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by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Nic Leonidas

Run of the play at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg:  15 to 23 May 2009



WHEN:                 Sunday, 25 January 2009 at 2:30pm AND Sunday, 1 February 2009 at 2:30pm

WHERE:                THE RENDEZVOUS, Lakeside





This acclaimed Alan Ayckbourn comedy explores the hilarious interactions of three unhappily married couples linked by business and adultery and divided by class.  Two dinner parties are held on consecutive nights in different locations, but presented at the same time with one of the couples common to both events.  Misunderstandings and subterfuge abound as alibis to cover up extra-marital affairs lead to more lies, confusion and frantic evasion.




FRANK FOSTER                                  Well-meaning, pompous, befuddled and guileless, Frank is in his forties and married to Fiona.  He has the unerring knack of making two and two equal five, but for all his bumbling, there is a subtle suggestion that perhaps this is his way of maintaining control.


FIONA FOSTER                                  Elegant, wealthy, bored and neglected Fiona is in her forties, is married to Frank and is having an affair with Bob.  She fixes the things Frank breaks and keeps him on the straight and narrow even while deceiving him.


TERESA PHILLIPS                               Frustrated, exasperated, tired and housebound with a young baby, Teresa is in her early thirties and has not quite made the move from young activist to traditional housewife.  She is married to Bob, who doesn’t help her with their new baby and who has had a fling with his boss’s wife, Fiona.


BOB PHILLIPS                                     Rude, boorish and volatile but attractive to women, Bob is in his late thirties and is married to Teresa.  He has had a fling with the wife of his boss, Frank Foster.


WILLIAM FEATHERSTONE             A prissy, boring, naive and clumsily ambitious social climber in his twenties, William works in the same office as Frank and Bob.  He is ever willing to please and has a fashion sense that makes him an ideal candidate for what not to wear.  He and his wife, Mary, are the innocent bystanders implicated by the lies of the other two couples.


MARY FEATHERSTONE                   Mary is in her twenties.  She is highly-strung, timid, nervous and socially inept, but tenacious beneath it all.  She allows herself to be patronized and bullied by her husband, William.


PRODUCTION and BACKSTAGE assistance is also needed.



For further information, please contact

Di Thom on 021 794 7455


Nic Leonidas on 073 689 6636




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