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THE ADLIB – official newsletter of Pinelands Players!

Hi Everyone!

Rehearsals for the Candlelight Supper show ‘# Horror’ are well under way and it is looking fabulous! Booking is now open, get in fast and secure your booking. Remember the earlier you book the more likely you are to get a great table. Tables seat 10 and getting a group of friends together to enjoy a super dinner and entertainment is such fun.

2 7 & 28 JUNE + 1, 2, 3, & 4 JULY @ 7:30pm
R120pp inc DINNER
Devised & Directed by Tina Gough
Bookings: Call 082 771 9644 or Email pinelandshorror@gmail.com

Ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night! Spine chilling tales, dancing skeletons, Monsters and haunting songs
You really mustn’t miss this year’s Candlelight Supper Theatre show at the Town Hall.
The meal is a delicious Bolognese with a surprise dessert to follow and of course there will be a fully stocked bar as well.

Tina Gough, Alison Hofer, the Cast and Crew are pulling out all the stops. Lighting and Sound of top quality from Chris Laurie and Glyn Fogell will be superb, using our new equipment purchased to enhance our shows at the Town Hall.



If you haven’t paid yet, please do.
Banking details:
NUMBER: 50141180659
BRANCH: 200810


AUDITION 21st JUNE 2014 2 p.m. at PINELANDS PLAYERS’ CLUBHOUSE! Breaking up is Hard to Do, featuring the songs on Neil Sedaka; book by Erik Jackson & Ben H Winters; music by Neil Sedaka, lyrics by Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield & Philip Cody!
ABOUT BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO: Set in the Catskills at Esther’s Paradise Resort during the Labour Day weekend in 1960. This
is the golden era of the Catskills, a popular resort destination in upstate New York where, in its heyday, up and coming performers made or broke their careers, and producers such as Dick Clark might have been found scoping for talent. Marge and her stage-struck best friend, Lois arrive at Esther’s on a vacation that was supposed to be Marge’s honeymoon. But Marge’s groom left her at the alter and she is very heartsore and vulnerable. Lois tries to set Marge up with the flamboyant and self-obsessed singer, Del Delmonica, but the plan backfires. Looking on from the wings is Gabe, the geeky cabana boy and stage hand. The show revolves around actions on the resort’s stage; Harvey, the house comic and M.C. secretly carries a torch for the widowed owner, Esther. Esther is preoccupied with trying to keep the resort financially sound. It’s a fun show which revolves around two unlikely love stories and how they are finally, and of course, satisfactorily resolved.
Director, June Wells. Musical Directors: Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner


THE BAND: the band is the ‘house band’ for Esther’s Paradise Resort and they participate in the show. This has already been cast:
Ted Faulkner, Alan van der Merwe and Schalk Wasserman.
MARGE GELMAN (early to mid 20’s); mezzo soprano. Abandoned at the altar, Marge is an aspiring dentist from Brooklyn who finds herself in the Catskills on what would have been her honeymoon weekend. Her self-esteem has taken a knock (think Jennifer Grey in ‘Dirty Dancing’). She’s bookish and intelligent, sweet and gullible.
LOIS WARNER (early to mid 20’s); alto with some mezzo soprano ability. Lois lives her life as if she were starring in her own movie. With a Marilyn Monroe simplicity, Lois has more red blood cells than brain cells; more heart than nous. Basically a ditzy blonde bombshell.
DEL DELMONACO (20’s to 30’s); tenor, comfortable to an A – the higher the better. He is a flamboyant self serving egoist and will do anything to become the next teen heart-throb. He gets by on charm, slinky hip moves and a great voice; but has probably never even read a magazine article to the end, let alone a book. (Think Joey in ‘Friends’)
GABE GREEN (mid to late 20’s); tenor, Bb-C range). He’s clumsy, nerdy and very shy. He is Esther’s ‘Man Friday’, doing everything from serving drinks & cleaning the pool to being the stage hand for the shows. His father wants him to join his orthodontic practice, but Gabe’s passion is music. In fact he secretly writes all of the material that Del takes credit for (he lacks the confidence to perform them himself). As with Marge, we see a great change take place in Gabe on this Labour Day weekend.
ESTHER (Mature, anywhere between 45 and 60); Alto, nice and rich in her low to mid register. Esther is a widow and has been single-handedly keeping the resort afloat since the death of her husband. She is fiercely independent, has boundless energy and is always ready with a quip or smart remark.
HARVEY (slightly older than Esther); baritone. He is the social director/MC/comedian at Esther’s Paradise. Harvey is all about the set-up and the punch line and spends most of his life cracking wise and avoiding any show of genuine emotion or vulnerability – he is also a confirmed bachelor. Esther is the one person who truly understands the man behind the jokes.
CHORUS – 2 MALES, 2 FEMALES (20’s to 30’s) all with singing ability and must be able to move with confidence. The chorus will be very involved in the show with the Band and also with the characters.

TIME: we’ll start sharply at 2 p.m. so be there by 1.30 for signing up. Please wear comfortable clothes and leave your inhibitions at home, this will be fun not torture!
ACCENTS: New York – examples: Tony Danza, Barbra Streisand, Fran Drescher, Marisa Tomei, John Travolta, Walter Matthau, Robert De Niro, Vin diesel, Joan Rivers, Rosie O’Donnel, Joe Pesci, Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Allen. Matt LeBlanc.
SINGING: You’ll be tested for range and then be asked to sing a number from the show. A list of the show songs is on the next page. Go to Youtube, punch in ‘Neil Sedaka’ and you’ll find all the songs. Sheet music will be available at the audition.
MOVEMENT: everyone will be taught a short piece of choreography, remember to wear flat shoes, no heels, no trainers that stick to the floor.
READING: if you are auditioning for the chorus, you need not take part in this. Others please prepare a monologue, no longer than 1 or 2 minutes. At this stage we don’t expect a full on accent. Try and find something appropriate to the character (dumb blonde, sleazy club singer, etc). If you can’t find anything, email me, but finding your own is much more fun – there are millions on the internet.

Breaking up is Hard to Do
Lonely Night
Where the Boys Are
Happy Birthday Sweet 16
The Diary
Stupid Cupid
Betty Garble
King of Clowns
Oh, Carol
Calendar Girl
Next Door to an Angel
Breaking Up is Hard to Do (reprise)
Laughter in the Rain
My Friend
Stairway to Heaven
Little Angel
Love Will Keep us Together

‘Breaking up is Hard to Do’ is to Neil Sedaka what ‘Mama Mia’ is to ABBA. Like ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Jersey Boys’ it is a nostalgic trip into a very different time. Computers and cell phones were in futuristic movies and a terrorist was a badly behaved 2-year-old throwing a tantrum. Bop and jive, polka dots, coke floats, hairspray and Brylcream. We’ll recreate the flavour and style of that special era.
If you are thinking of auditioning for this show, please leave your inhibitions and self-consciousness outside. Take a deep breath, let
yourself go and enjoy it!

OKLAHOMA! From G&S, directed by Teddy Davies. Rehearsals are well under way. Production dates, in the Artscape Opera House, are 19 July to 3 August 2014 and tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.

DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER. From Milnerton Players. Opening 30th May. A husband a wife a mistress a lover and a cook – sounds hilarious. This info taken from website. For more, telephone 082 267 1061.

CLAREMONT D.S. will be offering acting workshops from late June. These workshops will aim to help newcomers and old. The workshops will entail basic voice and body work, text analysis, character development and at the end of workshops you will be adjudicated and will receive a certificate of attendance at a final performance/exam. Please confirm attendance by the 1st of June 2014. The cost is R50 a workshop and you must to attend all 4 workshops to receive the certificate. If you are interested or require more information feel free to contact me: sheldon_cross@yahoo.com or 072 596 8369.

HOTTENTOTS HOLLANDS D.S. presents ‘Annie The Musical’ at the Playhouse in Somerset West. 17th to 28th June. I don’t have details from HHDS, but SHAUN BROWNE is repeating his role in this production as Daddy Warbucks and bookings are through Computicket.  Please note: there is an early bird R10 discount if you book before 3 June.

THE ROSEBANK THEATRE – great things are happening at this little theatre in Alma Road Rosebank. Take a look at http://www.rosebanktheatre.com.

The latest addition to the Earp-Jones family, Connor Austin, has just arrived!!!! Congratulations to Brendon and Jade and of course, to the two very happy Grandparents, Heather and Rogan.

Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner have been meeting and working on the music for ‘Breaking up is Hard to Do’. They love the songs and I’m sure you will too. Please come along to the audition on the 21st June (call backs the next day).

Hard to believe that Jack Matthee will have passed away exactly one year ago on the 16th June. Karin is coping well, but I know that day will be especially sad and that you’ll all be thinking of her.

So much to do and so little time. Mandy and Scott arrive next Tuesday – not having seen them in the flesh for over three years, I’m very excited. Lots to do between now and then, so I’ll be off!

Until next time, break a leg, June.

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[Poster’s note: Sorry for the lateness of this post. This newsletter did go out to members on 1 May]



Hi Everyone!
Told you not to change your wardrobe just yet. I was bundled up in winter woolies while writing the last AdLib and here I am in a t-shirt & cotton pants.
Exciting times, lots to tell you, so put the kettle on and come back with a nice culpa to settle down and read.

PHONE TINA NOW ON 082 771 9644 or email her: bgough@telkomsa.net

The loft clean up is done and dusted – more dust than you can imagine. The Committee worked like a well-oiled machine over the two days and the results are brilliant. Everything sorted and neat as a pin. The new ‘intelligent’ lights have arrived and Chris has even managed to repair a couple of the old ones which we thought had given up the ghost. One of the new lights is already being put to use this weekend for Bonny’s show.

It is so great to be on a Committee with people who are really committed and make work seem like fun.

It hit just the right balance. If you didn’t know the answer to a question, it was informative and interesting.!
The winners were Shaun Browne and (blush) June Wells and runners up were Louis & Denise de Kock and Thomas Bowman.!
Thanks Tina and your team (Tanya Browne and Glyn Fogell), a splendid evening of fun! More please?!

ALISON HOFER’S PLAY-READING TUESDAY 1ST APRIL – was not as well supported as we’d hoped, the miserable weather probably had an effect. But the play was brilliant (‘Gods of Carnage’) and those who were there were totally engrossed. Watch out for more from Alison and if you missed the last one, don’t miss the next. Alison is sure to choose another intriguing play for us.
If ghosts and ghouls are your bag, this is for you! Tina Gough and Alison Hofer are already in rehearsal with their show.
Creaking doors, spine-chilling tales, freaky dances and haunting songs (all liberally splashed with lots of laughs and just a
little bit of blood & ectoplasm). The menu sounds delicious – spaghetti bogeynaise and a dessert of mire-ingues with
screaming ice…mmmmmm…
Set in 1960 with the music of Neil Sedaka
Director: June Wells
Musical Directors: Alan van der Merwe and Ted Faulkner



If you haven’t paid yet, please do.

Banking details:
NUMBER: 50141180659
BRANCH: 200810

OKLAHOMA! From G&S, directed by Teddy Davies. Rehearsals are well under way. Production dates, in the Artscape Opera House, are 19 July to 3 August  2014 and tickets are already on sale from cast members or from Computicket. Ticket prices through Computicket range from R110 to R235 for evening performances and R100 to R220 for matinees. Preferential tickets are available from cast members at a saving of between R10 and R30 each.


From Milnerton Playrs. Opening 30th May. A husband a wife a mistress a lover and a cook – sounds hilarious. This info taken
from website. For more, telephone 082 267 1061.

MASQUE THEATRE is raising funds and on the 10th of May there is a quiz in the foyer at 7.30 p.m. Bookings: 021 788 1898, or

Sorry, I’ve searched the web for more up to date info on our sister societies, but this was all I could find. Other scribes, please keep me updated.

Wendy Goddard and Bob Goode are re-locating to Umtata (Mthatha) for a period of three years. Like her Mum, Jill Cooke, Wendy is a theatrical marvel – director, artist, actor and much, much more. Claremont Dramatic Society are going to miss her as Chairperson and we’ll all miss her vibrant presence on the Amdram scene.
Our sincere and heartfelt good wishes for your sojourn in the Eastern Cape, Wendy and Bob, enjoy the adventure!
Welcome to new Member, Bobbie Fitchen – great to have you. There are a number of new faces in Tina and Alison’s show, we hope you’ll be joining soon – gals, please send this AdLib on to them?
Have bought a shredder and while sorting through things I found some fascinating stuff. Amongst them a little notebook I kept when I was Hon. Sec. Did you know that Ruth Allsopp joined the society in 1952? And Tony Murray joined the Committee in 1959? Peter Torien was in the chorus and also Business Manager for ‘Vagabond King’ in 1964, he was a mere schoolboy then and a pupil of one of our founders, Madge Harding. In 1981 our ‘Brush up’ (what we now call Candelight Supper Theatre), was ‘Brush up die Bosveld’ – I just can’t remember it, but I described it in the AdLib as ‘..a splendiferous affair with jolly company, great cabaret and
simply splendid food’. All our bookings were done through Pinelands Drapers at Howard Centre – oh, how I miss them. Difficult to find a draper/haberdashery shop anywhere now.

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Hi there readers

Spring has finally sprung in Cape Town! Our days are getting warmer. Our nights are getting shorter. But us locals still await our imminent windy season. Let this blow away the winter cobwebs and winter blues…. Let it bring with it a gust of enthusiasm and eagerness. We have all learnt that change is one of the only constant facets of life. We need to try embrace change rather than resist it.

Honk! rehearsals are going strong despite the fact that over half the cast who were performing in Fiddler on the Roof had not attended rehearsals until 2 October 2011. Richard Whitaker has pulled out all the stops to produce an integral and huge part of the set in record time, prior to his work project which has taken him away to Natal for several months.

Tina Gough, Chairperson and Honk! Production Manager, who is enjoying herself in Australia, has left yours truly in charge…. Lets hope that any decisions made in her absence will meet with approval. We wish her a wonderful holiday and look forward to her safe return.

A Pinelands Players team of eager entrants to the Inter Society quiz, which takes place on 9 October 2011 at the Masque Theatre, will venture out and attempt to strut their stuff on the intelligence levels. Should anyone wish to support them, the cost is R20 which includes an arrival refreshment and snacks. The quiz starts at 6.15pm.

Just a reminder that our dear Shirley Nixon will be performing in Separate Tables at the Masque Theatre next month. Please remember to book your tickets for this show.

Please be advised that due to venue double bookings, the Line Dancing evening planned for 21 October 2011 has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience and will do our best to ensure that we make it up to you.

Keep looking ahead when bad things happen or when people hurt you. Forgiving others can only begin if you can learn to forgive yourself. Despite all our challenges and misfortunes, there is beauty and love surrounding us. Just open your eyes to it.

Tanya March (Chief Duck No 2)

Congratulations to all the Pinelands Players members who performed in Fiddler on the Roof. The production was outstanding, and you all deserve the accolades and awards that await you.

Your arduous journey from Anatevka has now reached the end, and we look forward to welcoming you all home to Pinelands Players again as we have missed you.

Here, the weather is warmer. There should be more food. And there are no pending housing re-location issues. But we know that your will long for your fellow town folk, your hats and your boots. May you unpack your luggage, keep the spirit in your hearts, cherish your friends and treasure the wonderful memories!

Honk! Fraternity. Maternity. Siblings.

Honk! has brought to the duck pond an exciting array of personalities to contribute to the funk
of the show. Highlighted is the large number of family members who have been cast in this
Bonny White (Ida) and her son Richard (Cat). Bonny, who graced the stage with Gilbert & Sullivan’s upbeat version of Pirates of Penzance in 1999 and thereafter two Pinelands Players Candelight Theatre productions, is now back to delight audiences with her gracious style and beautiful voice. Richard performed in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Annie last year, and recently starred in Pinelands Players’ Forever Plaid Candelight Theatre in July. Whilst he and mom get on very well, Richard did mention that initially he was a little concerned about how a teenager was expected to behave in the presence of a parent. However, after careful observation
as the rehearsals have continued, it is apparent that both mom and son will be completely comfortable with each other on the stage.

Andrew Weiss (Bullfrog) and his daughter Erin (Froglette). Andrew, one of Pinelands Players well versed comedians, was last seen on stage in Nobody’s Perfect staged by Milnerton Players. His vast experience over the years affords him the right to be the clown of the show (both on and off the stage). Andrew’s varying characterization has been seen in Gilbert & Sullivan’s 2005 production of Pirates of Penzance, and Pinelands Players’ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Guys & Dolls. Erin’s debut in a production of this size does not in any way deter her enthusiasm or love for the stage, which has clearly been identified during numerous dancing performances through her dancing school.

Laura Bosman (Lowbutt) and her daughter Bryony (Duckling). Laura has appeared in Gilbert & Sullivan musicals and several Pinelands Players productions some of which are Guys & Dolls, A Christmas Carol and most recently The Wizard of Oz. Bryony has performed in the latter two productions with her mom, and when Laura was asked how she felt about having her daughter perform with her, she replied “It is magic! Bryony loves the stage and it is so wonderful to share her passion with her”. Laura however did mention that “sometimes I worry about the adult conversation and language that gets spoken, but hey, that’s life of the theatre”.

Nigel Stevenson (Turkey) and his daughter Elizabeth (Froglette). Nigel, relatively well known in Pinelands Players productions such as Red Hot in Amsterdam and Preeoudly Seeouff Effrikan, is dedicated to his roles. Elizabeth is 10 years old and is in Grade 5 at Pinehurst Primary school where she has performed in some school productions. Father and daughter performed together in Gigi at the Masque Theatre earlier this year. Elizabeth said “I love doing shows, and as there is no school show this year, I am so pleased to be doing
Honk!.” When asked how she felt with her dad being at rehearsals, Elizabeth remarked “I feel more comfortable with him being there”. Not too phased about year-end exams, this bright Froglette will cope just fine with whatever is thrown at her.

Benita Faiers (Duckling) and her daughter Andrea (Duckling). Benita makes her debut on the stage, although she is renown for her contribution back stage at several Gilbert & Sullivan and Pinelands Players productions. A school teacher by day and after her husband Grant (also well known for his involvement in many shows as sound engineer), convinced her to get involved in 2004 back stage, she has never looked back. Benita is known for her enthusiasm together with her magical & happy disposition, which will stand her in good stead for this production. Andrea, cast as a Siamese princess at the age of six in Gilbert & Sullivan’s The King & I, and who also performed in Pinelands Players’ A Christmas Carol, is now sharing the
stage with her mom for the first time. Benita commented “This is her niche – Andrea was born singing, and not crying like other babies”.

Simoné du Toit (Duckling) and her daughter Zoë (Froglette). Simoné is thrilled to be able to perform again with her daughter and said “It is so special that we share something that we both love”. It has been six years since their last combined theatre performance due to varying reasons among which was their two year re-location to Saudia Arabia. This is the first Pinelands Players production for them. Simoné and Zoe both
had roles in Gilbert & Sullivan productions of Annie Get Your Gun and The King & I. Zoë, almost twelve years of age has only one concern about doing the show and that is “that I don’t always get to finish all my homework”.

Indya Gleeson (Froglette) and her older sister, Skyla (Froglette). Indya, aged eight and the youngest in the cast, loves dancing and gymnastics. Her debut on the stage was via Erin Weiss who encouraged her to audition for the show. When asked how she is coping she replied “The nicest part is when we dance. And it is nice to show our parents what we do. We make a concert for them and practice our moves”. Skyla aged
eleven regularly attends modern and hip-hop classes. Skyla is happy to be rehearsing with her younger sister, and mentioned “it feels really nice to do this together”. These delightful siblings have already made an impact and statement on the cast & crew.

Whether or not these castings was deliberate or by chance, this will make interesting rehearsals and audience viewing.

Notice to all cast members:
Under no circumstances will any family squabbling be tolerated.

By strict order (and guidance) of Queen Duck & her entourage of disciplinarians!

Drama and Musical Theatre growth!!
Our very own Luella Holland, talented and beautiful, has now ventured out into the world of teaching. Her vast experience in the drama world allows her to share her knowledge and experience with others. Luealla has a BA drama and PGCE in drama teaching from UCT, and many will know her from productions such as Lady Windemere’s Fan, Gigi, Edges and her regular gig, Rock ‘n Rouge.
Any thespians who would like to learn more about the art of acting please take note. Luella Holland is offering one-on-one training for both those who would like to deepen their understanding of acting techniques and approaching roles in plays and musical theatre. Young and not-so-young are all welcome! Luealla can be reached on 082 484 6629 or luluellabella@gmail.com.

Intersociety Quiz hosted by Constantiaberg Theatre Players
Bookings gillfam@telkomsa.net or 021 712 4200

7 – 15 October 2011 Masque Theatre
Hayfever directed by Alastair Duff
Fish Hoek Dramatic Society

19 October 2011 Milnerton Playhouse
One Night Only
Milnerton Players
Bookings 021 557 2308

18 – 26 November 2011 Masque Theatre
Separate Tables directed by Sue Bolton
Claremont Dramatic Society (including Shirley Nixon)

25 Novermber – 10 December 2011 Milnerton Playhouse
Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits directed by Shiela McCormick
Bookings 082 267 1061

9 – 17 December 2011 Little Theatre
Honk! Directed by Kyla Thorburn
Pinelands Players

Calling for Directors and proposals for Candlelight Theatre 2012.
Dates have not been finalized but there is a possibility for two productions : mid-year and year end.
Enquiries & applications to be sent to Tina:

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The Official Newsletter of Pinelands Players
(Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)
P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450
Blog: http://pinelandsplayers.wordpress.com/ Email: tanya@march.za.net Phone: 082 900 6963 September 2011

Hi there readers

As we observe the season change with the emergence of colourful and beautiful flowers dressing our majestic mountain, and noticeable alongside our road ways (or in our gardens), this new growth and freshness brings with it the start of another exciting production.

Honk! rehearsals commenced on 29 August 2011, despite many of the cast members currently being involved in
Fiddler on the Roof. A read-through of the show was held on Sunday 4 September 2011, where the clubhouse was packed to full capacity as cast members, production team and family attended this occasion.

The Honk! Production team have had several meetings over the past month arranging set building, props, costumes, lighting, sound, marketing & advertising. Whilst the cast of the show rehearse relentlessly, the ‘behind-the-scenes’ crew spend an equal amount of time preparing the functionality and execution of the show.

Clara Machado and Chenara Fenton hosted an exciting and well-planned Quiz night on 26 August 2011, where much debate, fun and laughter ensued. All who attended agreed that the “General knowledge” section was extremely difficult and should have been reserved solely for the astute members of Pinelands Players.
Masterminded members are challenged to put together a team to take on other dramatic societies in the Constantiaberg Inter-Society quiz on 9 October 2011. Please let me know if you are interested in participating and putting your brain-matter to the test! Judging by our recent quiz night, we have some clever members of the society who we should be proud to associate ourselves with!

Simon and Khalida Speck are our invited choreographers for our Line Dancing event to be held on 21 October 2011. Previous such evenings have been energetic and fun. So take prepare yourself for another entertaining Pinelands Players adventure. More information to follow.

Remember that life if for living…. Do as much as you can, while you can. Cherish every good experience. Treasure special moments.

Tanya March (Chief Duck No 2)

Quiz evening – 26 August 2011
Congratulations to team “Prima Donnas” who won the quiz evening, by a mere 1 point! Might the other three teams just mention that the winning team had one more person in their team, than the remaining competitors.
Not only were the questions intriguing, but were at times debatable, which ensured that all brain matter was clawing into the depths of memory banks to find correct answers. Who would have guessed the name of the movie in photo no 3?

Some beverage items were auctioned to raise funds, whereby Chenara exuded yet another talent of hers as she mastered the auctioneering ramble…. “sold to the lady in the red jacket”!! Someone even won a prize for knowing how many squares of paper on a toilet roll.

Thank you to Clara and Chenara for arranging this superb evening, and to every one else involved in ensuring the success of the event.

Adrian Kettle most definitely thinks more clearly after a glass of red wine!

Honk! Update

Congratulations! To Lynn Moss who has won our first Honk! competition. Your prize is on its way!

Welcome to the Production Team (so far)

Production Management & Marketing
Tina Gough
Tanya March
Chenara Fenton

Stage Management
Waldo Buckle
Guilma van Wyk

Set building & Props Management
Waldo Buckle
Richard Whittaker
Wendy Goddard

Lighting & Sound Management
Tech X
Gary Fargher
David Bolton
Vera Simmonds
Rory Bosman

June Wells
Roché Buckle

Front of House
Tanya Browne

Queen Duck’s competition
Give the Collective Nouns for:-
• Ducks in fight
• Quails
• Chickens
• Coots
• Geese (there are 2 of them)
• Birds (there are 4 of them)
• Swans (there are 2 of them)
• Pheasants (there are 2 of them)
• Ducks not in flight
• Wild fowl (there are 3 of them)
• Poultry
• Geese in flight
A quacky prize for the person who get most of the correct (20 in all).

Send your answers to : tanya@march.za.net
(closing date 30 September 2011)

Props needed for the show:
• 8 foot wooden ladder
• Garden gnome who is fishing
• A large log approx. 1,5m long
• Hat stand
• Tea trolley
• Life saving ring
If you are able to assist with any of the above, please contact tanya@march.za.net

Calling for Directors and proposals for Candlelight Theatre 2012.

Dates have not been finalized but there is a possibility for two productions : mid-year and year end.
Enquiries & applications to be sent to Tina: Bgough@telkomsa.net

Inter Society Annual Quiz

Constantiaberg Theatre Players is hosting the Inter Society Quiz this year. The date is Sunday October 9th at the Masque Theatre 6.30pm for 7.00pm. We look forward to welcoming you at this annual event.
Di Thom / Chairman Constantiaberg Theatre Players

If you would like to put together a team for Pinelands Players, please contact tanya@march.za.net

Honk! Read-through & Social

Sunday 4 September 2011

All but 3 members attended the first “all cast” Honk! event at the clubhouse. The delightful atmosphere welcomed newcomers and regulars to the “Duck Pond”. Amidst the crowd was Ugly (number 1), who celebrated his birthday. Witnessing a packed clubhouse sing to him in four part (or more) harmony, was quite enthralling and caused goose bumps to mark the occasion. The read-through of the show together with the music allowed all present, including the production team, to get a feel for the show let alone giggle (like geese) at the notorious humour and quirks (quacks) of the musical. Several attendees took trouble to dress for their part with an array of costumes, feathers, shoes and accessories. The social team (now known as the A-Team, comprising of ClarA, AllanA and ChenarA) went to great trouble to create a welcoming
atmosphere for cast, crew and parents alike. Chenara was already selling t-shirts and taking orders for Honk! clothing.

Kyla’s key words were: “Don’t miss rehearsals. Don’t be late. Bring your scores. Have a pencil & eraser at all times. Cell phones off. Bring money for fines!!! But let’s have fun!”

Annual subscriptions received by members does not even cover the annual expenses to run the clubhouse, let alone cover the costs of hosting club nights or other things. Please do the right thing and pay your subs.
It is only R90!

What’s on

2,3,8,9,10 September 2011 Milnerton Playhouse
The Sum of Us directed by Johann van der Merwe
Milnerton Players
Bookings 082 267 1061 or http://www.milnertonplayers.com

9 September – 1 October 2011 Opera House Artscape
Fiddler on the Roof directed by Teddy Davies
Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Bookings at Computicket

16 – 24 September 2011 Masque Theatre
Steel Magnolias directed by Angela Lee-Wright
Constantiaberg Theatre Players (including Clara Machado)
Bookings on 021 788 1898

7 – 15 October 2011 Masque Theatre
Hayfever directed by Alastair Duff
Fish Hoek Dramatic Society

18 – 26 November 2011 Masque Theatre
Separate Tables directed by Sue Bolton
Claremont Dramatic Society (including Shirley Nixon)

9 – 17 December 2011 Little Theatre
Honk! Directed by Kyla Thorburn

Line dancing evening will be held on 21 October 2011 at the Pinelands Congregational Church Hall
Nerina Avenue More news to follow!

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The Official Newsletter of Pinelands Players
(Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)
P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450
Blog: http://pinelandsplayers.wordpress.com/ Email: tanya@march.za.net Phone: 082 900 6963
June 2011

Hi there readers

Now that winter is upon us, with our long dark days, let us view the rain as cleansing and refreshing…. But it is also a great excuse to wrap up warm in fashionable winter woolies and spend time with our friends and loved ones huddled around the glow of a fire or heater. Time to share special moments catching up and relishing in conversation, friendship and fellowship.

With a fairly busy month behind us, we can reflect on the very successful and well attended Clubhouse Revamp party, which took place on 6 May 2011 followed by an intimate screening of the Godspell DVD for cast and crew. Pinelands Players is pleased to announce that Godspell was not only a well supported show with over 70% attendance at the Artscape Arena, which is a huge feat for any theatrical endeavor in that venue, but the show also rendered a reasonable profit despite large commissions taken from both Artscape and Computicket. The decision to utilise the Artscape Arena for Pinelands Players was a risk, but with the careful management, sufficient marketing and fantastic show, staging Godspell there was a good choice.

Well done to all involved to make it the success that it was. And this show will be remembered by many for years to come. (Some thespians and supporters have even suggested staging it again!)

Rehearsals for Forever Plaid are hectic, but all are making great progress and this promises to be a very interesting and entertaining show for the Pinelands Players Candelight Theatre scheduled for July and August. Keep those dates open!

Pinelands Players is pleased to announce the year-end production taking place in November and December. After carefully scrutinising numerous proposals, the committee unanimously selected Honk!, an upbeat and fun show which appeals to a large audience and a large cast. This promises to keep all entertained from start to finish.

Please remember to join us for our next club evening on 24 June 2011 at 19h30 for a Kara-honki (duck-themed) evening in preparation for Honk!

We also welcome back Chenara Fenton back to the Pinelands Players committee. Chenara ventured off to Gauteng for a while, but we are pleased that she is back – her bubbly personality and great organisational skills compliment the dynamics of our focused committee. Sadly, Carryn Underhill has had to resign from the committee due to work pressures – we will miss her. Thank you Carryn for all your hard work over the past years.

Clubhouse Revamp Party

A great evening was had by all …. The clubhouse was filled to capacity with the huge turnout of members.
There was no need for any heating on this cold evening.

Tina Gough officially thanked all the sponsors (Black Stone Creations, Nigel Stevenson & Du Toit‟s
Granite) for their contribution to the revamp, and then the floor was handed over to June Wells so say
a little something, as the new kitchen has been renamed „Chris’ corner’ in memory of her beloved husband
who had built the original kitchen.

June also kindly sponsored several bottles of delicious bubbly to celebrate the official opening of Chris‟
Corner. Needless to say, EVERYBODY enjoyed this special treat and may have even contributed to
the giggles and fun that was had!!

June had this to say afterwards: “You guys put me on the spot, asking me to say something at the reopening
of the clubhouse. Stood there tongue-tied; knew if I’d talked about Chris I would have embarrassed
everyone & myself by crying – and that’s something I don’t do in public! Chris had so much fun chatting and joking with everyone from behind the kitchen counter at the clubhouse and the bar at the Little Theater. And he loved teasing and flirting with the pretty girls! Ah, I do miss him. He’d be truly chuffed to know that the new kitchen area will now be known as Chris’ Corner. Thank you so much.”
The evening commenced with “guess who I am” when patrons entered the door and were given secret identities – each had a sticker on their back with the name of some celebrity (whether past or present). Each person had to ask others questions with only a „yes‟ or „no‟ answer to determine their own identity. This game however, went on till the early hours of the morning for those who just would not go home!!

Victor Tichart entertained the crowd with his rendition and interpretation of Victor Borge, the Danish concert pianist & comedian. Victor took one through a hilarious rendition of a Mozart opera, making full use of his hilarious sense of humour, played Happy Birthday in the style of various classical composers
and had all rolling with laughter with his phonetic punctuation. Victor ended his entertainment with two magnificent classical pieces, leaving all awe struck by his musical talent.

Thank you to all those who used their culinary skills to provide the mouth-watering pots of onion soup (the onions were part of the props in Godspell which just had to be utilised in the recycling programme and before their „best before date‟).

The clubhouse is pristine and fresh with all the renovations, but there is still the question of what to do
with all the posters which were taken down during the painting process. There are also several items of equipment stored there, belonging to members, which will need to find a new home as space in the clubhouse is limited.

Join the committee members on Sunday 19 June 2011 at 11h00 for a sort out of all the equipment, books, posters, records etc that currently is stashed in the passage and above the bathrooms. Weather permitting, we will have a braai at lunch time to celebrate the „clear out‟ success! All welcome.

Thank You

Thank you to Brian Winter who kindly donated a new keyboard stand to Pinelands Players. Tina Gough writes: “Last week I got a urgent request from Brain Winter (via June) to borrow our key board for a soiree that he had at his home. Some one had let him down. I agreed that he could borrow it for the evening. Usually we ask only a small donation but he has very generously bought a stand for it”.

Members gig

Four of our very talented members stage their very own – Rock ‘n Rouge

Luella Holland – Jennifer Moss – Chenara Fenton – Julian Fernandez

These four awesome ones, familiar to us in many theatre productions by Pinelands Players, have been performing together for a while, entertaining various audiences around Cape Town.

They performed at the Artscape Arena in a fundraiser production for Andrew Merryweather on 28 May 2011.
„Cape Town‟s hottest musical comedy cabaret group has been providing audiences with comedy, glamour,
song, dance and a little bit of naughty‟.

Don’t miss their next show at The Masque Theatre on the 7th August. Ticket prices are R 75 per person.


7 – 12 December 2011
Little Theatre, Cape Town

Pinelands Players are thrilled to announce that the year-end production will be the musical HONK! A musical comedy in two acts based on the THE UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Andersen.

Kyla Thorburn has been engaged as Director and Justin Wardle returns as Musical Director.

The book and lyrics are by Anthony Drewe and music is by George Stiles (of the British songwriting duo Stiles and Drewe).

Aimed primarily at children and their parents, the musical is set in the countryside and features Ugly, a duckling (who is rejected by everyone but his mother Ida), a sly tomcat who wants to eat Ugly and other barnyard creatures. The principal theme of the show is clearly the acceptance, compassion and understanding of others who may appear different for whatever reason. The main message is that being different is OK, it is something to be welcomed, embraced and celebrated rather than feared, misunderstood or persecuted.
This show opens avenues for young and old alike, and we look forward to seeing you all. If not at the auditions, then definitely in the audience.

Club night!

24 June 2011 at 7.30pm

An evening of sing-a-long in the spirit of our next production. Justin Wardle will be doing his thing on the keyboard,and teaching everyone a tune or two from HONK! Dress up for this duck- themed evening. Bring along your best pun.

Prizes for best dressed and best pun!

Veggie soup and rolls will be served. (Yum)

What’s On:

25 July – 7 August 2011 Pinelands Town Hall
Forever Plaid directed by June Wells
Pinelands Players production for the annual mid-year Candelight Theatre at the Pinelands Town Hall

1 July – 9 July 2011 Masque Theatre
Macbeth directed by Clifford Graham
Claremont Dramatic Society production
Contact Clifford Graham on 083 948 9115

19 – 30 July 2011 Playhouse Theatre Somerset West
Driving Miss Daisy
Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society
Bookings at Computicket

9 September – 1 October 2011 Opera House Artscape
Fiddler on the Roof directed by Teddy Davies
Gilbert & Sullivan Society production

Broaden your musical talents

The Barleycorn is a music club with a difference; this becomes clear when you walk into the venue at The Brooksider, home of Villager FC, which is filled with an eclectic mix of punk students, struggling muso‟s, music veterans and people coming to support some local upcoming talent. It‟s then that you realise you are in for an interesting evening.
The vibe is particularly laid back and although it is a social evening, it is clear that the audience is there to support the artists. There are normally four acts per night and they can range from flamenco to a father and son duo to alternative rock. The entrance fee is R20.00 and it is worth every cent when you find out that all the profit goes back into promoting local music, including the funding of a music festival and a Songwriters’ Competition every year.

The Barleycorn Music Club is steeped in musical history. It is an NPO, founded in 1975. Many of its early performers would perform protest songs, but as the political climate changed, so too did the inspiration for the material. Now musicians and songwriters see the Barleycorn Music Club as a way to get some stage time and establish themselves. The stage has seen the likes of David Kramer, Flat Stanley, Freshly Ground and Lonesome Dave Ferguson.

This is not an event with crazy effects, it is an intimate affair which takes you back to the basics of what music and performing is all about. With the affordable drinks and ever changing line-up it is perfect for a Monday nights entertainment. Pull in, soak up the atmosphere, listen to the music and see for yourself.

The Barleycorn meets at Villager FC, 11 Lansdowne Rd, Claremont, every Monday from 20h00 to 22h30. For more info, contact Uta at utahiggs@gmail.com


Fish Hoek Dramatic Society
Hay Fever by Noel Coward
Directed by Alastair Duff
Performance dates: 7 – 15 October 2011
Audition date: 19 June 2011 at 14h30
Place: Masque Theatre, 37 Main Road, Muizenberg
Enquiries: Alastair Duff at alastairduff@gmail.com or

Honk! by Anthony Drewe & George Stiles
Directed by Kyla Thorburn
Performance dates: 7 – 12 December 2011
Audition dates:
 Saturday 25th June (10h00 to 16h00)–Lead and Supporting Roles
 Sunday 26th June (13h30 to 18h00) – Cameo‟s and Chorus (no children)
 Saturday 2nd July (10h00 to 13h00) –Cameo and Chorus Recall
 Sunday 3rd July (13h30 to 18h00) – Lead and Support Roles Recall
 Sunday 17th July (13h00 to 17h00) – Children‟s Chorus (Ducklings &

All auditionees are to arrive at the start time of the audition for administrative reasons.
Everyone will then be taught a little dance as a group, and will be auditioned in groups for the dancing audition. After that, individual auditions will be held separately – so please a) wear suitable shoes and b) be prepared to stay the full length of time stipulated below.Please contact Tina Gough at Bgough@telkomsa.net or on 0827719644 to advise if you are going to attend the auditions. This is very important so that we can administer correctly and not waste your time. Tina will also be able to answer any questions or requests that you might have.

Pinelands Players Clubhouse -The Crossing Road: Pinelands
From Forest Drive with mountain behind you, take first left after the Vincent Palotti
Hospital, left at the T-junction into Sunny Road, right into The Crossing, brick building
on left next to railway line.

Congratulations to David Bolton who celebrated his
50th Birthday on 11 May 2011.

Congratulations also to Marc, son of Louis & Denise
de Kock, on his recent wedding.

Our sincere condolences to Brian Winter (and his family), whose mother passed away on 25 May 2011.
Pinelands Players

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The Official Newsletter of Pinelands Players
(Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)
P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450
Blog: http://pinelandsplayers.wordpress.com/ Email: tanya@march.za.net Phone: 082 900 6963 April 2011

News from the editor

Hi there readers

As we enter the fourth month of the year, a number of things await us. But to name a few, the noticeable start of autumn, school holidays, Easter and of course our exciting production, Godspell, which is very well timed and appropriate for this annual Christian celebration.

I have always been amazed that the retail food chains already display Easter eggs just after Valentine‟s day in February, but yet it seems that the true meaning of Easter is forgotten, and only focused on fat-feeding loved ones with copious amounts of designer bunnies and other delectable chocolate goodies. After Easter, our New Year‟s resolutions which have slipped by the wayside, are fully re-enforced as people flock to the gyms to burn off those abundant extra (but delicious) calories!!!

Pinelands Players has had an eventful month, also with the clubhouse upgrade taking place during rehearsals for Godspell. On several evenings, cast members had no doors to the bathrooms, and had to wade through paint tins & ladders to get to an incomplete kitchen with no water! Thank you Godspellers for being so patient!

Godspell rehearsals have been relentless, (but very exciting) and several birthdays have been celebrated among the crew where scrumptious cakes & delights have been consumed and various renditions of “Happy Birthday” have been performed.

A large friendly (but nameless) ginger cat visits the rehearsal hall almost every night, and has become the Godspell groupie and rehearsal mascot. He may just be packed in with the props after all….

The club evening on 25 March 2011 arranged by Carryn Underhill, was loads of fun, with some hilarious characters emerging as the evening progressed. Play reading is a fantastic way for newbies (and well versed actors) to develop vocal and acting skills.

Forever Plaid, has been cast, so June Wells has already got cracking with those rehearsals! We look forward to this production mid year.

As far as autumn is concerned, the change of season can be the opportunity to have a change of heart. A change of plans. Or a change of attitude. It’s up to you!

Wishing all our readers a very Blessed Easter!

Tanya March

CATA Awards

Congratulations to our members, whether contributing for Pinelands Players or other amateur dramatic societies. A special mention to:
Jennifer Moss Best supporting Actress (Annie)
Kyla Thorburn Choreography (Annie)
Kyla Thorburn Best Director of a Musical (Annie)
David Bolton Best supporting Actor (Annie)
Shaun Browne & Graham Boxall Best Actor (Annie)
Anthony James Best newcomer (Gigi)
Michelle Belknap
Sheila Inglis
Lyle Wilson
Faeron Wheeler
Sven Yaffe Best Musical Ensemble (Gigi)

And to all those who were nominated, but not selected, well done too! However we acknowledge EVERYONE in am dram! It takes skill on all parts to put a show together to make it entertaining and rewarding for both participants and the audience.

Member Gossip


On the 16th of April, Pinelands Players members Clara Machado and Lisa Pillay (nee Byett) will graduate from
the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a Bachelor of Education. Congratulations and well done
after four years of hard work!

Fiddler on the Roof

Congratulations to all the Pinelands Players members who have been cast in this G & S production, to be staged at the Opera House Artscape in September 2011.

We know that this will be a stunning production and look forward to seeing the show.


After moving out of the clubhouse to the Pinelands Congregational Church hall, the cast are now well rehearsed and looking forward to moving into the theatre on the 11th of April. The set is almost complete and the costumes are sorted. The stage, sound & lighting crew are up to speed. The band is doing their thing. Roché is biting her pencils down to thumb size … it’s a count down now….T-minus 9 days!!!

Don’t forget to book at Computicket .

Note from Tina Gough:

For Pinelands Players this is a ‘break out’ show since this is the first time that we are venturing into the Artscape complex. It‟s important for us to make a good impression and the committee and I are really excited about how things are going. I love the show… and it brings back so many good memories for me…. It takes me
back to my teenage years (I shan’t mention the year!) when Godspell was banned in South Africa. I recall a trip to Maseru to see the Des and Dawn Lindburgh’s production and my parents complaining about me playing the LP (remember those things?) over and over again.

Roché and Justin together with Kerry, have pulled this cast of individuals together and have created a team that gels together amazingly. This is Roché’s “debut” performance as director for Pinelands Players. As a speech and drama teacher, she has of course been involved in many school productions and has also been seen on stage numerous times. Her passion and commitment to making this show a success has fed through to the cast members and I think that you will see that passion coming through in their performances. Another newcomer to Pinelands Players and the world of Amateur theatre is Kerry Knott-Craig as Choreographer. She
(together with her handsome “assistant” Yaseen) has been putting the cast members through their paces with amazing energy and fresh ideas. Justin has been around for a number of shows (another school teacher) and once again has worked some wonders with the music and harmonies.

I attended the first full rehearsal run of Godspell (and a few more since then) and spent a bit of time chatting to the cast & crew members.

This is quite a young cast with many of them having never heard of this show or any of the songs. In fact some weren’t even born when the show first appeared on Broadway. For some, this is also their first time on stage!

Here‟s what they had to say…

– My faith is important to me. So to be involved in something that links my studies of musical theatre to my faith, is amazing….. Maryanne

– This has been different from anything else that I have done…… Doug
– I am very excited about being in a show that I think will be talked about for a long time afterwards….. Allana
– This is my first time on stage and what an experience this has been so far! The cast has become very close and I have made some amazing friends……Byron
– It’s been fun and hard work…… Greg
– This show is fantastic because it has all the elements of music, dance, drama and great songs….. Gary
– It has reawakened my belief that there is goodness in the world…. Tanya
– This is a phenomenal cast, a show with such a range of deep emotions and it’s great to see it coming to life….. Darik
– It’s wonderful to work with this bunch of vibrant and energetic players……Justin
– It is a privilege to be in Godspell, amongst a talented, dedicated cast and directed by professionals like Roché, Justin and Kerry. I’ve really enjoyed the journey and know that the show will be received with good reviews……. Michélle
– What an experience…all working together to tell such an important story. This will be one that I will treasure for a long time, and every Easter I will smile when I think back on Godspell…. Jennifer

Need I say more?

Get your tickets now through Computicket for an amazing Easter experience. See you are the Arena!


Club Night Success

Wilde Club Night
Carryn Underhill arranged a superb evening where voluntary enthusiasts (and
some coaxed) embarked on a hilarious play reading of “A woman of no
importance”. Roles were pulled out of a hat so we had some very interesting
cross gender costumes and acting!! We also enjoyed having our visitor Glyn.
Some had a male and female role, and often had to be both characters at almost
the same time!! This humorous and a little hot potato/haughty play, brought out
great characterization and heaps of laughter! And who said that woman are not
Thank you too to Tanya Browne, who ensured that all vocal chords were
continuously lubricated!
Thank you David Bolton for photocopying all the scripts.


1 April – 9 April 2011 Masque Theatre
Come Back, Little Sheba directed by Barrie Howard
Constantiaberg Theatre Players

4 April – 8 April 2011 Masque Theatre
Storybook at the Masque
Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Bookings on 021 782 0875 or 0715697930

15 April – 24 April 2011 Artscape Arena
Godspell directed by Roché Haupt Buckle
Pinelands Players first venture to the Artscape complex
Bookings at Computicket

15 – 16 April 2011 Masque Theatre
The wonderful world of Operetta
Playbill Productions
Bookings on 021-7881898

25 July – 7 August 2011 Pinelands Town Hall
Forever Plaid directed by June Wells
Pinelands Players production for the annual mid-year
Candelight Theatre at the Pinelands Town Hall

1 July – 9 July 2011 Masque Theatre
Macbeth directed by Clifford Graham

Please let us know of any shows, auditions and happenings: tanya@march.za.net

Clubhouse renovation nearing completion

Thank you to Tanya March from Black Stone Creations, Craig Joubert from Du Toit’s Granite (who is not even a member of our society) and Nigel Stevenson who have so kindly sponsored the clubhouse renovation, which totals a value of almost R 25 000. The clubhouse is looking spiffing, and while there is still some more painting work to be done & skirtings to be installed, the upgrade is most welcome and brings with it freshness and rejuvenation. We are now boasting a brand new tiled kitchen (with new cupboards, sink & tap, re-cycling bins and undercounter light), re-painted walls & ceilings in the kitchen and bathrooms, re-painted doors & door frames, tiled bathroom floors and a new carpet.

The committee will embark on re-hanging the posters of all the previous shows performed by the society, and adding some niceties to complement the revamp once all the painting has been completed.

We are proud to announce our “house warming” party, to thank our kind sponsors as well as invite our members to view and experience the “new look” on Friday 6th May. This will be a night to remember with surprise entertainment. Please book this date and RSVP to tanya@march.za.net.

E – communication

To subscribe to our blog (which replaces our website), please visit http://pinelandsplayers.wordpress.com/
Here you are able to post comments & photos, make comments etc. We want to hear from you! Or join us on Facebook

Forthcoming production
25 July 2011 — 7 August 2011
Forever Plaid

Rehearsals are under way at the Clubhouse for this off-Broadway musical comedy.

“One of the most popular and successful musicals in recent memory, this deliciously goofy revue centers on
four young, eager male singers killed in a car crash in the 1950s on the way to their first big concert, and now
miraculously revived for the posthumous chance to fulfill their dreams and perform the show that never was.
Singing in the closest of harmony, squabbling boyishly over the smallest intonations and executing their
charmingly outlandish choreography with over-zealous precision, the “Plaids” are a guaranteed smash, with a program of beloved songs and delightful patter that keeps audiences rolling in the aisles when they’re not humming along to some of the great nostalgic pop hits of the ’50s”.
( excerpt from http://www.mtishows.com)

The cast……
Simon Speck – Francis …. The leader of the group who is also asthmatic
John Lambrou – Jinx …. The clown who is always with wisecracks
Chris Laurie – Sparky …. Shy and nervous and subject to nosebleeds
Richard White – Smudge ….. Worry pot!
Director – June Wells
Musical Director – Victor Tichart

Other Society Auditions

There is a good variety of roles!
Directed By: Miranda Lewis
Both these hilarious comedies are exercises in coarse acting.
Performers in this genre play the parts absolutely straight and it is their belief in
their characterisation that make the plays funny to the audience.
Final choice of play will be made after audition.
Saturday 16th April at Rendezvous, Muizenberg
Muizenberg Dramatic Society
Andrew Blake on (021) 781 0114 or 082 493 3330

Welcome new members:
Darik Velez
Byron Bure
Gary Kiewitz
Allana Aldridge
Michélle Hough
Glyn Fogell
Ross Metcalf

Just a thought

“ The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you. The world is what you are”.
– Thomas Dreier

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Pinelands Players


1948 -2008


The Official Newsletter of Pinelands Players

 (Established 1948 & Incorporating The Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society)

P O Box 131 Howard Place 7450

Web site: www.pinelandsplayers.co.za Email: bgough@telkomsa.net   phone: 021 683 4477


August 2008


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It s full steam ahead with the Wizard of Oz now.


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