticed that slowly but surely, small changes are been made at The Hok.
We now have a small lighting setup for all those theatrical evenings we are planning. Many thanks to Gary Fargher, Brett Radloff and Wendy Goddard for arranging the procurement of this “little gem” – so useful! We will be expanding its capabilities as we progress. Who knows? One day we have a bona fide
performance space… okay can’t help myself, watch this space.

Also, we have been able to add a proper urn to our inventory. A bit of a search, but I was finally able to track one down at Glomail. This was made possible through a gift from Beren Belknap (Michele’s son) for the use of the Hok as a rehearsal space. So The Hok is being put to good use!

Our new addition: An electric air pot. Easy to use (honestly) and a good energy saver. Once boiled, the thermos facility keeps water hot enough for hot drinks for a good few hours. Don’t be afraid of it, the instruction manual is on the shelf behind the bar. It’s easy to follow!

Bottoms up!

Oh dear, parting is always such sweet sorrow, here’s hoping you get as much pleasure out of reading this month’s Pulitzer Prize winning “Chat” as I have had putting it together,

Your erstwhile scribe,

Clifford Graham

Dates to diarise

Thursday 13 – Saturday 15 October: Hayfever at the Masque
Friday 21 October 7.30pm: Members’ evening – I am Amazing
Saturday 22 October 2.30pm: Audition: Marvin’s Room
Friday 28 October 7.30pm: August: Osage County opens
Friday 18 November 8pm: Separate Tables opens
Friday 2 December 7.30pm: Members’ evening – Sonnets and Sound

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MARVIN’S ROOM by Scott McPherson

to be staged from March 16 – 24, 2012 at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg
directed by Brenda Gray

Audition date: Saturday 22 October (Call backs: Saturday 29 October)

Time: 2.30 p.m.

Place: The Hok, Campground Road, Claremont (Under the bridge)

“Marvin’s Room” had its premiere in Chicago in 1990 and went on to national acclaim, winning the 1992 Outer Critics Circle award for best play, the 1992 Drama Desk award for best play and the Joseph Jefferson award in Chicago for best original work. Described as a ‘mordantly funny comedy’ and ‘a zany and emotionally-affecting story about death, aging parents, reconciliation, and the healing power of selfless love’, it was made into a film in 1996 with Dianne Keaton, Meryl Streep, Leonardo di Caprio and Robert de Nero.


BESSIE: 40s. Takes care of her father and aunt (large role)

LEE, late 30s. Bessie’s sister. A hairdresser who is about to get her degree in cosmetology. (large role)

RUTH: 70s Bessie’s aunt – frail and delightfully dotty. (medium role)

DOCTOR CHARLOTTE Psychiatrist – head of the mental clinic. (small/cameo role)

DR WALLY: 50s -could be older, because he is very dithery. (medium role)

HANK: 17 Lee’s son. In a mental clinic for burning down his mother’s house.(medium role)

CHARLIE: 12 Hank’s younger brother. Is ‘doing poorly at school because he reads too much’. (small role)

BOB: Dr Wally’s brother and receptionist. A ‘sheltered employment’ candidate. (cameo role.)

RETIREMENT HOME DIRECTOR. m/f (small/cameo role)

MARVIN: Bessie’s bedridden father. (Non-speaking part, but onstage a good deal of the time)

Enquiries: phone: 021 6863554 Cell: 083 3300670

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Darlow Smithson Productions will be filming a series for Animal Planet in Cape Town called Infested!

It’s a drama documentary series about how people combat home infestations of various pests. They are currently looking for extras to take part in shooting of some story reconstructions, which will be filmed in Cape Town between the 13th and 26th July.

The main characters have already been cast, but they need about ten people interested in playing small roles as neighbours, friends, etc of the main cast. These would be small parts, and would only involve one or two days commitment in terms of filming time. There are both male and female roles (though slightly more males, around 70:30 ratio), and ages from 25-60 years old. Since the stories are all set in North America, they need to represent a mostly white, middle class ethnicity. At this stage they’re really just looking for anyone who is interested in taking part, and there’ll be a more rigorous casting session closer to the filming dates to fit people to specific roles.

Unfortunately they aren’t able to pay the actors, but will be reimbursing travel expenses and lunch will be provided on set.

Please pass on the information to anyone you think might be interested, as this is a brilliant opportunity to be part of a series that will be broadcast internationally.

If you would like to be considered, please email me (wendygoddard@xsinet.co.za) with your contact details before Wednesday 8 June, and I will forward them to Darlow Smithson Productions.

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Est. 1949 Inc. The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society
P.O. Box 131, HOWARD PLACE, 7450


The Ugly Duckling Musical

Some eggs can’t be beaten!

A musical comedy in two acts based on the
THE UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Andersen

Music by GEORGE STILES Book and Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE


Production Dates:- 7th to 17th December 2011 at the Little Theatre – Cape Town
and possibly 23rd to 26th February 2012 at the Masque Theatre – Muizenberg

Since it first hatched in 1993, Styles & Drew’s musical Honk! has winged its way around the world in over 8000 productions and in many different languages. A world-wide sensation that has been seen by over 5 million people. Honk! has won multiple awards including the 2000 Oliver Award for Best New Musicalbeating the Lion King and Mamma Mia for the prize.

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling”, “Honk! tells the story of an odd looking duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother. Soon after Ugly is born, he is seduced away by a wily Cat who wants to eat Ugly for dinner. Eventually, Ugly manages to escape but has no idea how to return home. Along his way, he encounters a beautiful swan, Penny, tangled in a fishing line. After saving her, the two birds fall in love. However, she must return to her flock and fly south for winter. Eventually, Ugly’s mother finds him frozen in the snow. Luckily her warm tears manage to thaw him out and he comes back to life – as a handsome swan! Soon, Ugly is reunited with Penny and they decide to live the rest of their days in the same pond as Ugly’s loyal mother.

The principal theme of the show is clearly the acceptance, compassion and understanding of others who may appear different for whatever reason. The main message is that being different is OK, it is something to be welcomed, embraced and celebrated rather than feared, misunderstood or persecuted.

Honk! is family entertainment that is fun for all ages – as much about people as about ducks.

Our wish is to make this a big cast:- 3 leads, 8 supports, a double cast of children’s chorus who double up as Duckling’s and Froglets and group of chorus members (age ranging from teenagers to mature adults) who will have an opportunity to perform the multitude of cameo roles that are available. If you wish to audition for more than one role, you are more than welcome. Rehearsals will start in September.

Please feel free to go into the creator’s website which is very informative and will give you a taste of what the show is about. Enjoy. http://www.stilesanddrewe.co.uk/honk


 One of the songs from Honk! – preferably one of the songs representing the character you are auditioning for (in your voice range). This is very important.

 Please contact Tina Gough at Bgough@telkomsa.net or on 0827719644 to obtain copies of the music that you will need to prepare for the audition.

Please prepare!!!


Pinelands Players clubhouse -The Crossing Road: Pinelands
From Forest Drive with mountain behind you, take first left after the Vincent Palotti hospital, left at the t junction into Sunny Road, right into The Crossing, brick building on left next to railway line.


All auditionees are to arrive at the start time of the audition for administrative reasons. Everyone will then be taught a little dance as a group, and will be auditioned in groups for the dancing audition. After that, individual auditions will be held separately – so please a) wear suitable shoes and b) be prepared to stay the full length of time stipulated below.

 Saturday 25th June (10h00 to 16h00)–Lead and Supporting Roles
 Sunday 26th June (13h30 to 18h00) – Cameo’s and Chorus (no children)
 Saturday 2nd July (10h00 to 13h00) –Cameo and Chorus Recall
 Sunday 3rd July (13h30 to 18h00) – Lead and Support Roles Recall
 Sunday 17th July (13h00 to 17h00) – Children’s Chorus (Ducklings & Froglets)

Please contact Tina Gough at Bgough@telkomsa.net or on 0827719644 to advise if you are going to attend the auditions. This is very important so that we can administer correctly and not waste your time. Tina will also be able to answer any questions or requests that you might have.

Looking forward to hearing you “Honk!”

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Created & Written by Gerard Alessandrini

Direction: Sheila McCormick – Musical direction: Jeremy Quickfall
Choreography: Fiona Tanner

Venue: Milnerton Playhouse
Pienaar Road, Milnerton (Behind library)
Date: Sunday 05 June
Time: 13.30 for 14.00

Forbidden Broadway is a fun, satirical, rip off of a number of well-known Broadway musicals including: Chicago, Annie, Hello Dolly, Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Rent, Cats, Fiddler on the Roof, Hairspray and A Chorus Line.
It also sends up several showbiz personalities such as: Carol Channing, Chita Rivera & Rita Moreno (Stage & screen Anita in West Side Story), Liza Minelli, Barbara Streisand, Bob Fossie and Cameron Macintosh.

It requires a cast of four very strong singers (2 Male & 2 Female), with good stage presence and the ability to act and move well, plus a small singing/dancing chorus.

The show will be staged at Milnerton Playhouse from 25 November to 10 December with rehearsals beginning mid to end August.

Auditionees are asked to prepare a song in their voice range from one of the above mentioned or any other popular musical show. Please bring sheet music for accompaniment or a backing CD.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will also be required to take part in a movement audition to be arranged by the choreographer.

For further information please contact Sheila :
021 557 3206 or 079 877 2466
e-mail: macdram@afrihost.co.za

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